R.M. Mottola – The Visionary of Lutherie

From Engineering to Lutherie

R.M. Mottola‘s journey into the world of lutherie began in 1994, marking a significant shift from his original career as an engineer. This transition was driven by a profound interest in the craft and science of stringed instruments, leading him to a path of innovation and research in instrument design and construction.

R.M. Mottola

A Deep Dive into Lutherie Research

Mottola’s approach to lutherie is deeply rooted in scientific research. He has engaged in extensive research in instrument acoustics, psychoacoustics, ergonomics, and materials, significantly contributing to the field’s knowledge base. His work goes beyond traditional crafting, incorporating a research-oriented methodology that enhances the understanding and development of stringed instruments.

Editorial Leadership and Educational Contributions

  • Editorial Roles: Mottola serves as the technology editor and contributing editor for American Lutherie, the journal of the Guild of American Luthiers. He is also the editor of the Savart Journal, focusing on the science and technology of stringed musical instruments.
  • Educational Impact: His Liutaio Mottola Lutherie Information Website stands as a testament to his commitment to education in lutherie. The website offers a comprehensive range of resources, including FAQs, book recommendations, technical information, and discussions on various lutherie topics.

Publications and Community Involvement

Mottola has authored key resources such as “Building the Steel String Acoustic Guitar” and “Mottola’s Cyclopedic Dictionary of Lutherie Terms.” These works are regarded as vital contributions to the lutherie literature. Additionally, his active participation in the New England Luthiers group highlights his role in the lutherie community, where he shares his knowledge and experience.

Legacy and Influence

R.M. Mottola’s unique blend of engineering expertise and passion for lutherie has made him a pivotal figure in the field. His dedication to advancing the art and science of lutherie, coupled with his commitment to educating others, continues to inspire and influence both aspiring and seasoned luthiers globally.

R.M. Mottola’s story is one of transformation, innovation, and dedication, making him a true visionary in the world of lutherie. His contributions, both through his research and educational efforts, have had a lasting impact on the craft of making stringed instruments.