Mastering the Pierce The Veil Guitar Style: Tone, Gear, and Techniques

There I was, back in 2010, Editor in Chief of Guitar Player magazine. A new album, “Selfish Machines”, landed on my desk. My first encounter with the sonic grandeur of Pierce The Veil’s guitar style. Little did I know, this unique sound would become a focal point for guitarists worldwide, crafting a new wave in the music industry. This marked a significant shift in my musical understanding, sparking a fascination that led to exhaustive research and this comprehensive guide.

I remember the electrical jolt that surged through me. That impelling chord struck by Tony Perry, colored with the charming resonance of his custom Fender Strat. Echoed by Vic Fuentes, his distinct tone echoing from his prized Gibson Les Paul. They effortlessly fused a myriad of influences into a distinct sound that was piercingly profound, creating a stirring musical unraveling that piqued my curiosity and beckoned deep exploration.

The experience moved me to decode the integral elements of Pierce The Veil’s guitar style: the runic tone, the versatile gear, the distinct techniques. It’s an unconventional sound that many find challenging to replicate, yet therein lies the appeal. I invite you deep into this exploration; navigate the labyrinthine complexity of Pierce The Veil’s guitar style as we attempt to master it in all its majesty. But first, let’s dive into understanding their signature tone.

Understanding the Pierce The Veil Guitar Tone

The Essential Elements of Pierce The Veil’s Guitar Sound

The Essential Elements of Pierce The Veil's Guitar Sound

As an experienced analyst of guitar sound, one band that consistently piques my interest is Pierce the Veil. Their guitar tone, an important component of their signature sound, is dynamic and intricate in its fusion of multiple genres, particularly post-hardcore and pop-punk. So, let’s delve into the essential elements of the acknowledged Pierce The Veil guitar tone.

Articulation and Note Selection are significant factors that distinguish their tone. They prioritize clear expression of notes and often delve into melodic minor scales. This contributes to a sonic ambience that’s simultaneously intense and emotionally gripping due to the bold yet poignant note combinations.

Precision and Control are equally crucial in achieving the Pierce The Veil guitar tone. Their intricate playing demands perfect synchronization between left and right-hand articulations. Paying attention to detail in strumming, fretting, and moderate application of hammer-ons and pull-offs is vital. This escalates their guitar tone to a precision-driven realm that’s undeniably PTV.

Central to their sound is their skillful blend of distortion and clean guitar tone settings. Pierce The Veil’s music switches dexterously between clean and heavy sections, making adept use of both realms to intensify their stories. For example, they often employ clean sounds in the verse to introduce a sense of authenticity, then transition into their heavy, punchy choruses for increased power and emotional impact.

Understanding these essentials can help aspiring guitarists seeking to replicate or draw inspiration from the energetic and unique soundscape of Pierce The Veil. As we transition to our next section “How to Replicate the Pierce The Veil Guitar Tone”, we’ll further explore practical strategies and techniques for capturing this distinct sound in your own playing.

How to Replicate the Pierce The Veil Guitar Tone

How to Replicate the Pierce The Veil Guitar Tone

Having delved into the essential elements of Pierce The Veil’s guitar sound, let’s focus on replicating its intricate layers. My decades of immersion in music interviews and technical analysis has culminated in an ability to decipher unique tonal characteristics and transform those into actionable guitar setup steps. Let’s dive in.

Right off the bat, understanding the unique combination of gear is crucial. The unique sound of Pierce The Veil emerges from the specific gear choices made by Tony Perry and Vic Fuentes, and emulating this starts with using similar equipment.

Deconstructing the distinctive Pierce The Veil tone involves studying the carefully calibrated settings on their amp and effects. The guitar setup for Pierce The Veil songs leans heavily towards the use of high gain, mid-range tones on the amplifier combined with precise EQ settings on the guitar. The band’s broad dynamic range is reproduced through superior reverb and delay effects.

A significant part of the learning curve involves attentive listening. Recognizing the subtle shifts in tone throughout their discography and discerning how these nuances contribute to their unique sound aids in your aim to replicate the guitar sound of Pierce The Veil. Examining their work, from studio recordings to live performances, helps capture the essence of their tone.

In conclusion, understanding the guitar tone of Pierce The Veil involves a careful analysis of their gear, precise manipulation of guitar and amplifier settings, and continual practice. Their unique sound may seem elusive, but with time, dedication and persistence, you can replicate and adapt their tone in your distinctive style. As we transition into exploring the specifics of the gear used, remember that the equipment is but a tool, it’s the player who polishes and perfects the tone.

The Gear Behind the Sound

Tony Perry’s Equipment

Tony Perry’s Equipment

Nestled seamlessly in our exploration of ‘The Gear Behind the Sound’, let us delve into Tony Perry’s gear. A critical ingredient behind the unmistakable sound of Pierce The Veil, understanding the minutiae of his equipment offers invaluable insight into mastering the band’s unique guitar style.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of engaging in profound conversations with countless guitarists about their gear. These interactions, steeped in their personal stories and preferences, have instilled in me a deep comprehension of how sonic choices shape their unique musical identities. Perry’s gear selection is a prime testament to this truth.

For Perry, his distinctive sound draws heavily from his preferred use of Ernie Ball Music Man guitars. The crucial element here being the custom-wound humbucking pickups, offering the quintessential punchy midrange that’s emblematic of Perry’s sound. The power in his rhythm playing and the clarity in his lead work can be traced back to this choice.

Amplification, another pivot in the arsenal of Tony Perry gear, sees him favouring the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, an amplifier known for delivering full-bodied, aggressive tones. These massively contribute to his detailed high-gain sound, a cornerstone of the band’s musical aesthetic.

A diverse array of pedal effects rounds out Perry’s gear. The combination of delay, reverb, and overdrive pedals contribute to his wide tonal palette and ability to express varied moods, providing the flexibility essential to the dynamic range of Pierce The Veil’s music.

The exploration of Perry’s equipment not only elucidates his personal sound but also amplifies our understanding of the band’s collective sonic identity. As we continue on to the next section, ‘Vic Fuentes’s Equipment’, remember how integral these choices are in painting the larger picture of the band’s unique guitar style.

Vic Fuentes’s Equipment

Vic Fuentes’s Equipment

In our exploration of ‘The Gear Behind the Sound’, we now turn our attention to Vic Fuentes’s equipment. Having interacted with influential musicians like Vic, I’ve gained insight into how their equipment selections fundamentally influence their distinctive sounds. Unraveling these intriguing narratives is our aim in this segment.

Vic’s choice of equipment is crucial to the distinctive PTV sound. Preferring ESP guitars for their versatility and crisp tone, Vic has been an avid user of the ESP LTD EC-1000, a guitar boasting excellent sustain and smooth playability.

Another key component of Vic’s sound comes from his usage of Diezel Amplifiers, known for their high-gain growl and clear articulation. This, combined with a varied selection of pedals such as the Strymon TimeLine for his ambient effects, allows Vic to channel the multifaceted sound that sets PTV apart.

In regard to string choice, Vic opts for Dunlop Nickel Wound strings, favored for their rich midrange and tight low end. His pick preference lies with Dunlop Tortex picks, offering a good grip and a warm, round musical tone.

Essentially, what we see from Vic Fuentes’s equipment selection is an investment in quality and consistency. His preference for ESP guitars, Diezel amplifiers, Strymon pedals, Dunlop strings, and Tortex picks illustrates an artist who understands the importance of each part of his sonic equation.

In the next section, we will delve deeper into learning Pierce The Veil songs, focusing on understanding their tablature and chord structures. As we will uncover, the gear defines the sound, but knowing how to exploit and complement it with your playing style completes the signature PTV sound.

Learning Pierce The Veil Songs: A Guide to Guitar Tabs and Chords

Guide to Reading and Learning Pierce The Veil Guitar Tabs

Guide to Reading and Learning Pierce The Veil Guitar Tabs

Having co-founded several guitar-focused websites, I recognize the significance of rendering guitar learning comprehensive and accessible. Moving forward, we present a methodical approach to interpreting and playing Pierce The Veil tabs.

Pierce The Veil guitar tabs are an intuitive way to learn songs from the band, bypassing traditional sheet music. You instantly gain a snapshot of the song’s structure and the exact finger positions on the fretboard. The top line represents the thinnest string, and the number denotes the fret on which to play. Understanding this is key to mastering how to play Pierce The Veil songs.

Each Pierce The Veil tab often starts on a clean setting, emphasizing heavily on melody. The key lies in achieving a balance between power chords, quick eighths, and emotion-evoking notes. A keen understanding of timing and changes will also foreground this unique style.

As part of your guitar tab learning journey, do not be afraid to experiment with alternative tunings. Pierce The Veil songs often utilize dropped D tuning, among others. Exploring these is an integral part of capturing their spirited guitar sound.

Finally, commit to mindful practice. Learn each song in sections and gradually piece them together. Slow, deliberate practicing helps cement your skills and brings you one step closer to truly capturing the band’s unique quality.

Reading and learning Pierce The Veil guitar tabs extend your musical repertoire, strengthens your playing technique, and unveils the narrative nuances within their music. This knowledge transitions perfectly into the subsequent section of our guide, which focuses on mastering the band’s unique chord transitions and progressions.

Mastering Pierce The Veil Chords

Mastering Pierce The Veil Chords

An essential part of Learning Pierce The Veil Songs is not just replicating their unique guitar tone, but entering the emotional landscape through mastering Pierce The Veil chords. With many years of guitar playing experience under my belt, I’ve learnt that getting these chords right can elevate your understanding of their music.

When we’re talking about Pierce The Veil, a post-hardcore band, it’s vital to understand that their music often hinges on the suspense and build-up created by their intricate chord progressions. Each chord sequence is like a story that holds the listener in anticipation of what comes next.

Through hours of fervent practice, I’ve observed that Pierce The Veil often employs an array of power chords and minor chords, woven melodically to create their characteristic sound. While in standard tuning, developing a familiarity with these chords, their variations and combinations will significantly help in covering their songs.

A key tip I’ve gathered is to pay close attention to subtle changes in fingering patterns on the fretboard. Developing a keen ear for these nuances will ensure that you can authentically replicate their sound. Remember, mastering Pierce The Veil chords isn’t just about technical application – it’s about authentically stepping into their creative essence.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the specifics of reading and learning Pierce The Veil guitar tabs, which will involve these chords you’ve been practicing.

Getting the Pierce The Veil Look: Merchandise and Custom Guitar Picks

Getting the Pierce The Veil Look: Merchandise and Custom Guitar Picks

I always believe that the connection we have with our favorite bands goes beyond their music, encompassing virtually everything that speaks of their personality. This includes the merchandise and, most prominently for a guitarist, the custom picks. And with a band as unique as Pierce The Veil, it’s definitely an element worth exploring.

Ever dreamt of not just sounding like but also resembling Pierce The Veil? We dive into their iconic merchandise and custom guitar picks in this section. It’s in these little things that we touch, hold, and wear that our engagement with the band transcends from auditory to tactile, fueling a deeper bond.

First, let’s talk about Pierce The Veil merchandise. It’s like a canvas depicting the band’s persona drenched in their characteristic post-hardcore charm. I’ve gotta say, their shirts are something to behold – emblazoned with striking graphics, symbolic motifs, and lyrics that echo their ethos. They’re just edgy enough to channel the band’s hardcore identity without sacrificing the everyday wearability.

And while you adorn that shirt, why not strum along to their tunes using custom Pierce The Veil guitar picks? I’ve handled my share of custom guitar picks over the years as a manager, the attention to detail – right from the choice of gauge to the tactile grip and aesthetic design – is a testament to a band’s dedication and connection to their craft. Pierce The Veil’s picks are no different. These tiny pieces of collectibles showcase their emblem usually in vibrant colors reminiscent of the band’s visceral sound. I remember adding a few to my growing guitar pick collection and genuinely feeling connected to their musical genius.

Yes, I’m a collector, a lover of those small pieces of tactile memorabilia that physically embody a band’s persona. And no, you don’t need to be Pierce The Veil fanatics to resonate with the intimate charm of these merchandise and custom picks. It’s about experiencing a tangible piece of your musical inspirations, adding another layer to your engagement with the music you love.

The embodiment of Pierce the Veil’s vibe, best represented through their merchandise and signature picks, is a fascinating aspect that deepens one’s connection with their music. So, as you continue to master their guitar sound, don’t hesitate to delve into these physical components. They’re yet another way to immerse yourself in the Pierce The Veil universe.


What is the distinctive tone of Pierce The Veil’s guitar style?

Pierce The Veil’s guitar style is characterized by a complex blend of punk rock, emo, and post-hardcore influences, achieving a unique tone. The tone is often heavy and distorted, yet can also exhibit melodic and clean elements for a dynamic sound.

What gear is typically used to replicate Pierce The Veil’s guitar sound?

To replicate the sound, you require a high-quality guitar with a good pickup that can handle heavy distortion but also articulate clean and melodic elements. A versatile amplifier is also a must. Types and brands of gear may vary, but key effects pedals often used include distortion, delay, and reverb.

What techniques are essential for mastering Pierce The Veil’s guitar style?

Mastering Pierce The Veil’s guitar style involves the ability to handle power chords, quick chord changes, and heavy palm-muting for the crunchy rhythm sections. Also, a good command over scales and modes for lead guitar parts, alongside the skill to use the above-mentioned effects tastefully, can aid in emulating their style.


As someone deeply engrossed in guitar music, I can assure you—Pierce The Veil’s signature tone, enriched by Tony Perry and Vic Fuentes’s collective gear selection, emanates a unique aesthetic that’s more than just strings and frets. It’s a character of its own. Understanding and replicating their tone not only improves your technical skills but also enhances your emotional connection with their music. Ready to embark on a musical journey that will not only improve your guitar skills but also allow you to connect with Pierce The Veil on a whole new level? Let’s dive into mastering their signature chords, learning their songs through guitar tabs, and even adopting their iconic look. As we conclude, remember—this musical exploration is but the first step into the rich world of guitar music.

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