Detailed Review, Specs, and Buying Guide for the Taylor 314ce Guitar

Imagine this: It’s a humid summer afternoon, and I’ve just unpacked a brand new Taylor 314ce guitar. The gleaming finish graces my studio with an aura of anticipation. As a fingerstyle guitarist and a long-time Taylor guitars enthusiast, my fingers are itching to explore those strings. However, what comes next surpasses even my expectations…

That’s right – I’m about to share firsthand the journey I embarked on with my 314ce, a creation that reigns supreme in the pantheon of Grand Auditorium guitars. Is it just the aesthetics or something more profound that sets this guitar apart from the multitude? Well, that’s exactly what we’re here to unravel.

Delve into this detailed exploration of the Taylor 314ce guitar. From the sublime resonance to the comfort of playability, from everyday user experiences to expert assessments, I’ve assembled a compilation that leaves no chord unstrummed. With the nuances of my personal experiences woven throughout, this review will not just tell you about the Taylor 314ce guitar – it will make you feel it. Now, let’s sync our rhythm and dive right into the detailed review, specs, and buying guide for the Taylor 314ce guitar.



Deciding on an acoustic-electric guitar is no easy task, given the plethora of options on the market today. Still, after many years of active guitar playing, I’ve found few models that offer the unique combination of sound quality, playability, and craftsmanship found in the Taylor 314ce. The sheer depth of its tonal range and the exceptional build quality make this guitar quite an asset in any musician’s arsenal.

Now that I’ve piqued your curiosity, allow me to delve deeper into the Taylor 314ce specifications. Under its stylish and robust exterior, you’ll discover why it leaves guitarists, both novices and professionals, awe-struck with its performance and resonance. One word sums it up – V-Class bracing.

What if I told you that the secret behind Taylor 314ce guitar’s unrivaled resonance resides in its exclusive V-Class bracing? It isn’t simply a marketing gimmick. This innovative design truly enhances the guitar’s intonation, ensuring the harmonics of every note are in tune throughout the fretboard. From my personal experience, you can expect a more finite control over the guitar’s dynamic range with the V-Class bracing, which contributes to the instrument’s vibrant tonal projection.

However, the Taylor 314ce isn’t all about its V-Class bracing. The choice of wood has a significant role too. The seasoned guitarists among you would know that specific wood types impact the instrument’s sound and build quality profoundly. Let me add my two cents, speaking from my prolonged engagement with this masterpiece.

The Taylor 314ce features a Sapele back and sides. This tonewood of African origin lends robust midrange frequencies with a level of top-end sparkle. When coupled with Sitka spruce for the top, the Sapele also imbues a crisp articulation into the guitar’s tonal character, which I’ve found to be unparalleled in other models.

Taylor also offers a Rosewood edition of the 314ce. Having had the opportunity to play this version as well, I can vouch for the distinct tonal warmth and depth it brings. The Rosewood renders richer overtones as compared to the Sapele, delivering a fuller and warmer low end. To say it simply, it presents a delightful choice for those seeking both the versatility of the acoustic-electric guitar and the lush sound properties of the best all-wood models.

Regardless of whether you opt for the Sapele back or go for the Rosewood edition, the Taylor 314ce stands out with its impeccable craftsmanship, premium tonewoods, and innovative design, all working in unison to proclaim its top-notch status.

It’s these qualities that have led me to employ the Taylor 314ce regularly in my performances and recordings, and I look forward to helping you unravel its hidden potential. Through this deep dive into the guitar’s features and my personal experiences, you’ll gain a greater understanding of how the Taylor 314ce could be the guitar you’ve been searching for.

As we explore further in the upcoming sections, covering performance review, sound and playability, user experiences, and comparisons, you’ll comprehend why the Taylor 314ce vastly surpasses the common acoustic-electric guitar.

Performance Review

Sound and Playability

Sound and Playability

As I delve deeper into my journey with the Taylor 314ce, the first key aspect I’d like to bring to light is the impeccable sound quality. After playing numerous guitars, I can confidently attest to the punchy midrange and crystal-clear treble that this grand performance model offers. The versatile sound palette is genuinely impressive, ideal for diverse playing techniques – from fingerstyle to aggressive strumming.

Taylor 314ce’s playability is equally commendable, largely due to the sleek neck design and the comfortable grand auditorium body shape. Coupled with a precisely calibrated action, these meticulously crafted features elevate the guitar’s playability, making it a true joy to play for extended durations. The robust yet warm sound, the responsiveness of each note, and the ease of traversing the fretboard with optimal action, all contribute to an undeniably fulfilling playing experience.

Of course, the guitar’s sound and playability also owe significantly to its construction. Thanks to the innovative V-class bracing system, the Taylor 314ce exhibits enhanced sustain, improved intonation, and greater projection. The solid Sitka spruce top, paired with Sapele back and sides, delivers a rewarding sonic mixture of clarity, depth, and detail – a testament to the exceptional sound quality of the Taylor 314ce.

However, please take note, sound and playability, though critical, are deeply personal and usually subjective elements of evaluation. They largely depend on individual preferences and playing styles. Despite my absolute admiration for the Taylor 314ce guitar, it is crucial to ensure that these traits align with your unique musical requirements.

Moving forward in our exploration, the next crucial aspect of our in-depth analysis would consider the practical experiences and thoughts of other users. Their diverse perspectives and experiences will provide us with a comprehensive understanding of the guitar’s true potential in various hands and contexts.

User Reviews and Opinions

User Reviews and Opinions

As I delve into the sea of Taylor 314ce reviews available, it’s crucial to remember that the beauty of music is its subjectivity. Diverse user opinions contribute to an all-rounded perspective about a specific instrument, in this case, the intricate Taylor 314ce. After sifting through myriad guitar forums, let’s unravel the guitar community’s sentiments about this particular model.

I’ve noticed a consistent appreciation for the instrument’s ability to oscillate between delicate, nuanced tones and loud, energetic strumming with ease. Many users rave about the Taylor 314ce’s dynamic tonal range and seamless ease of playability. However, some have expressed concerns about the Sitka Spruce top being prone to dents and scratches, suggesting prospective buyers to invest in a good-quality case.

One common denominator is a shared admiration for the instrument’s build. The premium quality is fittingly synonymous with Taylor’s reputation. Users consistently praise the guitar’s solid construction and articulate attention to detail. The playability is also highly applauded. The comfortable neck profile and low action make for a truly pleasurable playing experience, with many users applauding its responsiveness to fingerstyle and flatpicking techniques.

In terms of sound, it’s noteworthy that this Grand Concert model is often described as having a transparent and balanced tone. While some players prefer a guitar with more warmth or bass, many agree that for its size, the Taylor 314ce delivers an impressive tonal performance.

These varied user reviews provide a balanced view of this instrument’s strengths and limitations and ultimately serve as a testament to its widespread appeal. This process of sifting through pages of guitar forums and compiling these experiences is crucial to achieve a clearer understanding of a model’s performance in real-world scenarios, away from factory specifications and marketing rhetoric.

Remember, each review is an individual’s perspective and personal preference play a massive role in a musician’s choice of instrument. Nonetheless, these varying opinions provide you with insights you might not experience during your first strum in a store, making them invaluable in your decision-making process.

Comparison and Alternatives

Comparison and Alternatives

Having played an incredible array of acoustic guitars over the years, I have gained a unique perspective on what constitutes a truly great instrument. With the Taylor 314ce, I thought I might have found perfection. But, in all honesty, is it the best among others? Let’s dig a little deeper.

So, you’re convinced you’ve found your soulmate in the musical world, the Taylor 314ce? But how does it stack up against its competitors? It’s time to place this beauty under a comparative lens. The Taylor 314ce comparisons aren’t simple; it has distinct qualities that you don’t find in every guitar. But there are a few close matches in terms of sound, feel, and price.

First up on the comparison list is the Martin D-28. This iconic guitar offers a deep resonance and powerful output, but when placed next to the Taylor 314ce, it falls a bit short on higher frequencies. The Taylor shines brighter here, with its precise projection and clearer tone. This doesn’t make the Martin D-28 a lesser option, but in terms of versatility, the Taylor 314ce takes the trophy home.

Next, we peek at the Gibson Hummingbird Pro. A favorite among many, it displays a robust and bold sound. Even though it’s a masterpiece in its own right, the Taylor 314ce comes across as more balanced overall, capable of handling intricate fingerstyles as well as strumming with equal adeptness. It’s important to remember that choosing between a Gibson Hummingbird Pro and a Taylor 314ce shouldn’t be about which is better, but instead, which better suits your unique style and preferences.

Another credible contender among the Taylor 314ce alternatives is the Guild D-55. Known for its distinct, warm tone, the D-55 plays like a dream. However, it isn’t as much of a crowd-pleaser when it comes to sound versatility. The Taylor 314ce, with its more balanced sound, caters to a wider range of musical preferences.

Among these best acoustic guitars, each holds a unique charm and quality in its construction, as well as its voice. The Taylor 314ce is an exquisite piece of artistry with its consistent tone, flawless body construction and incredible playability. It comfortably suits a wide genre range, proving to be a reliable companion whether you’re in the studio, on stage, or sitting around the campfire. It’s always crucial, however, to test out a guitar for yourself and experience firsthand how it aligns with your musical identity.

In essence, the journey to find the perfect guitar is an intensely personal one and, in many ways, an echo of your musical soul. As we continue, we will delve into the pricing and place to buy the Taylor 314ce, adding to your developing understanding of this exceptional guitar as well as your growing desire to make it your own.

Pricing and Where to Buy

Pricing and Where to Buy

As I delve further into our exploration of the Taylor 314ce, an important aspect to consider is of course, its pricing, availability, and where to get it. As a regular trader of guitars and a passionate musician, I understand the weight of this. We all want the best quality within our price range, and trust me, there is nothing like securing a well-priced, well-made instrument from a reliable source.

Interested in the Taylor 314ce but unsure about its price and where to source it from? I’ve got you covered. I’ve bought and sold countless guitars over the years, giving me a firm handle on market prices and dependable purchasing platforms. And I’m happy to share my insights with you.

Now, to buy a Taylor 314ce, you need to have an idea of what you consider a justifiable price point. Taylor guitars are known for their quality, but this comes with a price tag. A new Taylor 314ce could cost somewhere between $1700 – $2000. It’s worth keeping in mind that prices can differ slightly depending on the seller’s geographic location and the particularities of each guitar.

The Taylor 314ce price might seem steep for some. That’s where used options come in handy. As a seasoned reseller, I can personally vouch that a Taylor 314ce used unit can offer similar quality performance at a more affordable price. Of course, the condition of the used guitar and the level of maintenance it’s received will heavily influence price. On average, expect to pay between $1000 – $1400 for a used Taylor 314ce in good condition.

Where to buy your Taylor 314ce? You can buy directly from the Taylor website or other reputable online stores like Sweetwater and Guitar Center. These platforms are known for their dependable service, solid return policies, and authentic products. But don’t rule out online marketplaces, such as Reverb – a place I often find exceptional used guitar deals. And remember, there’s a special thrill in touching and playing a guitar before purchasing it. So, if possible, explore local music stores too.

Your pursuit of the perfect sound and feel shouldn’t be hampered by the process of finding the ideal guitar at the right price. With this guide for the Taylor 314ce’s pricing and buying locations, my aim is to smooth your path, making your buying journey enjoyable and satisfying. Let your love of music guide you, and remember – investing in a guitar like the Taylor 314ce is more about the musical journey it offers than the mere price tag. In the following segment, let’s look at some frequently asked questions on purchasing and owning a Taylor 314ce.


What is the Taylor 314ce Guitar?

The Taylor 314ce is an acoustic-electric guitar renowned for its rich, full sound and high-quality craftsmanship. It’s a cutaway grand auditorium model, featuring solid sitka spruce top and solid sapele back and sides. It is popular with both amateur and professional musicians.

What are the detailed specifications of the Taylor 314ce Guitar?

The Taylor 314ce has numerous high-quality specifications. It features a 25.5-inch scale length, 20 frets, and an ebony fingerboard. The neck is constructed from tropical mahogany, while the body woods are Sitka Spruce and Sapele. The electronics include Taylor’s Expression System 2, providing excellent amplification for live performances.

What should I consider when buying a Taylor 314ce Guitar?

When considering purchasing a Taylor 314ce guitar, you should consider the value. Although it is a high-quality instrument with superior sound and craftsmanship, it is considered higher-end and therefore can be quite expensive. Also, examine the warranty and the condition (especially if buying used). Test its sound and playability.


After an exhaustive look into the Taylor 314ce guitar, is it the grand auditorium guitar of your dreams? Drawing upon my decades-long experience with guitars, I can sincerely tell you that this guitar certainly offers a unique blend of noteworthy features. Amidst the sea of musical instruments, the Taylor 314ce guitar stands out thanks to its exceptional sound quality, premium build, and versatile performance capabilities.

The essence of this instrument lies not only in its superb build quality and fascinating design, but also in the delightful tone it seamlessly delivers. From my experience, it guarantees consistency and refined playability, regardless of your level of proficiency. It’s an investment, indeed, yet its high-quality attributes validate its price.

Whether you’re a professional musician or a dedicated beginner, the Taylor 314ce is a remarkable instrument that could potentially take your musical journey to a higher echelon. Its grand auditorium size might be just what you’ve been seeking to elevate your live performances, studio sessions, or even uninterrupted solo play.

In wrapping up, I believe the Taylor 314ce guitar delivers on its promise of being a reliable, high-performing guitar with its unique tonal versatility and comfortable playability- making it a worthy contender in your selection process.

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