Exploring and Styling Guitar Strap Purses: A Comprehensive Guide

As an engineer turned luthier, I have an intriguing tale to share about my foray into the world of fashion accessories – a journey that began with a guitar strap purse. On a visit to an old vintage shop, I chanced upon a stunning piece; a purse unusually adorned with an intricately designed guitar-strap. As I examined it, my curiosity piqued. Could the rustic charm and vibrant personality of a guitar strap truly translate to a functional, stylish purse?

This rhetorical question is what led me to a fascinating exploration of this emerging trend in handbag trends. It’s surprising, really, how infused music and fashion have become – a fusion beautifully embodied in guitar strap purses. But how are these eccentric pieces styled? And how can you tailor them to your outfits? As you journey with me through this comprehensive guide, these questions will unravel, and you will get a glimpse into the symbiotic relationship between music and fashion, as explored through the guitar strap purse.

Top Guitar Strap Purses to Buy

Top Guitar Strap Purses to Buy

Emerging from a luthier’s bench, my journey of countless hours spent studying guitar straps paints a clear picture of their appeal, based on construction, comfort, and aesthetics. Over time, my fascination naturally extended into the realm of guitar strap purses, seeing them as a perfect reconciliation of utility and style. Today, as I reflect on my affinity for these versatile accessories, I am excited to take you on a tour of top guitar strap purses that have caught my eye.

First, the marvel of the crossbody bag with a guitar strap cannot be underemphasized. The beauty of these lies not just in their chic appearance, but in how they distribute weight across your body evenly, making them perfect for long periods of wear. Among my favorites is the Rebecca Minkoff guitar strap crossbody. With an array of vibrant patterns and interchangeable straps, Minkoff combines distinctive styles with first-rate usability, truly understanding the unity of form and function.

From boho-style purses to vegan leather crossbodies, did you know there are a myriad of guitar strap purses out there? Let’s discover your next stylish buy together. Notably, the boho style purse, characterized by its earthy tones, free-spirited patterns, and usually adorned with streams of beads or fringes, is an eye-catcher, especially when paired with a beautifully crafted guitar strap. The aesthetic appeal of these pieces often elicits compliments, making them a delightful addition to your wardrobe.

This style aside, the world of guitar strap purses is also embracing ethical fashion with the rise of vegan leather crossbody bags. A fantastic example I’ve come across is the deluxe variant from Angela Roi. With its cruelty-free, high-quality vegan leather coupled with a matching guitar strap, it is not only a style statement but also a testament to sustainable fashion practices. The texture and durability of the bag surprisingly mimic those of real leather, making it an excellent choice for the environmentally conscious fashionista.

An essential aspect to consider when choosing your ideal guitar strap purse is how well it complements your personal style. While some might prefer the bohemian look, others may lean towards the sleek, modern aesthetics of a vegan leather crossbody. Alternatively, you can go for the vividly patterned straps of Rebecca Minkoff’s collection. Regardless of your choice, these quintessential accessories combine practicality and style, conveniently housing your essentials while adding a unique touch to your ensemble.

With my background in lutherie, exploring guitar strap purses has been a delightful extension of my passion. Their unique synthesis of fashion and comfort reflects a key aspect of both my professional interests and personal style. Regardless of whether you’re a music enthusiast or on a hunt for the next trendy accessory, I believe there’s a guitar strap purse ready to strike a chord with you. As we delve into the chapters that follow, we’ll explore various ways of styling your guitar strap purse and how to incorporate this accessory trend into your diverse wardrobe.

Styling Your Guitar Strap Purse

Updating Existing Purses

Updating Existing Purses

Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that the perfect blend of functionality and style lies in how you work with what you already own. I’ve always been an avid champion of revitalizing existing items, in transmuting their forgotten charm into newfound elegance. Just as I’ve reengineered archaic instrument designs through my acoustics and ergonomics study, you, too, can rejuvenate your purse with a trendy guitar strap.

Here’s where handbag trends come into play. Often, it’s not about abandoning the old but about introducing fresh elements that align with current styles. This is why interchangeable bag straps are such a game-changer. They can transform the way your bag looks and feels in a whiff, allowing you to keep pace with the ever-dynamic fashion industry.

So how exactly can you take advantage of this to breathe new life into your purse? First, evaluate the state of your handbag to better identify what needs tweaking. Then, with a guitar strap in your arsenal, attach it to your bag, ensuring the colors and textures complement the bag’s design. You don’t need to stick to one strap; having multiple straps allows you to play with different styles and adjust according to the occasion. Leftover straps can also be woven together to form a pattern that adds a distinctive touch.

An handbag makeover of this sort brings immense versatility and serves your creativity, letting you explore different looks with just a single bag. More than saving you time and money on chasing new trends, this approach revives your taste in fashion, and you, my friend, become your own style icon.

Overall, remember that fashion is not merely about chasing trends; it’s about expressing your personality. And sometimes, all it takes is a fresh perspective on what you already own. Just as I’ve given a new voice to old instruments, you could do the same for your purse.

In the next section, we’ll dive into the exciting topic of customizing your own straps—a fun and imaginative way to put your personal stamp on your guitar strap purse.

Customizing Your Own Straps

Customizing Your Own Straps

Just as I found joy and satisfaction in designing and building unique instruments, I’ve discovered that customizing my own straps provides a similar sense of personal expression and creativity. Whether you choose a beaded guitar strapping or prefer the rugged appeal of leather, creating your own strap allows you to put your own distinctive stamp on your guitar strap purse and fully realize your vision.

One of the most exciting parts about creating your own strap is the vast array of materials and styles you can explore – from colourful beads to intricate embroidery. I’ve found beaded guitar strapping, in particular, to be a perfect way to add a splash of personality and charm. Even if you are a beginner at beadwork, with a bit of practice and patience, you can craft intricate and vibrant patterns that transform an ordinary strap into a delightful work of art. Another favorite of mine is incorporating leather end tabs for straps which not only lend an air of sophistication but also enhance durability.

An adjustable purse strap is an essential consideration when customizing your strap. By choosing the right length for your strap, you can ensure that your guitar strap purse hangs comfortably and fits your body perfectly. Remember, you want your purse to be secure without restricting your movement– after all, ease and practicality are key to a well-designed accessory.

Even if you’re not quite ready to start from scratch, there are still plenty of ways to customize your strap and add a personal touch. For example, a DIY bag strap kit provides all the necessary elements and instructions, making it a great option for beginners who want to dip their toes into the world of customization.

To conclude, as with designing and building instruments, there is a real satisfaction in bringing one’s vision to life, and I’m here to guide you through the process. Customizing your strap isn’t just about having a unique guitar strap purse – it’s also a delightful journey of self-expression and creativity. The next section will discuss trending discussions in the world of guitar strap purses, providing further inspiration for your personal custom designs.

Guitar Strap Purses: Discussions and Trends

Guitar Strap Purses: Discussions and Trends

Over the years, my work crafting stringed instruments has given me unique insights into the world of fashion accessories, most notably, guitar strap purses. While the combination of music and fashion may seem unusual, it has resulted in an innovative, stylish trend, which is taking the handbag world by storm. Explored in reputed forums and the purseblog discussions, the wholesale guitar strap purse market continues to grow in popularity, offering a plethora of designs and styles.

Want to stay up-to-date in the fast-paced world of fashion? Let’s dive into the latest discussions and trends in the realm of guitar strap purses. This trend is not purely decorative, but functional too. I’ve noted an upswing in the popularity of these ingenious additions – wider, comfortable straps that distribute the weight of the contents effectively, making for a more comfortable carrying experience.

The lack of stiffness not only makes this stylish accessory comfortable to carry, but also highly practical. The adjustable length of the strap can be customized according to your height or preference, enabling you to carry your purse in whatever manner you see fit, be it crossbody or on your shoulder. It’s a clear evolution of accessorizing handbag trends:

Music and fashion are deeply intertwined, and the fusion of the two results in some electrifying trends. Custom guitar strap purses are a perfect example of this confluence: the edgy aesthetic of guitar straps adds a unique spin to a traditional handbag, allowing the user to make a bold style statement. Notably, major design houses are creating their own versions of these ingenious accessories, thereby demonstrating the trend’s solid presence in the fashion industry.

Speaking from personal experience, staining and crafting guitar straps over the years has stirred in me an appreciation for their versatile, fashion-forward potential. When you consider updating your existing purses, the addition of a guitar strap can breathe new life into well-loved accessories. From florals to abstract prints, the design choices are plentiful for both the avid fashionista and the unassuming minimalist.

The trend of guitar strap purses continues to generate widespread discussions and observations. It’s not just a fleeting trend but a reflection of our collective desire for functional, yet stylish accessories. As the trend continues to evolve, it’s exciting to speculate about what the future holds. Perhaps we will see more inspiration from other elements of rock and roll, or maybe a new trend altogether will shake up the handbag world.

Regardless of what’s to come, one factor remains constant: these accessories are a testament to the power of innovation in fashion. Embracing the comfort and style that guitar strap purses offer, we are actively participating in a dialog of creativity and self-expression. It’s this sort of contemplation that fuels my passion for handbag crafting, and why I can’t wait to explore what the next trend might be.


What Is A Guitar Strap Purse?

A guitar strap purse is a fashionable handbag that features a removable and often adjustable strap similar to those found on guitars. The strap is typically wider than traditional purse straps, offering a unique aesthetic and enhanced comfort.

How To Attach A Guitar Strap To A Purse?

Attach the strap just as you would on a traditional guitar: Locate the purse’s existing strap rings and simply clip the guitar strap onto them. Ensure that the strap is securely connected before use.

Can You Customize Guitar Strap Purses?

Yes, guitar strap purses offer a high degree of customization. You can select straps of various colors, patterns, and materials, and often even create your own custom designs. This allows for a truly personalized fashion accessory.

Where Can I Buy A Guitar Strap Purse?

Guitar strap purses are sold in a variety of retails outlets across the world. Check your local fashion boutiques, department stores, or online marketplaces such as Amazon and Etsy for a wide selection of options.


Ready to strike a chord with your style statement? Let’s take a moment to reminisce about our amazing journey in the vibrant world of guitar strap purses. We have delved deep into the origins, explored the trendiest pieces, discovered how to upgrade existing bags, and even touched the shores of DIY customization. With each step, we’ve seen how these fashionable handbags never fail to harmonize functionality with style.

Both in my work with stringed instruments and in the exploration of handbag trends, innovation has been a constant companion. A guitar strap purse perfectly encapsulates this spirit of exploration. It opens up avenues of expression and creativity that are deeply personal and wonderfully versatile. It’s been an absolute delight guiding you through this fashionable journey.

From discussing guitar strap purse offerings and trends, to fostering room for intuitive styling, we’ve knitted a comprehensive knowledge canvas. Approached with a keen sense of style and practical functionality, this modern twist to traditional handbags is sure to make you the talk of every gathering. And as we wrap up, remember, each guitar strap purse carries a story – a symphony of style waiting to be played out by you!

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