Seagull S6 Review: Low On Cost, High On Performance

Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar

After reading this Seagull S6 review, I believe you will notice that this is definitely the most high-quality for the money. The Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar is a guitar I love to use and one that I keep on recommending to beginners.

Its design features some of the most unique materials, and features. The sides and the back of the guitar feature a gorgeous wild cherry back while the fretboard is made of rosewood. The model blends the crisp maple definition with the warmth of the domestic mahogany, all of which boosts not only the unique tone the guitar is characterized with but also the good looks that it brags of.

The silver leaf maple neck of the S6 original is designed on a shorter scale (24.84 inches) with a fretboard is very easy on one’s fingers thus making it to be a user friendly guitar even for the amateurs. In addition to this, the machine heads which are specially aligned make for stable and quick tuning.

Special features

  • The guitar features a solid cedar top

  • It has also been built with wild cherry sides and back

  • The top is has been select pressure tested for superior response, tone and projection

  • It features a double-action truss road

  • It comes with compensated saddle together with a Tusq nut for improved intonation

  • It has a tapered headstock that is essential for stable and precise tuning together with for open tunings. It also gives the user a straighter string pull.

  • Its fingerboard as well as the bridge are made of rosewood

  • It has truss rods that have dual functions which are relief and assurance of perfect neck alignment.

  • It features a semi-gloss lacquer finishing.

Most of the pro guitarists I know off have never sold the Seagull S6 Acoustic Guitar they own despite having sold other guitars that they bought much later, a clear indication that this is a real treasure to many.

Why beginners should consider Seagull S6?

  • It features excellent audio

  • It is also credited for giving a good feel while you are playing it

  • It is fun to play it

  • It is a consistent model

  • It is a model that you are guaranteed that it will stay in tune

  • It is a great looking guitar.

Best Uses

  • It is an appropriate model for use in small venues

  • It’s good for recording

  • You can use it for jamming

  • It’s easy to practice with.

Cedar rather than spruce

Cedar is characterized with vastly different qualities of tone when compared with spruce. Cedar is also a better wood when it comes to finger pricking together with opening up more. In a nutshell, the guitar doesn’t sound like other guitars and you may need to spend some time with it before you can adapt to the sound.

Thick in the Neck! Small in the head…

The neck of the S6 guitar is a little bit thick. When playing it, you will notice that your hand won’t be able to wrap around this neck as much as it wraps around most of the other guitars. For beginners, you may not recognize this because you are not yet used to wrapping your hands around guitar necks. Even for those used to holding the smaller necked guitars, you will get used to this thick neck quite fast. The guitar’s headstock is also a little bit quite tinier when compared to the headstocks of most of the other acoustic guitars in the market.

According to Seagull, the thick neck and the small head are designed that way to put the tuners and the nut in line. This is done for the improvement of the tuning stability. These are the exact details that any beginner needs thus the Seagull S6 is a quality beginner guitar.

Plugging in electronics

The guitar comes with the option of electronics. However, it is cheaper and equally enjoyable to just acquire the acoustic version. The acoustic-electric seagull S6 comes with a Seagull propriety design feature called Quantum I. the electronics include bass, treble and volume controls for a transducer that is found in the saddle. The on-board tuner is also a bonus feature which is fast becoming common in many other guitars.

The overall impression

After reading this seagull S6 review, you can see that this is a model I have almost no complaint about, especially when I consider its cost. Obviously, if you are interested in a high end guitar model, then this guitar will disappoint you. However, if you intend to just add a guitar to your collection, or you are interested in the best guitar for beginners, then you should put Seagull S6 in mind.

It has a design that has enabled it to produce excellent sound not forgetting the smooth feel. Just grab one piece of this brand and get spinning. For sure, it will be a model you will use even when you become a pro. It is something worth investing on.