Adam Perlmutter – The Maestro of Guitar Harmony

The Artisan of Strings and Words

Adam Perlmutter is a multifaceted maestro in the world of guitar journalism. With a master’s degree in Contemporary Improvisation from the New England Conservatory of Music, Adam’s expertise is not just theoretical but deeply rooted in practice and innovation​​.

Adam Perlmutter

A Freelance Writer and More

Adam’s contributions to the guitar community extend far beyond the ordinary. As a freelance writer, transcriber, and engraver living in Culver City, California, he has enriched music magazines such as “Premier Guitar“, “Acoustic Guitar” with his insightful writings​​. His articles aren’t just text; they’re symphonies of knowledge and understanding, guiding both novice and experienced players through the intricate world of guitars.

Editorial Excellence

Adam’s role as the editor of “Acoustic Guitar” magazine is a testament to his dedication and expertise. Taking over from the magazine’s founder, David Lusterman, he continues to steer the publication towards enlightening and inspiring guitarists worldwide. His long-time contribution since 2008 and his tenure as the full-time Music Editor since 2014 demonstrate his unwavering commitment to the guitar community​​.

An Author of Note

Among Adam’s notable achievements are the instructional books he has authored, including “Color Your Chords” (Cherry Lane) and “Jim Hall: Signature Licks” (Hal Leonard). These works serve as beacons for those seeking to understand the soul of their instrument and the language of music more deeply​​​​.

A Journey of Continuous Learning

Adam’s path is one of continuous learning and sharing. His deep dive into the nuances of guitar playing and music theory has made him a beloved figure among musicians and readers alike. With each article, review, and book, he invites us into a world where every chord tells a story and every melody paints a picture.

Engagement and Influence

Beyond his written work, Adam’s influence is felt in the way he engages with the community. His approachable nature and in-depth knowledge make him a sought-after figure in the guitar world. He doesn’t just write about music; he lives it and breathes it, making his insights and teachings all the more valuable and authentic.

Joining the Symphony at Fretterverse

We are honored to have Adam Perlmutter as part of the Fretterverse team. His unique blend of expertise, passion, and communicative prowess makes him an invaluable asset to our community. As you explore Fretterverse, know that Adam’s touch is evident in the quality and depth of the content we provide. Together, we continue to celebrate the guitar, its music, and the people who make it resonate.