Your Comprehensive Guide to Double Neck Guitar Kits: From Purchase to Assembly

The first time I handcrafted my double neck guitar, something shifted for me. There was something profoundly rewarding about constructing this uniquely beautiful instrument, crafting a creative outlet from scratch. Yet, don’t let me spoil the rest of the story. Prepare to step into the captivating world of DIY guitar building.

Since my initial encounter in 1994 with a double neck guitar kit, the thrill has never ceased to enthrall me. Whether you’re an accomplished musician or an enthusiast, the assembly and customization of your guitar bestows a sense of achievement that’s unparalleled.

From purchasing to assembling your kit, I, R.M. Mottola, am excited to guide you through the entire process. Let’s dive into the heart of DIY guitar building, uncovering the beauty of double neck guitar kits together!

This isn’t just about learning to assemble a guitar; it’s to embrace the art and soul of music in its rawest form. So pick your kit, gather your tools, and let’s create something exceptional!

Choosing Your Double Neck Guitar Kit

What to Look for in a Double Neck Guitar Kit

What to Look for in a Double Neck Guitar Kit

Tracing back to my years of experience as a guitar enthusiast and musician, the essence of material quality and ergonomics has always been paramount in my decision-making process when selecting a guitar kit. So, let’s delve into the critical aspects you should take into account while choosing your ideal double neck guitar kit.

SG style guitar kit: Known for its iconic look and vibrant sounding tones, an SG style kit is often a preferred choice among musicians. The design offers easy access to both necks which is vital for smooth transitions during performance.

Mahogany body: Wood type significantly contributes to the tone and resonance of the guitar. Mahogany, known for its rich, warm tones, not only complements the dual neck functionality but also provides excellent sustain, making it an ideal choice for most guitarists.

Rosewood fingerboard: The fingerboard material can impact comfort, playability, and tonal quality. Rosewood is renowned for its natural oils which make the fingerboard smooth and helping to produce a warm, mellow tone.

Comparably, chrome hardware is not just about aesthetics but also impacts the guitar’s overall sound and functionality. Chrome offers superior durability, maintains tuning stability, and adds a sleek, lustrous look to your instrument.

For left-handed players, choosing a left-hand guitar kit can be quite challenging. But thankfully, there are plenty of options available in double neck guitar kits designed specifically for left-handed musicians, ensuring the same quality and playability as any right-handed version.

In conclusion, while aesthetics and playability must be considered, never underestimate the significance of material quality and ergonomics. Ultimately, your double neck guitar kit should reflect your personal style and facilitate your performance without any discomfort or obstructions. As we proceed in our guide, let’s explore the best places to purchase your guitar kit.

Where to Buy Your Guitar Kit

Where to Buy Your Guitar Kit

Having chosen the perfect double neck guitar kit, the next critical step is determining where to purchase it. Over the years, I’ve discovered great places to buy kits from trusted sellers. Several online retailers offer a broad selection of electric guitar kits, including double neck iterations. They provide kits catering to different price ranges and skill levels.

Quality and affordability are paramount when it comes to these purchases. Therefore, I recommend looking at customer reviews and choosing sellers with a well-established reputation. I’m eager to guide you throughout this journey, ensuring you find a perfect mix of economy and excellence.

You might also find worth in physical stores, where you can see and feel the kit before buying. Whichever route you choose, remember, a comprehensive understanding of the product is crucial before making the purchase. With this knowledge, you’re now perfectly placed to explore and find the ideal guitar kit for you.

All this information should assist you in your quest for the perfect guitar kit. Once you’ve secured a quality purchase, the next exciting phase begins: assembling your new double neck guitar!

Assembling Your Double Neck Guitar Kit

Gathering Your Toolkit

Gathering Your Toolkit

As a seasoned guitar luthier, I’m here to guide you on the next crucial step after purchasing your Double Neck Guitar Kit. Before starting your exciting DIY guitar building journey, assembling your toolkit is paramount. When I embarked on my first lutherie project, I realized the importance of having the right tools at my disposal. It’s a golden rule I’ve followed ever since. Now, I’m thrilled to impart this key insight to you.

The ideal toolkit supports effective assembly and cuts the risk of damaging your precious instrument. It should include essential items like a screwdriver set, wire cutters, soldering iron, sandpaper, and wood glue. Supplement these basics with a tuner, for setting string tension accurately, and a multimeter, for circuit troubleshooting. Also, remember to secure a workspace that’s large enough, well-lit, and free from clutter.

An organised approach to your toolkit will not just streamline the assembly process but also enhance the end product—the guitar you’ll be proud to call your own. In the subsequent sections, we’ll delve deeper into the assembly and customisation process for your kit. Keep your toolkit ready, the inspiring DIY experience beckons!

The Assembly Process

The Assembly Process

Following the gritty, satisfying work of gathering your toolkit, we’ll now embark on the heart of the matter: the assembly process. As a devoted luthier, the sense of creativity and craftsmanship I experience while building my own guitar fills me with deep satisfaction. The fine-tuning and intricate work involved in this process bring me a singular joy that I hope to share with you in your DIY electric guitar journey.

One key aspect of guitar kit assembly is adjusting the frets – those metal strips nestled snugly along the neck of your double neck guitar. Properly adjusted and installed frets are essential for optimal playability and sound. And as you manipulate and secure each fret, you’re not just constructing a physical object; you’re literally laying down the structure of the melody it will eventually birth. This part of the process takes patience and precision, but the reward is tremendous: a guitar that’s truly yours, replete with your touch and effort.

We then proceed to another fascinating part of this hands-on journey: setting the trapezoid inlays. These elegant, diamond-shaped markers of the fretboard contribute significantly to the look and feel of your double neck guitar. Carefully embedded and polished, they give your instrument a finished, professional look. For me, every inlay I place and polish is a step closer to the finale; it’s a sculptural work of art that vibrates with its own melody. With every element you personally add and perfect, you’ll come closer to possessing a guitar that carries your signature, your passion.

Whether you’re a seasoned musician planning to build your own guitar or an excited newcomer getting started with a DIY electric guitar, this assembly process is the soul of your endeavor. It’s an intimate, hard-working dance between you and the materials, symbolizing your dedication and desire to create something beautiful and unique. And for me, sharing this commitment and energy with fellow enthusiasts like you is one of the greatest joys in this craft.

The assembly process is not just about assembling a double neck guitar kit. It’s about embracing the beauty that lies within that process: the intelligent design, the physical craftsmanship, and the magical unison of multiple elements coming together to form a functional, personalized instrument. As we drive forward, you will learn about customising and modifying your guitar, a fitting extension of the assembly process that further allows your individuality to ring through your newly minted instrument.

Customising and Modifying Your Guitar

Custom Design Ideas

Custom Design Ideas

Having traversed through the details of acquiring the right double neck SG kit and laying out the processes involved in its assembly, let’s dive into the delightful realm of originality – custom guitar design. As a seasoned contributor to the lutherie community and an avid guitar enthusiast, I can assure you that there’s nothing quite like the personal satisfaction you get from playing on a customised masterpiece – your very own guitar.

I suggest starting your design brainstorming by considering the finish you want. A glossy coat can reflect the lights during a gig, while a matte finish gives off a cool, vintage vibe. Your desired aesthetic will guide your choices here. Moreover, you could explore inlay patterns on the neck that will not only serve aesthetic purposes, but also help you navigate your fretboard with ease.

Let’s also not forget the knobs and dials – this is where you can truly imprint your personality. From sleek and modern to vintage-inspired, options abound in the world of customised hardware. And for a double neck SG kit, why not play with contrasting sets of hardware on each neck? It’s all about letting your senses create a piece that resonates with you.

Lastly, consider the pickguard. Coloured, clear, or even removed entirely, this oft-overlooked aspect can significantly contribute to your overall design’s harmony or striking contrast. Remember, the guitar is an extension of you as the artist. Every inch gets to tell a part of your unique story.

By combining these elements, your custom guitar design can succeed in creating an instrument as individual as you. It’s a rewarding process that beautifully blurs the line between functional craft and expressive art. So, let’s move onto our next section: ‘Sourcing Parts for Modification’, and delve deeper into how to acquire components that will bring our design ideas to life.

Sourcing Parts for Modification

Sourcing Parts for Modification

Once you’ve assembled and tweaked the initial setup as per your liking, the real fun begins—it’s time to dive into the world of kit guitar modifications. Here, sourcing guitar parts intelligently will greatly contribute to the complexity and uniqueness of your double neck marvel.

Finding the right parts for enhancing your guitar’s look and sound isn’t a process to be taken lightly. Throughout my years of experience, I’ve gathered resources and contacts to help you source top-notch parts for your guitar modifications.

Understanding your guitar’s needs and musicality is vital. Each part, be it a pickup, bridge, tuner, or knobs, influences the guitar’s tone and aesthetics; thus, every choice matters. I recommend searching for suppliers or sourcing platforms that have a wide variety of options, accompanied by accurate specifications and user reviews. This way, you can easily compare parts and make an informed decision.

Always opt for high-quality parts, even if they are pricier—it’s worth the investment. This is where my curated contacts and resources can help you find the best deals and expertise.

Sourcing guitar parts is not just about picking the required bits; it’s a meticulous task involving comparison, compatibility checks, and ensuring value for money. Remember, it’s your chance to inject personal flair into your guitar, making it a unique representation of you and your music.

In our next section, we’ll dive deeper into custom design ideas. Right from subtle changes like peghead overlays to game-changers like hand-painted body graphics, we’ll explore them all, further enriching the journey of your double neck guitar kit customization.


What is a double neck guitar kit?

A double neck guitar kit is a do-it-yourself package that provides all the required components, such as the body, necks, pickups, and hardware, to build a double neck guitar. This is an excellent option for guitar enthusiasts who enjoy customizing their instruments and learning the minutiae of their craft.

Where can I purchase a double neck guitar kit?

Double neck guitar kits are available online via various music instrument websites, specialty guitar kit suppliers, and e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay. Many local music stores and luthiers may also offer guitar kits.

How can I assemble my double neck guitar kit?

The assembly of a double neck guitar kit typically involves several steps including fitting the necks to the body, installing the hardware, fitting the pickups, and lastly, stringing the guitar. Most kits come with detailed, step-by-step instructions and it’s advised to follow them carefully. A certain level of woodworking skill and access to basic tools is often required.

What are the benefits of assembling a double neck guitar from a kit?

Assembling a double neck guitar from a kit allows for high customization; users can select specific components and finishes to match their preferences. It is also typically less costly than purchasing a pre-built double neck guitar. Additionally, the assembly process provides a hands-on understanding of the guitar’s structure and mechanics, which can be invaluable for maintenance and customization in the future.


As we draw a cadence to our double neck guitar kit guide, remember that this intricate journey is more than mere plywood and wire interplay. It is a resonant passage into a world of self-discovery, an ardent homage to the DIY guitar building culture, and a vibrant opportunity to weave your own musical narrative.

Indeed, every project exudes its unique rhythm, fostering a captivating dialog with the larger guitar building community. The choice, the purchase, the heedful selection of the toolkit—each step propels you further into the mesmerizing world of lutherie.

Now with this knowledge, you are equipped to navigate the nuances of guitar building successfully. Whether it’s sourcing components for fine-tuning or exploring custom design ideas, your DIY voyage is a testament to the endless creative possibilities. Each polished fret, each adjusted truss rod, echoes with the sound of craftsmanship and the spirit of passion.

Empower yourself with this all-inclusive guide. Assemble your own double neck guitar kit. Immerse yourself in the rhythm of creation and the harmony of dedication. Let your strings reverberate with the melody of your journey. Determination, after all, is the profound fragrance of a guitar’s spirit—forever humming in the hands of the maker.

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