Squier Standard Telecaster: Perfect For Practicing Hard

Squier Standard Telecaster, Antique Burst

[easyazon_infoblock align=”right” identifier=”B001L8IJZS” locale=”US” tag=”bestorwrerev-20″]The Squier Standard Telecaster is one guitar the beginners can trust because it has stood the test of times. Since its design in the late ‘60s, the guitar has undergone modifications and upgrading to suit the interests of the customers and the times. With a fast action neck design, the guitar also features a hot pickup (single coil) in the position of the bridge. The pickup has been designed to provide all the needed bite for stringing leads. A one chrome covered coil is positioned on the neck area and has been designed to provide sweet and clear Tele tone.  To sum the guitar up, a maple neck and an Agathis body together with a fretboard made of rosewood adorn the guitar.

Special Features

  • It features a rosewood fretboard
  • It has a maple neck design
  • It has an Agathis body
  • It features a fast-action neck design
  • It features a vintage-style Tele beautiful looks & vibe
  • It also features classic Tele tones derived from two-single-coil pickups
  • It comes in a number of colors namely: candy apple red, vintage blonde, walnut satin, black metallic and the antique burst
  • It features twenty two medium jumbo frets
  • Its bridge is a six-saddle string good quality type
  • It also features well made tuners to that are credited for the consistent tune of the guitar

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A few reasons why this Guitar is best suitable for beginners

  • It is a fun guitar to play with
  • Provides a good feel when playing it
  • Features good pick up
  • Comes with solid electronics
  • Produces a nice tone
  • Lowly priced in relativity to its features


  • The input jack’s quality is quite questionable since it becomes loose very fast

Best Practices

  • It is a good guitar for practicing hence a good one for beginners
  • It is good for rock concerts
  • It is a perfect one for jamming
  • Can be used for recording
  • It is best used in small venues

The model doesn’t have many features and accessories to brag about no wonder it is called standard. With two Alnico magnet pickups, the sound produces sounds well. Its bridge pickup is quite shrill while the neck pickup may at times be a little muddy. You may therefore be required to install better pickups immediately you buy your model as an important step of taking your guitar a notch higher.

In general, the Squier telecaster sounds pretty good, not forgetting its versatility even though it has got only two pickups. With the right amp, the bridge pickup is capable of yielding a soaring sustain while the middle pickup makes for clutch, nice rhythmic sound. The neck pickup produces bass and can give nice bluesy clean tone.


The hardware of the Squier Standard Telecaster is generally good. This is because the quality of material and design used is decent. Other than the questionable quality of the input jack, the model has excellent quality. The good news is that the input jack can easily be upgraded without having to spend much. Its neck is fabulous and the pickups fantastic.

The guitar has well been designed and the finishes given a Midas touch both on the top as well as on the sides. This gives the guitar a shiny quality making it one of the most beautiful guitars within its price range. At this level, most guitars don’t use the ebony wood used on this instrument in making the bridge and the fretboard. The Squier Standard Telecaster Guitar’s construction is almost a perfect one.

The Squier Standard Telecaster’s Sound

A good number of guitars for beginners don’t always have some of the greatest sounds. It is a big guitar when it comes to sound production. The sound of the model is almost identical to the sounds produced by the higher end guitar models. On the other side, it blows almost all the guitars away on the side of tone. Whether you forcefully pound it or lightly strum the strings, it will produce sound in equal volumes.

The tone of the guitar is warm and clear, two features that are attributed to the body design and quality materials and design respectively. The bass tone produced by the instrument is beautiful especially due to the fact that the tone misses in a number of other guitars for beginners. The bass is complemented by a strong midrange together with a treble.


The Squier Standard Telecaster is a beginner guitar that will fit the budget of anyone in need of a guitar. It is a staple instrument for learning and playing rock and country tones. This is because of its versatile sonic. It has the ability of giving the player hot leads and chunky rhythms from the bridge pickup and the neck pickup respectively. It is easy to use and can therefore easily be learnt by beginners. If you want an incredible guitar you can start your guitar journey with, then the Squier Standard Telecaster is your perfect answer.

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