Teach Your Kids Guitar: Three Popular Method Books

There’s nothing better than getting kids involved in music. Ideally, you’ll be able to find a teacher who has experience with children. But if that’s not possible, you can get your kids started with these method books. Kids under 10 may find traditional guitar method books a bit too challenging. These three methods are designed specifically for young beginners.

Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar CourseTeaches Easy Kids Guitar Songs

Alfred's Kid's Guitar Course Complete Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar Course teaches simplified one or two-note chords so small fingers can get used to pressing down on the guitar. strings. By the time the child works through the first book she will know one three-note chord. By course end, the student will know seven chords and 12 notes on the fretboard.

This method does not use tab and teaches how to read actual music. The book is fun and colorful, teaching kids’ songs like “Mary Had A Little Lamb,” “Farmer in the Dell” and “London Bridge.” It also teaches (Franz Liszt’s “Liebestraum,” Beethoven’s theme from the “Fifth Symphony” and “1812 Overture.”

This method includes:

  • Activity worksheets such as drawing a treble clef, quarter-note slash and a quarter note rest
  • Two enhanced CDs including play-along tracks on audio player or PC.
  • Easy kids guitar songs
  • CD on PC features metronome and 70 play-along tracks

Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar Course Complete at Amazon.

Beginning Rock Guitar for Kids

This fun, easy rock guitar method was designed specifically for kids learning electric guitar. It features cool riffs and licks in the style of some of today’s hottest rock stars. It covers the fundamentals needed to get started – how to hold a pick, how to read standard notation and tablature, how to tune, power chords, simple riffs, palm muting, accents, power chord extensions, 12-bar blues, lead playing and jamming.

If your kid is learning electric guitar and wants to skip “London Bridge” and “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and go straight into playing simple rock riffs like you hear on the radio, this is the method book for you.

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Mel Bay’s Children’s Guitar Method

Mel Bay Children's Guitar Method Volume 1 This is a popular method for teaching pick-style guitar playing to young children. The books integrate chord playing with note reading. The student starts with easy, one-finger chord forms and strums accompaniments to a variety of easy kids guitar songs.

Gradually, note reading is introduced methodically and carefully. There are two subsequent volumes to complete the course. The book features colorful cartoon artwork and includes an instructional DVD video.

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