Free Online Guitar Tuners: Play Online or Download

Here are a couple of online and downloadable guitar tuners. These utilities let you hear the notes you need to tune your guitar in standard tuning, and for some, in alternate guitar tunings, such as DADGAD.

Free Online Guitar Tuners

Here are some sites that offer online guitar tuners. Play the reference notes for tuning your guitar by ear.

Online Tuner at Guitar For Beginners for tuning your guitar in standard (EADGBE) tuning.

Online Tuner at Get Tuned features a chromatic tuner for tuning your guitar in standard tuning and in alternate tunings, such as DADGAD.

Download Guitar Tuners for Free

You can download guitar tuners for free. Here are a couple downloadable guitar at your computer when you’re not connected to the Internet.

Download Guitar Tuner at NCH Software.
Free, Download Guitar tuner at iTunes for iPad and iPhone. This is for standard guitar tuning.

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