Ways To Amplify Your Guitar Sound In Your Mix

Among those of us who are guitarists, we have only one dream and that is to make our guitars sound strong and clear so that when we are creating the next rock mix, then we can be satisfied by hearing the impactful sound of our guitar. Now this is an important thing because in case of a rock or any sort of a mix, it is the sound of the guitar that matters. So the better and bigger it is, the greater will be the rendition of sound and then it is bound to please the listeners as well. Now if you are a novice in this field, then you will have to know the main ways in which you can achieve the sound that you eagerly want.

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Ways In Which This Can Be Done

  • Use up less power chords than you generally do

[easyazon_infoblock align=”right” identifier=”B000FIZISQ” locale=”US” tag=”bestorwrerev-20″]Most novices make the mistake of getting their guitar multilayered by pressing on more power chords than it is actually required. Yes, it is true that the power chords amplify the sound, but then if you use more of it, then the sound may turn out to be a clumsy one. So make sure that you do not use up more power chords than it is actually required. Moreover, if you are going to play in an acoustic show, then tip is definitely important for you as because a lot of power chords and rough playing will definitely eliminate the emotional touch in the music.

  • If you stick mostly to the acoustic guitar part, then you should go for the double tracking technique

Now this is a technique used to widen the sound of any guitar, but specifically the acoustic ones. In this case, either a guitar or a vocal track is recorded twice as a first and second take and then those two are superimposed together so that the sound can be powerful as well as wide and there is a definite sense of clarity. This is a very smart technique that is now being used by most of the guitarists off late. You can even get to see it in some of the contemporary songs as well. Now there is another thing for you to consider as well. If it is a solo song to which your guitar will act as the accompaniment, then it is perfectly ok to go for double tracking, but in case of a chorus, it would be a smart choice to get back to square one that is mono track and add other features so that the stereo field becomes powerful.

  • Know the right tone and dial it in the perfect way

Instead of just leaping on to hit another music track like other guitarists why not just wait a bit more and practice dialing the correct tone that will produce a million dollar sound on the main stage? This is just the one practice that will make the guitar sound huge. But be careful that you do not choose too many of the highs as because they make the sound of the guitar really very clumsy.

  • Make sure that the layering is perfectly done

This is a tip that can change the entire dimension of your guitar music. We have seen people who layer their guitar with a simple second or third track and end up flaunting awesome sounds. But make sure that the layers are well placed and not forced upon. Does it right, and you can undoubtedly impress the audience.

  • Overdubbing can be a smart move

This is a technique that works very well for the acoustic guitar. In this case all you have to do is to overdub a clean acoustic guitar over your actual guitar track and that will be enough to do the trick. Also, it is important that you merge both of the sounds so that they do not feel like two distinctive tracks but one. Once you do that, you will see that the sound of the guitar has achieved its maximum width and also the clarity will be something to die for.

Now that you know the ways in which you can achieve better sound for your guitar, we are sure that you will do the required steps.