An In-depth Review of the George Washburn Lyon Guitar

The first time I encountered a George Washburn Lyon guitar, I was spellbound by its striking visual aesthetics and profound acoustic resonance. That single encounter was to fundamentally re-condition my understanding of what a guitar could be. But how did it do so? You’ll find out as we journey together through this review.

Washburn Guitars has been a trusted name in the music world for decades, and the Lyon acoustic model is arguably one of their most fascinating creations. Yet, there’s more to this instrument than its reputation. Behind its strings lies a fascinating story, the guitar’s marriage of construction and sound production is a marvel and the user experience it provides is a melody in itself.

As both an experienced guitar journalist and a seasoned player myself, I am eager to dissect the intricacies of the Washburn Lyon guitar for you. So, whilst the first stroke of a pick on its strings was a mere introduction to the symphony, let’s delve deeper to discover the true essence of this remarkable instrument.

Historical Background

Historical Background

In my pursuit of unearthing the roots and evolution of notable guitars, the George Washburn Lyon captured my attention and became an integral part of my exploration into the richness of guitar history. The journey has been delightfully rewarding, and I’m excited to share with you some intriguing facts about this distinguished guitar.

Through my research, I’ve discovered that the Washburn Lyon guitar bears the name of a significant figure in the early American guitar industry. Did you know that the George Washburn Lyon guitar bears the name of a pioneering figure in the early American guitar industry? Indeed, his impact on the industry is far-reaching and lasting.

George Washburn Lyon was an innovator and entrepreneur who dedicated his life to revolutionizing the guitar production process. His vision, talent, and relentless pursuit of excellence yielded a guitar model that continues to be held in high regard across the musical world. The name and legacy of George Washburn Lyon continue to thrive, nestled in the very heart of Washburn guitar history.

My interactions and experiences with the George Washburn Lyon guitar have reinforced my belief in the quality, durability, and unmatched sound it delivers. With every strum on this historic instrument, I connect with the rich tapestry of its backstory. This guitar isn’t just about strings and frets; it’s about the creative passion, the cultured artistry, and an enduring legacy born decades ago.

As we delve further into exploring the specifics of this guitar model, remember that each curve, each string, each tone resonates with the story of George Washburn Lyon. His relentless dedication to craft and innovation continues to echo through the ages—forever etched in every Washburn Lyon guitar that finds its way into the hands of a musician.

Guitar Construction and Features

Design and Materials

Design and Materials

With my expertise in the details of guitar construction, I assure you that understanding the design and material aspect of the George Washburn Lyon guitar provides critical insight into its performance and distinct tonal qualities. The design is praiseworthy; the guitar hosts a blend of traditional craftmanship and modern nuances. On to what it’s made of – the choice of materials, like hardwood lumbers of mahogany or spruce, lays the underlying foundation for its renowned sound and durability. A closer look at these specific elements uncovers the guitar’s ability to deliver that signature ‘Washburn’ sound. This, in essence, is an exemplary testament to the influence of design and materials in guitar construction.



As a guitarist, I’ve always paid special attention to the setup of my guitars. Proper guitar setup is crucial as it helps to maintain the instrument’s optimum performance. It significantly impacts a guitar’s playability, tone, and overall comfort. Let me share insights from my personal experiences with guitar setups, emphasising how this factor influences the aesthetics and functional qualities of the Washburn Lyon.

Anchor your understanding of guitar setup in this: it’s more than a ritual to upkeep your guitar’s health. It’s about tailoring your instrument to your personal playing style, ensuring utmost control and sound perfection. Remember, a well-set guitar can illuminate the excellence of a player and highlight the guitar’s potential too. It’s a symbiotic relationship.

While progressing towards user reviews and purchasing options, keep your understanding of setup intact. It will act as a guiding beacon in recognizing the unique strengths of the Washburn Lyon, and evaluating its relevance to your needs.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

Through my careful study and personal experience of the George Washburn Lyon guitar, I can offer a comprehensive analysis of its pros and cons from an expert viewpoint. Let’s delve into the benefits first. Its key quality lies in its inimitable sound. It achieves a beautiful balance between mellow and bright tones, lending you a symphony of sound that is both rich and resonant, remaining potent regardless of your playing style. In addition, the construction and design, featuring a sturdy wood body and sleek neck, make it remarkably comfortable to hold, making lengthy play sessions naturally more enjoyable.

But, the all-important question arises, do any drawbacks overshadow these benefits? Are there any cons to this otherwise enticing guitar? Thankfully, I can confirm that any ‘cons’ are minor in nature, making them easily surmountable. Some may find the action, that is, the distance between the strings and the fretboard, a tad high which may slightly hinder rapid finger movement. However, the action can be lowered with a quick adjustment at any reliable guitar shop making this a fixable inconvenience. Additionally, while its sound is universally appealing, some seasoned players might desire more tonal range.

Crucially, it’s important to note that these cons may surface depending largely on personal preferences and skill levels rather than faults in the George Washburn Lyon guitar itself. And given the guitar’s pocket-friendly cost, it is easily a favorite amongst beginners and professionals alike. Enthusiasts like myself find that the benefits of this guitar far outweigh any minor cons, thereby making it fantastic value for money.

Just as with anything else in life, understanding the guitar pros and cons helps you make an informed purchasing decision. Always keep in mind – pleasure in playing is far more about personal preference than pure technical specifications. And in my deep experience, the George Washburn Lyon guitar often tends to win hearts.

User Reviews

User Reviews

In my extensive engagement with the guitar community, I’ve participated in countless Guitar Forum Discussions and poured over numerous Washburn Lyon Reviews. The collective experience of thousands of guitarists has given me insight into what makes this guitar stand out, which I’d like to share with you now.

What are users saying about the George Washburn Lyon guitar both offline and online? This question sparked my curiosity, leading to an in-depth exploration of feedback and personal experiences. The results were enlightening.

Users often praised the guitar’s affordability and excellent performance for its price range. Many beginners particularly favored it for its ease of use and durability. Interestingly, several professional musicians reported they’d found it an excellent choice for studio sessions, noting its clean sound and comfortable playability.

But, it wasn’t all praise. Some users highlighted minor concerns about tuning stability and fret buzz. However, these were often minor niggles, remedied by proper setup and regular maintenance. This aligns with my own experience – the George Washburn Lyon is a reliable, well-built instrument that just needs a little care.

These findings underpin the diversity of experiences with this guitar, showing it to be a versatile instrument suitable for a range of players. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn, or a seasoned professional seeking that perfect studio sound, the Lyon could be your perfect match.

Purchasing Options

Purchasing Options

Considering taking the plunge and adding the George Washburn Lyon guitar to your musical repertoire? You’re in good company. As a device that blends unique aesthetics and exceptional sound quality, the Lyon is among the most sought after acoustic guitar packs today. Yet, an often overlooked aspect in the purchase journey is a suitable platform for acquisition. So, where should you buy it from?

After my many years in the Music Gear industry, I can fairly say I’ve navigated every twist and turn of the various marketplaces out there. And I believe it’s my responsibility to impart this knowledge and help you avoid running into roadblocks on your journey to owning a Lyon.

There are numerous online and physical marketplaces for music gear, each with its own unique set of advantages. However, the three most reliable options often boil down to direct music store purchase, authorized retailers, and secure online marketplaces. Remember, knowing where and when to buy your acoustic guitar pack plays a pivotal role in the satisfaction of owning a Lyon.

I’m excited to dive into the specifics next, and help guide you through this essential stage of your purchase. Starting with the pros and cons of each method, we’ll delve into the best times to buy, what to look out for, and how to make a smart, informed buying decision.


What is George Washburn Lyon Guitar?

The George Washburn Lyon Guitar is a quality string instrument renowned for its excellent tonal qualities, craftsmanship, and affordability. It is known for its comfortable design and durability. It’s often considered a fantastic choice for both beginners and experienced guitarists.

Is George Washburn Lyon Guitar suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! The George Washburn Lyon Guitar is well-known for being an excellent beginner’s guitar. Its simple playability, combined with its durable build and clear, mellow sound, makes it an ideal instrument for novice musicians.

What are the key features of the George Washburn Lyon Guitar?

Notable features of the Washburn Lyon include a comfortable neck design for easy playability, a balanced and resonant tone, excellent durability, and an attractive finish. Furthermore, it’s also very budget-friendly, making it a desirable choice for many guitarists.

Are there any downsides to the George Washburn Lyon Guitar?

Like any instrument, the George Washburn Lyon Guitar might not fulfill everyone’s needs. Some users have reported that the stock strings are not of the highest quality, and that a string upgrade can greatly enhance the performance of the guitar. However, considering its affordability, these minor upgrades still make it a great value for the money.


So, does the George Washburn Lyon guitar live up to its reputation? Drawing on my comprehensive exploration and personal encounters with numerous guitars, my unbiased verdict offers an informed perspective. Boasting exceptional design, construction, and materials, this guitar wows with its impressive setup and numerous pros, with minor cons paling in comparison. Users consistently praise its dynamic performance, affirming its appeal. But beyond the accolades and praises, it’s the intimate understanding and personal experiences that truly set the Lyon apart.

After weighing all factors, including purchasing options and responses to FAQs, I can confidently say this guitar is a trove of excellence, emblematic of Washburn’s rich musical heritage.

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  1. This is a review? Honestly? Seems a lot of fawning in with absolutely nothing about what makes this line of guitars what this person exclaims it to be. Nothing about technical design or materials–which is after all what makes any good guitar what it is. Nothing meant to detract from Washburn, but honestly, any person with a grasp of words could “craft” a review of this sort without ever touching a Washburn, or, for that matter, any guitar. Seems to have come straight from somebody’s PR department. Hopefully, not from Washburn’s.


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