Taylor GS Mini Mahogany Acoustic Guitar Review: The Mahogany Magic!

Taylor GS Mini Mahogany GS Mini Acoustic Guitar Review

From the campfire, all the way to the concert hall and to the couch, the Taylor GS Mini Mahogany GS Mini Acoustic Guitar assures everyone of real fun. The bluesy- sounding body made from mahogany is what makes this model to be distinct from the regular GS Mini. With the GS award winning body shape, the guitar doesn’t skimp on sound yet it packs lots of tones into a portable size that’s comfortable to carry and incredibly fun to own and to play. It features the Taylor’s straight & stable NT patented neck that makes the player to enjoy signature playability and intonation. Therefore, wherever you are, there is no guitar that will be better to play than the Taylor GS Mini Mahogany GS Mini Acoustic Guitar.

Salient Features

  • The top features sapele laminate

  • The guitar is a six-string miniature type

  • It features a mahogany headstock

  • The finish is the overlay lexan design

  • It features satin finishing

  • The bridge is made of ebony

  • It features the chrome tuner designs

  • It also features the nubone nut/saddle design

  • The inlays are 5 millimeter pearloid dots

  • The fretboard is made of ebony

  • It features black/white purfling

  • The neck joint features a patented NT design

  • It features a three-ring rosette

  • The back as well as the sides features sapele laminate.

  • The pickguard features the GS mini shape (tortoise) design

  • The bridge pins are made of plastic

  • It comes with a gig bag

Technical Specifications

  • The scale length is: 23-1/2 inches

  • The number of frets is: 20

  • The width of the nut is: 1-11/16 inches

  • The length of the body is: 17-5/8 inches

  • The body width is: 14-3/8 inches

  • The depth of the body is 4-7/16 inches

  • The overall length of the guitar is: 36-5/8 inches

Why you should consider this Guitar being a beginner?

  • It has got among the best audio sounds

  • It is small in size thus portable. However, it is big as far as sound is concerned

  • It’s easy to use thus making it to be a good option for beginners

  • It sounds nice and comes with quality material and construction

  • A nice, unique shape

  • It stays in tune

  • The tuners feel is very responsive

  • Its resonance is great

Best uses

  • Because of its size, it is a good option for travelling

  • It is a good guitar for training

  • It can be used for virtually anything

The guitar’s case is a quality one that I appreciated even before opening it to see the contents. Inside the case, among the first noticeable things on the Taylor GS Mini Mahogany GS Mini Acoustic Guitar is the fact that it doesn’t look exactly like the GS Mini yet it doesn’t change its design quality from what Taylor has been credited for.

The guitar is small but not very small. It can therefore be played by not only the small statured and the young beginners but adults too. You can comfortably play the instrument while either sitting or while standing.

The Playability of the GS Mini​

The guitar features the playability aspect of Taylor guitars. It comes with an incredibly low action so that an over aggressive player may wish to raise the action. A guitar’s action refers to that distance between the strings when measured from the frets. A low action is good for pros as the guitar gives them the ability of speeding through the scales easily. For beginners, the low action enables them to make the guitar produce clearer sounds without the string buzz headache. The use of the patented NT neck is credited for the amazing playability of the model.

GS Mini Electronics

The guitar is not accompanied with an onboard electronics design, one noticeable feature used by Taylor to cut the costs of the guitar. Therefore, the ES-Go has been produced to solve the issue. This is a pick up system that has specifically been designed for this instrument. Since it’s differently sold, you will have to do the installation of the accessory by yourself. Simple and clear instructions are provided by Taylor on how to do this installation. The resultant sound of the ES-Go will leave you with the urge of playing more and more on stage.

​Final word

After reading this Taylor GS Mini review, you can see that this is a real investment for any beginner. It is a real investment because you will not only need to use it when you get starting but will use it even when you become a pro. It is easy to use, light to carry and small enough to be used by both the young as well as the adults. Get out and grab it before beginning your lessons.​