Top EVH Guitar Straps: Find The Perfect Match for Your Guitar

You could argue that a guitar strap is as individual as the guitar itself. I was struck by this notion ever since I saw Eddie Van Halen stroll onto the stage, his ax slung low thanks to a vibrant and utilitarian piece of cloth — an EVH guitar strap. Unlike most, he understood the profound impact of such accessories, turning them into an inseparable part of his iconic presence. By just looking at his strap, you could tell this wasn’t an ordinary fluke; it was a gateway into a whole new world of personal expression and comfort.

Ever since, I’ve been on a mission to provide fellow enthusiasts with the knowledge to help them harness such transformative power. Throughout my work with Guitar Player magazine, I’ve noticed a surge of interest in the Eddie Van Halen guitar accessories, with the signature guitar straps being the most sought after. There’s just something about EVH’s style that evidently stands the test of time. Each strap feels like a natural extension of the guitar, molding to the contours of one’s shoulder, while promising a comfortable and secure play experience.

Given the sea of options out there, pinpointing the ideal EVH guitar strap that aligns with your desires and necessities could be daunting. Here, we narrow it down to the top contenders in the market. This is not just a review; it’s your guide to finding your perfect match — an artefact, perhaps, which channels the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll as potently as Eddie’s painted Frankenstrat. Stick around and explore the story behind each strap, their features, and how they could transform your performances, just as they did for the legend himself.

Top-Rated EVH Guitar Straps

Strap Name Material Length Width Graphics/Design Manufacturer
EVH Premium Leather Strap by Fender Leather Adjustable N/A Solid Color Fender
EVH Nylon Strap with Striped Graphics Nylon Adjustable N/A Striped EVH Gear
EVH Custom Series Leather Strap by Ernie Ball Leather Adjustable N/A Solid Color with Custom Series branding Ernie Ball
EVH Neoprene Strap Neoprene Adjustable N/A Solid Color with EVH logo EVH Gear

EVH Premium Leather Strap by Fender

best for durability

EVH Premium Leather Strap by Fender

‘Best for Durability.’ Whenever I’m on stage, the comfort and reassurance of this EVH Premium Leather Strap by Fender bring back cherished memories of my earliest gigs. The strap’s premium leather always evokes a sense of reliability vital to any performance. The Fender EVH strap has proven to be a silent hero, complementing both my instrument and playing style seamlessly.

Having spent countless hours discussing gear with legends in the music world, I’m reminded of a specific gig. The venue was electric, the crowd inviting, but my standard strap decided to snap mid-performance! In that moment, I realized the importance of reliable premium leather guitar straps.

After getting my hands on several straps over the years, the Fender EVH Strap stands out. As a testament to its superiority, my guitar strap review yields:


  • Superior durability, courtesy of premium leather construction.
  • Outstanding comfort and grip during intense performances.


  • Pricier than some other options.
  • Limited design choices.

Compared to the EVH Nylon Strap or the EVH Neoprene Strap, the EVH Premium Leather Strap lacks in variety but compensates with superior durability and comfort. While the EVH Custom Series Leather Strap by Ernie Ball also offers similar qualities, the unit by Fender has a more streamlined design that secures your guitar with a confidence often missed in other models.

In the vast field of top-rated EVH guitar straps, the Fender EVH Strap remains my trusted companion, standing the test of time and performances.

EVH Nylon Strap with Striped Graphics

best for iconic design

EVH Nylon Strap with Striped Graphics

As an ardent fan of iconic designs, the EVH Nylon Strap with Striped Graphics has always been a standout product from the official EVH merchandise. This adjustable guitar strap encapsulates the distinct essence of Eddie Van Halen, echoing our many conversations about his intent behind every minute design detail. This strap doesn’t just hold your guitar; it cradles a piece of rock history. Personally using this nylon strap during a memorable performance, I could almost sense Eddie’s audacious spirit resonating with my fingers. However, standing in contrast, the EVH Premium Leather Strap by Fender offers top-notch comfort with its soft, padded leather. Still, it lacks the visual punch of the nylon strap.


  • Distinctive, signature Eddie Van Halen design.
  • Sturdy and adjustable, providing a comfortable fit.


  • Lacks the premium feel of a leather strap.
  • Not as padded as the EVH Premium Leather Strap by Fender.

In the grand scheme of things, the EVH Nylon Strap integrates seamlessly into the parent category of Top-Rated EVH Guitar Straps. Its design brilliance eloquently narrates the iconicity of Eddie, making it an invaluable addition to any guitar gear collection.

EVH Custom Series Leather Strap by Ernie Ball

best for custom style

EVH Custom Series Leather Strap by Ernie Ball

Best for Custom Style – The EVH Custom Series Leather Strap by Ernie Ball is the embodiment of individuality in the realm of guitar straps. This exemplification of custom style brings vibrancy to the Top-Rated EVH Guitar Straps. I fondly remember savoring its unique feel during a jam session, and the comfort provided was unparalleled. It was as if the strap intertwined with my creative energy, perfectly marrying form and function. This strap woos your style like an intimate counterpart, not just serving as an accessory.



  • More costly than average straps.
  • Can be heavy for extended wear.

Comparatively, the Fender’s EVH Premium Leather Strap lacks the same level and expression of customization, while the EVH Nylon Strap with Striped Graphics doesn’t emanate the same elegance. The EVH Neoprene Strap, on the other hand, does offer comfort but falls short in its appeal to style purists. Firmly etched within the lineage of EVH guitar straps, this Ernie Ball EVH strap leaves a distinct memory upon use and indeed does justice to custom guitar straps. In this guitar strap review, my personal experience solidifies the relevance of the EVH Custom Series Leather Strap by Ernie Ball in the realm of top-rated EVH guitar straps and beyond.

EVH Neoprene Strap

best for comfort

EVH Neoprene Strap

In the realm of EVH guitar straps, the EVH Neoprene Strap is a standout. Rooted in my philosophy that comfort meets style, the strap is a soothing balm for shoulder wear and tear, aiding swift transitions and fluid movement. Seeing my fellow guitarist transition from an intense solo into a synced rhythm, with the utmost ease thanks to this strap, was truly a testament to its impressive design.


  • High comfort levels, an asset for long play hours.
  • Functional, stylish design enhances playability.


  • May not provide enough structure for heavier guitars.
  • Neoprene material may not be to everyone’s taste.

In comparison to the EVH Premium Leather Strap by Fender, the neoprene provides a softer feel—an excellent choice for extended play. Yet, while it may not brag the printed aesthetic of the EVH Nylon Strap with Striped Graphics, its sleek, black design holds an understated charm, all while championing comfort. The long-standing guitar strap review consensus is unanimous—comfort EVH strap is the go-to accessory for guitarists prioritizing ease and playability.

EVH Strap Features to Consider

EVH Strap Features to Consider

Over the years spent immersed in the mesmerising world of musical accessories, I’ve learned that guitar straps aren’t just about style or comfort – they’re the unsung heroes of a perfect performance. They’re often overlooked, yet so pivotal in delivering a seamless show. So let’s start to take them seriously.

Eddie’s leap in the famous 1982 ‘Jump’ photograph wasn’t just about showmanship; it symbolized trust in his gear. Let’s talk about EVH strap features that ensure your guitar stays secured, no matter how high you jump.

Let me start by saying, every musician has their own unique needs and preferences. That’s why it’s crucial to pay attention to the details when selecting your guitar straps. There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ rule here. The market offers a variety in terms of materials, mechanics, and aesthetics, but that’s a joy rather than a hindrance. Let’s dive into some clever features that, in my opinion, define EVH straps—for, after all, these are the straps that stood the test of Eddie Van Halen’s exuberant performances.

In my years of guitar strap reviews, the very first feature I always check for is the strap locks. EVH straps come with solid strap locks, proven to stand the rigors of regular gigging and passionate stage acrobatics. When it comes to performance, there’s no room for compromise. Your guitar should only come off when you want it to! Strap locks are fundamental to the trust equation between you and your gear.

Another game-changing aspect of EVH straps is their adjustability. Most adjustable guitar straps allow you to tailor them to your ideal length, ensuring they feel just right when slung over your shoulder. Convenience merges with comfort, and you can expect your performance to benefit in the process.

Finally, the materials of EVH straps are top-notch. Obviously, edgy and vibrant, they pair well with the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll, yet they’re designed to be durable and resilient. So, those rigorous movements won’t wear out your strap. High-quality leather or weather-resistant nylon? Make your pick based on your personal taste.

As I look back on the numerous stages I’ve seen, the experience shared, and the wisdom accumulated in the realm of musical gear, my conviction grows stronger: your instrument’s safety is paramount. Ensure you choose a guitar strap that ticks all the right boxes and puts your mind at ease. In my book, EVH straps do just that. In our journey exploring guitar straps, strap locks, and their siblings in the music world, getting it ‘just right’ has always been worth any time spent in research.

And remember – your guitar strap is your silent partner on stage. Treat it with the respect it deserves.

How to Secure Your Guitar with EVH Strap Locks

How to Secure Your Guitar with EVH Strap Locks

Having explored a myriad of EVH strap options, now comes the pivotal issue of securing your precious instrument. No guitarist, however seasoned, is immune to the horrifying prospect of their guitar plummeting towards the floor mid-performance. So, allow me to guide you on how to secure your guitar using EVH strap locks, a trusted solution in the world of Van Halen guitar gear.

Avoid the onstage nightmare of a dropping guitar. Discover the secure innovation of EVH strap locks and why they are a must-have for any serious guitarist. Throughout my career, I’ve witnessed tragic near-misses when ordinary straps gave up the ghost. The fear in a musician’s eyes as their cherished companion freefalls, that is something I aspire to help you avoid by sharing profoundly reliable techniques to secure your guitar.

EVH strap locks, a revolution in music instrument accessories are, in my experience, supremely reliable. They feature a mechanism that fixes your strap to the guitar with a locking pin, creating an unbreakable attachment point. This means no more unanticipated dive-bombs of your guitar during an intense performance.

Apart from their robust functionality, the EVH strap locks also score high in the aesthetic department. Available in a variety of finishes such as chrome, gold, and black, these locks blend beautifully with the overall look of your instrument.

I’m a believer in focusing on making music, without having to worry about equipment malfunctions. And from this conviction comes my passionate endorsement for EVH strap locks. Ensuring your guitar is tightly fastened liberates you, giving you the freedom to really lose yourself in your performance.

In the broader continuum of EVH’s iconic legacy and substantial influence on guitar accessories, the strap locks stand out as an embodiment of both practicality and innovation. A distinct component of the EVH brand, they capture a genuine understanding of what artists need on stage. To me, that’s a product well worth its acclaim and an absolute necessity for any guitarist.

The Legacy of EVH and His Influence on Guitar Accessories

The Legacy of EVH and His Influence on Guitar Accessories

As a seasoned guitarist and a long-time observer of the music industry, I’ve seen the transformational magic that a talented musician can spur. Yet, when it comes to the infamous Eddie Van Halen, the magic seems to vibrate beyond his music notes. This expert craftsman resonates his creativity and sheer brilliance into the most unexpected arena of guitarist stage equipment. Eddie revolutionized many facets of guitar gear, but one in particular leaves an indelible mark on every guitarist – the Eddie Van Halen signature guitar strap.

Eddie Van Halen’s innovative spirit touched more than just music; it revolutionized the very guitar straps we use today. If you ask why I’m so passionate about Eddie’s legacy, my answer would be simple: His creative energy continues to inspire. His innovative spirit was not confined to his extraordinary guitar playing alone. He had the foresightedness and audacity to recreate what was taken as a default standard. A guitar strap, which was once considered a mere accessory, was transformed into an iconic signature bearing his innovative imprint.

Let’s explore the legacy of a legend.

What’s truly remarkable about Eddie Van Halen guitar accessories especially the straps, is the symbiosis of style and functionality. They are each a testament to Eddie’s penchant for detail, his unabashed style and his never-ending quest for comfort while playing. Over the years, they have become a symbol of performance and identity, redefining the relationship between a guitarist and his gear.

Whether it’s the robust quality of EVH Premium Leather Strap by Fender, or the hip vibe of the EVH Nylon Strap with Striped Graphics, the underlying philosophy remains constant – your equipment is an extension of your music, not an afterthought. Each strap is evolved from Eddie’s expansive experience on stage. They embrace his ethos of unadulterated comfort and utmost resilience.

Every time I pick up my guitar adorned with an EVH strap, I feel like I’m holding a piece of Eddie’s innovation, his boldness, his indomitable spirit. More than just an accessory, it’s a piece of history, a statement, a symbol of the revolution that EVH brought about in the world of music. And in a broader perspective, it stands as a tribute to the boundless creativity of an artist who pushed the limits in every way possible.


What are the top EVH guitar straps available?

Some top EVH guitar straps include the EVH Premium Quality Guitar Strap, EVH Van Halen Premium Leather Strap, and the EVH Polyester Straps. Each of them boasts robust construction, easy adjustment features, and a dependable lock mechanism.

What features should I consider when buying an EVH guitar strap?

When buying an EVH guitar strap, consider the length of the strap, the latch system, the material of the strap, and the width. You should also consider the specific model of your guitar, and how often you play.

Where can I buy EVH guitar straps?

EVH guitar straps can be purchased directly from the EVH Gear website, from music instrument retailers, and various online marketplaces including Amazon, eBay, and others. Always ensure to buy from authorized retailers to guarantee product authenticity.


As we close, remember that the perfect guitar strap is more than an accessory; it’s a trusted companion for the journey of every guitarist. Which EVH strap will be yours? Reflective and hopeful, concluding thoughts on these straps are akin to ending a great jam session. As a curator of guitarist stage equipment, I’ve spent my career empowering musicians to find harmony with their gear.

From the Evh Premium Leather Strap by Fender to the spirited EVH Nylon Strap with Striped Graphics, these EVH branded straps speak volumes about your commitment to your craft. The understated luxury of the EVH Custom Series Leather Strap by Ernie Ball exemplifies functional fashion, while the EVH Neoprene Strap is an exemplar of endurance and comfort.

Every strap echoes the spirit of rock’n’roll, a symbol of the flamboyant legacy of EVH. Our exploration of his influence on guitar accessories illustrates how much thoughtfulness goes into the design of each strap. Ensuring your guitar’s security with EVH Strap Locks emphasizes the care and consideration behind each product.

As a lifelong champion for the bonds between guitarists and their equipment, I hope that my insights guide your path. May these EVH branded guitar straps serve as faithful allies on your musical journey.

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