What size guitar should I choose for my child?

One of the most impending questions faced by parents is choosing the correctly sized guitar for their child. There are a few things that are to be considered when purchasing the guitar for your child.

1. You need to take into consideration the age of your child.

2. You have to consider the build of your child, especially the span of the hands.

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Should you buy a cheap guitar to learn on?

What size guitar should I choose for my child?

For a first timer, it is always important to go with an acoustic nylon string guitar as opposed to the electric guitar. There are various reasons for this judgment.

1. The acoustic or the classical guitar happens to be easily accessible and does not require any kind of amplification neither is it very difficult to setup. Particularly for the people that have not done it before, such kind of guitar setup does not require anything. However, if you opt for electric guitars, you would need jack leads along with an amplifier to get the sound that you deserve.

2. The cost of the acoustic guitar or the classical guitar is extremely less when compared to an electric guitar, which also comes with a lot of excessive accessories that is needed to play the guitar optimally.

3. The acoustic guitar is a lot less noisy, and you can be as quiet as you want, as compared to the electric guitar.

4. The acoustic guitar is a much better option to learn the basics of guitar playing as compared to the electric guitar.

5. With acoustic guitar, your child will be able to pick up the correct techniques for playing the guitar, as opposed to the electronic guitar.

There are some sizes mentioned for the acoustic guitar to purchase for your child.

[easyazon_infoblock align=”right” identifier=”B0002F58TG” locale=”US” tag=”bestorwrerev-20″]¾ size guitars: Well, till the age of 11, purchasing a ¾ size guitar would deem to be the best way for you to actually purchase a guitar for your child. You have to remember that the hands of children are extremely small, and it can be a very big struggle to get the guitar within the particular span. However, with the ¾ sized guitars, it comes with a thin neck, that can make it much easier for the kids to play.

½ Size guitars: With the half size guitars, you tend to get a smaller body, but most of them also come with a full-size neck. This is actually a space saving glitter, and it is mostly suitable for a young teenager or even an adult with a short height.

Full-size guitar: This is the size of guitar that you can find in the market abundantly. It is best suited for the teenagers and adults and also for some of the young students that are quite comfortable due to the size of their build.

Guitarlele: These types of guitars are extremely small-scale guitars, and have become extremely popular in the recent years. However, although they do have six strings like a standard guitar, due to the small scale, they cannot be tuned to the standard tuning, therefore it is not at all suitable for any beginner.

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