Top Ovation Guitar Cases to Keep Your Instrument Safe

There’s a feeling of dread that no guitar enthusiast can shake, the fear of damaging our prized instrument. My first disaster struck as I trembled, helplessly watching my precious Ovation guitar tumble from the stage – all because of a faulty case latch. From that day, I insisted on the finest Ovation guitar case to cradle my instrument securely.

As an experienced luthier, I learned the hard way that the resonance and unique shape of an Ovation guitar demand top-notch protection. It is not enough to just have a guitar case. It needs to be the right one!

In my search for the ideal case, I strummed through countless guitar protective cases and trawled through a plethora of Ovation guitar accessories. Today, I feel obliged to share this knowledge, making sure no other Ovation guitar falls prey to insufficient protection.

In this article, we’ll delve into the diverse world of Ovation guitar cases. We’ll help you make an informed decision so your guitar can have the protective haven it deserves. Each case has its strengths, and we will explore these to guide you toward a perfect fit for your instrument.

Top-Rated Ovation Guitar Cases

Case Model Compatible Guitar Type Case Depth Material Lockable Latch Interior Lining Additional Storage
Ovation Mid-Depth Bowl Guitar Case Mid-Depth Bowl Medium Hardshell ABS No Plush Lined Accessory Compartment
Ovation Molded Guitar Case for Deep Bowl Deep Bowl Deep Molded Plastic Yes Soft Interior Lining Accessory Pocket
Ovation Super Shallow Hardshell Case Super Shallow Bowls Shallow Hardshell ABS No High-Density Foam None
Ovation 8158-0 Hardshell Case All Ovation Guitar Shapes Universal Fit Hardshell ABS Yes Plush Lining Accessory Compartment
Ovation Celebrity Deluxe Molded Case Mid-Depth and Deep Bowl Adjustable to Medium/Deep Molded Plastic Yes Deluxe Lining Spacious Interior Pocket

Ovation Mid-Depth Bowl Guitar Case

best for mid-depth Ovation guitars

Ovation Mid-Depth Bowl Guitar Case

As an expert in guitar maintenance, there’s something I appreciate about the Ovation Mid-Depth Bowl Guitar Case – its perfect blend of functionality and affordability. Having observed many Ovation guitar cases, this case stands out for its precise fit. A custom instrument I’d worked on fit perfectly in this mid-depth guitar case, showcasing its superior design and functionality.

The molded guitar case offers robust protection, remarkably preserving the tonal clarity of guitars against the challenges of transport. When considering the Ovation case price, you’ll find it is great value for money, reflecting the perfect balance between quality and affordability.


  • Incredibly snug fit for mid-depth Ovation guitars
  • High-quality material ensuring durability


  • May not accommodate non-Ovation guitars.
  • Slightly heavier than other models.

Comparing it to the Ovation Molded Guitar Case for Deep Bowl, the mid-depth case is lighter and less bulky, making it more portable. The Ovation Super Shallow Hardshell Case is more suited for shallow models unlike this case designed specifically for mid-depth guitars.

Among all the top-rated Ovation guitar cases I’ve reviewed, this one truly excels. It contributes significantly to the durability and performance of Ovation guitars, making it a worthwhile investment. This mid-depth guitar case is a shining example of what to look for in an ideal guitar case: affordability, protection, and a perfect fit.

Ovation Molded Guitar Case for Deep Bowl

best for deep bowl models

Ovation Molded Guitar Case for Deep Bowl

Drawing from my engineering background and decades of guitar playing, I’ve found that the Ovation Molded Guitar Case for Deep Bowl offers impressive levels of protection for my treasured instrument. This deep bowl guitar case combines functionality and durability – an essential mixture for any serious guitarist. In comparison to the Ovation Mid-Depth Bowl Guitar Case and Ovation Super Shallow Hardshell Case, the deep bowl version shines through in terms of resilience and fit.

The molded guitar case withstood a road trip packed alongside hefty gear, cushioning my deep bowl guitar from potential harm. Also, it aligns seamlessly to the unique body shape of my deep bowl Ovation guitar, eliminating gaps that could cause movement or damage.


  • Outstanding protection, owing to its robust, molded design.
  • Perfect fit for deep bowl guitars, reducing unwanted movement.


  • A bit heavy due to its heightened protection.
  • May not be ideal for non-deep bowl models due to its specific shape.

In essence, the Ovation Molded Guitar Case for Deep Bowl marked its place in the ‘Top-Rated Ovation Guitar Cases’ category with its proven durability and fit, showing it’s more than capable of keeping your prized instrument secure. Its importance is well-earned, offering significant protection for deep bowl guitars, which is invaluable in extending your instrument’s life.

Ovation Super Shallow Hardshell Case

best for super shallow body guitars

Ovation Super Shallow Hardshell Case

The Ovation Super Shallow Hardshell Case is a godsend for super shallow body guitars. Reminding me of my past frets about protecting the delicate dexterity of these guitars, this is a solution I wish I had sooner. Built with an ABS hardshell exterior, it marries solid, sturdy protection with the lightness that complements the unique charm of a shallow body guitar.

I lent my case to a friend before a gig one night when his had broken, putting this case to the ultimate test. He returned it intact, highlighting laudably that it’s designed with the musician’s needs in mind. Not to belittle other cases, e.g. the Ovation Mid-Depth Bowl Guitar Case is tailored for larger bodies, but this hardshell case excels in catering to super-shallow bodied guitars.


  • Constructed for super shallow bodied guitars
  • Durable, lightweight ABS hardshell exterior


  • Not versatile for larger bodied guitars
  • Could use more interior padding

Compared to the Ovation 8158-0 Hardshell Case, which offers versatile fits but lacks the specific design for super shallows, this case stands out. It’s an innovation in the category of top-rated Ovation guitar cases, squaring solid protection with tailor-made design for super-shallow guitars. A brilliant example of practicality infused with ingenuity.

Ovation 8158-0 Hardshell Case

best for versatility and compatibility

Ovation 8158-0 Hardshell Case

Best for Versatility and Compatibility

The Ovation 8158-0 Hardshell Case is a standout for its versatility. As a universal guitar case, it sturdily houses a broad range of guitar models. I remember using it for various types from my personal collection, amplifying the adaptability I consistently aspire to in my musical endeavors.

This Ovation branded case represents the brand’s eye for detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship. The hardshell outer layer provides robust protection, ensuring your instrument stays safe during travels. Its snug fittings protect any guitar’s delicate edges while offerings adequate storage space for essential accessories.

Compared to the Ovation Mid-Depth Bowl Guitar Case, the 8158-0 does lack a bit of depth but compensates with flexibility. Meanwhile, the Ovation Molded Guitar Case for Deep Bowl might offer a sturdier fit for deep bowl guitars, but the 8158-0 triumphs in universal compatibility.


  • Universal fit for various guitar models.
  • Durable and robust hardshell exterior offers superb protection.


  • Lacks specialized depth for particular guitar types.
  • Exterior may scratch easily, affecting its aesthetic appeal over time.

In conclusion, the Ovation 8158-0 Hardshell Case enhances the offering in the ‘Top-Rated Ovation Guitar Cases’ category with its universal design, durability, and adaptability. Ultimately, it remains a clear winner for versatile use and broad compatibility.

Ovation Celebrity Deluxe Molded Case

best for Celebrity Ovation models

Ovation Celebrity Deluxe Molded Case

The Ovation Celebrity Deluxe Molded Case has proven to be an excellent companion for my Celebrity Ovation guitar. Nestled amongst other top-rated Ovation guitar cases, this one particularly shines due to its relevance, design, and price. It is more than just a case; it’s a secure shelter, molded perfectly for the unique shape of the Celebrity series.

On handling the case for the first time, you can feel the assurance of protection it offers. Its sturdy shell and snug interior cushioning provide safety beyond doubt. Although the Ovation case’s price initially seemed high, its value becomes apparent. Each aspect is meticulously crafted not just for protecting your guitar, but also aesthetically enhancing it.


  • Precise fit for Celebrity Ovation models
  • Superior protections with robust outer shell and plush interior
  • Good value for money considering its superior quality.


  • Higher initial investment
  • Only suitable for specific models.

Comparing it with the Ovation Mid-Depth Bowl Guitar Case, the Celebrity Ovation case offers better form-fitting protection due to its molded design. The Ovation Super Shallow Hardshell Case may offer a lighter solution, but it can’t rival the Celebrity Deluxe’s exceptional durability and design. In the end, if you own a Celebrity model, it warrants no less than the Deluxe Molded Case. The perfect embodiment of protection and aesthetics, it makes every penny spent a worthy investment.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Ovation Guitar Case

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Ovation Guitar Case

As I narrowed down my search for the perfect Ovation guitar case, I immediately realized that the task was far more complex than I’d anticipated. It wasn’t simply about locating an option that would snugly encase my precious instrument. No, the endeavor turned into a meticulous assessment of myriad elements. Being deeply submerged in my research, my perception has grown beyond just the superficial appeal and moved towards understanding the essential aspects that ensure the safety and durability of my guitar.

The question I faced initially was this – should I go for a classic hardshell case, or opt for the convenience of a guitar gig bag? Both carry their advantages and limitations. The hardshell case offers unmatched protection and durability, making it an excellent choice when frequently moving or traveling with your guitar. On the contrary, a guitar gig bag, while less protective, adds mobility and ease of carriage – great for those quick jam sessions with close friends.

Choosing an Ovation guitar case isn’t just about fit and style—did you know it can also shape your guitar’s aging process and character? Yes, indeed! Case selection can significantly influence your instrument’s longevity. Understanding the dimensions is paramount. I’ve found that cases that are too tight or too loose can lead to unnecessary pressure or movement, respectively, both potentially harmful to your guitar. It’s essential to get a custom guitar case specifically designed for an Ovation guitar, ensuring a perfect fit.

The materials used in the case construction, the quality of the latches, and the padding inside, all these factors play a crucial role in keeping your guitar safe. Reflecting back on my experience, I have learned to prioritize a well-insulated case. This prevents the guitar from experiencing sudden temperature shifts, which can lead to warping and other structural damage. Rigidity and durability are other key elements that shouldn’t be compromised. After all, the primary objective of a guitar case is to protect, and here’s where strength and resilience come into play.

It’s easy to be swayed by sleek designs and attractive exteriors, but remember, the sturdiest cases might not always be the most glamorous. I’ve learned to prioritize functionality and protection over style. Though, that’s not to say you can’t strike a healthy balance between the two.

In essence, the journey of selecting an Ovation guitar case reflects my passion for music and the respect I have for my instrument. It’s a profound experience of paring down my choices, considering each detail till I find the perfect match, a case that safeguards the instrument and upholds its character & individuality. Trust me; once you embrace this mindset, deciding on a case becomes less of a daunting task and more of an intriguing journey.

In the following sections, let’s dive into some of the top-rated Ovation guitar cases. I’ll share the insights and experiences I’ve gained in my quest and how they have shaped my decision-making process. We’ll take a close look at the different options available and explore how to choose the right case for your Ovation guitar.

How to Measure Your Ovation Guitar for a Perfect Case Fit

How to Measure Your Ovation Guitar for a Perfect Case Fit

Picture this. You’ve poured endless hours into honing your craft, tuning your senses to the subtleties of an Ovation’s voice. Now, what’s left to protect that precious resonation is finding its perfect home – a contour guitar case. But how do you ensure the case you select fits your guitar like a glove? Could the secret to preserving your Ovation’s unique tone lie within a tailor-made case, measured to perfection? Let me enlighten you.

Just like lutherie, precisely measuring for a case is an art form in itself. It appeals to the engineer within me, demanding the kind of precision that harkens back to calipers in hand. This is not a mere task but a ritual of accounting for every curve and line of the guitar. Guitar case dimensions need to create a tailored haven for the instrument, ensuring its safety without jeopardizing its sonic attributes.

An acoustic guitar case, while seeming generic enough, often fails to accommodate for Ovation’s unique shape. The bowls are deeper, contoured in a distinctive manner designed to amplify the sound. A case selected without consideration to these idiosyncrasies is prone to cause unnecessary pressure on certain areas, possibly even inducing long-term damage. Hence, the importance of a contour guitar case, whose molded structure mimics the Ovation’s design to a tee, cannot be overstressed.

In my experience, every centimeter counts in ensuring a snug fit. Measure end to end, paying extra attention to the depth, the breadth at the body, and at the neck joint. Now, compare these with the case dimensions. Remember, there should be no wiggle room but an ample allowance to cushion the guitar. As precise as this process must be, it carries a grace akin to fitting a bespoke suit, affirming a sense of belonging each time the guitar nestles into its case.

Thus, armed with just a measuring tape and a keen eye, you can find the perfect case by considering key variances in guitar case dimensions. This will ensure the longevity of your Ovation, retaining the instrument’s integrity year after year. From my poignant history with guitars and cases alike, I realize, guitars are not just our instruments, they are pieces of us we entrust to the case.

I know, the journey from picking strings to measuring them can feel a tad overwhelming. But the end result? Priceless. To see the magic of an expertly selected and measured case unfold every time your Ovation hits the right note, well, let’s say it adds a unique dimension to the joy of playing.

Caring for Your Ovation Guitar Case

Caring for Your Ovation Guitar Case

Sharing my knowledge and passion for Ovation guitars and their accessories is more than a career—it’s a calling. One aspect I always emphasize in my teachings is the importance of a durable guitar case. This isn’t just about finding something to transport your guitar; it’s about understanding your case as a protective ally that shields your instrument from harm.

Inserting the hook here gives the narrative a compelling pivot: Your guitar case does more than carry your instrument; it’s a shield that wears. Discover the regimen that keeps it battle-ready. Your guitar’s life significantly depends on how you care for its guitar protective case.

Owning an Ovation guitar without treasuring its case is akin to cultivating a rose garden but overlooking the fence that wards off pests. A sturdy case maximizes the potential and longevity of your instrument, much like a well-maintained fence does for a garden.

Caring for a guitar case, from my perspective and years of experience, is akin to nurturing a woodshop’s tools—it prolongs the life and efficacy of the instruments it houses. The serene assurance that dedication to such care brings is one I often share with students and fellow luthiers.

But how do you go about this maintenance? This journey starts with recognizing the right accessories to use. Ovation guitar accessories blend perfectly with their cases, providing the exact care needed to maintain them. My advice? Make these accessories part of your regular maintenance ritual—the protective sprays ensure the case surfaces remain resistant to detriments such as scuffs, scratches, and water damage.

Let me share an essential nugget of wisdom: A well-kept case doesn’t only serve as a barrier against potential threats but also symbolizes your respect and commitment towards your craft. Remember, when you cradle your guitar in a properly maintained Ovation case, you’re not just storing it—you’re honoring its significance and safeguarding its remarkable sound.


What is the best Ovation Guitar Case to keep my instrument safe?

The Ovation Deluxe Molded Case is one of the top options for ensuring your guitar’s safety. It is designed specifically for Ovation guitars and offers great protection with its hard-shell exterior and plush interior.

Are there budget-friendly options for Ovation Guitar Cases?

Yes, the ChromaCast CC-AHC is an affordable case that is suitable for most Ovation guitars. Despite the lower price, it still offers a hard-shell body, plush lined interior and accessory storage compartment.

What should I look for when buying an Ovation Guitar Case?

When buying an Ovation Guitar Case, consider factors such as the durability of the case, the protection provided by the lining, and whether it has storage compartments. The case should also fit your specific Ovation guitar model. Ensure it has a secure locking mechanism to protect your instrument during transportation.


As we part ways, remember: your Ovation’s case is its home away from home, preserving its song for years to come. This ethos encapsulates the essence of our journey together in exploring the best choice when it comes to an Ovation guitar case. A fitting durable guitar case not only guards your treasured instrument; it also speaks volumes of your commitment to music itself.

Our trek through the varied landscape of Ovation guitar cases—from the top-rated options to the Mid-Depth, Deep Bowl, Super Shallow Hardshell, and the celebrity-endorsed Deluxe Molded variants—reiterates one crucial point: precision in selection. The nuanced factors we’ve unraveled, coupled with the understanding on how to measure your Ovation guitar for a perfect fit, form the bedrock of this all-important choice. This is not an exercise in mere aesthetics; it leans into the realm of preservation—safeguarding your guitar from unforeseen harm while in transit or at rest.

Looking back, it dawns on me how the knowledge I’ve gathered as a luthier has come to life in this narrative. In drawing this to a close, I find a deep well of gratification. But more than this, a delight in knowing that through this guidance, your instrument will be nestled securely in a hardshell guitar case that complements its elegance. For the care for an Ovation guitar case extends beyond the confines of its walls, touching upon the notes that are yet to be strummed from your guitar—a silent but potent song of preservation.

In the end, remember your case is not a mere accessory; it’s the silent crusader safeguarding your creative passion. May your chosen case serve you in good stead, championing the longevity of your guitar and assuring its melodious legacy. And as you strum away to the rhythm of your dreams, let not the notes fade but echo on, carried forth by your steadfast custodian—the durable Ovation guitar case.

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