The Guitar Equipment of Country Music Artist Morgan Wallen

As the longest-serving Editor in Chief of Guitar Player magazine, one of the more intriguing revelations from my career came when I uncovered an unexpected link between country music’s rising star, Morgan Wallen, and his unique choice of guitar. Imagine my surprise when I found out that this typically ‘old-school country’ artist was strumming a certain model, breaking all country guitarist protocol! This unusual selection piqued my curiosity and sparked a deep-dive into Wallen’s equipment that I’m thrilled to share with you.

To fully appreciate Morgan Wallen’s music, you must understand the tools of his trade. Throughout this piece, I’ll draw from my expertise to illuminate Wallen’s intriguing choices, focusing on two particular models: ‘Morgan Wallen guitar model’. Prepare for an in-depth look at the instruments that shape the soulful sounds of a modern country music icon.

Who is Morgan Wallen?

Who is Morgan Wallen?

Let’s dive into the world of country music artist, Morgan Wallen, known not only for his remarkable vocals but also his adeptness as a guitarist. But, did you know Morgan Wallen’s first instrument wasn’t the guitar, but the violin? A startling revelation, indeed!

My career has exposed me to a plethora of artists and their unique styles, yet I’ve always been particularly captivated by Wallen’s passionate journey from a young violin player to an eminent country music artist and accomplished Morgan Wallen guitarist. His early foundation in music, thorough discipline, and eventual transition to the guitar are what have helped shape his distinctive style.

Like many other success stories in the music industry, Wallen’s journey hasn’t been straightforward. Despite early promise as a baseball player, an injury led him to redirect his passion and skills to music. But through the dust and dirt, a new star was born. This switch from sports to music has undoubtedly been a blessing for country music, gracing us with the country music artist guitar sound that we’ve grown to love.

Now, as we unpack the evolution of his craft, it’s crucial to root ourselves in an understanding of who Morgan Wallen is – a relentless pursuer of musical excellence. A man not afraid to embrace change and harness it for his art’s enrichment. In the end, it’s this resilience, coupled with his raw talent, that has enabled him to etch his name in the annals of country music history.

This exploration of Wallen as an artist sets the stage for a deeper look into his guitar equipment – but remember, there’s always more than meets the eye. Let’s read along as we delve into the strings that amplify Wallen’s soulful tunes.

What Guitars Does Morgan Wallen Play?

The Fender Telecaster

The Fender Telecaster

Working in the music industry, I’ve seen firsthand how certain guitars become staples for musicians – the Fender Telecaster is a prime example and one that country music artist, Morgan Wallen, has come to treasure. The Fender Telecaster’s versatility makes it an indispensable tool in Wallen’s guitar arsenal. With a distinct, twangy sound, it captures the rural spirit inherent to country music and Wallen’s Tennessee roots. This guitar’s tonal quality allows Wallen to straddle genres, lending resonance to his ballads and grit to his more rock-infused pieces. After observing Wallen’s performances closely, I noticed how he relies significantly on the Telecaster during live shows, an attestation of its comfort and reliability. The Fender Telecaster isn’t merely a guitar in Wallen’s lineup; it’s integral to his musical identity. It passionately articulates his tuneful stories, bridging the gap between artist and audience perfectly.

The Gibson J-45

The Gibson J-45

The Gibson J-45 holds a significant place in Morgan Wallen’s memorable performances. A definitive Gibson model, the J-45 is acclaimed for its balanced and warm tone, an attribute that harmonizes flawlessly with Wallen’s powerful vocal range. I’ve often marveled at the way this guitar’s robust yet sweet sound adds depth to his music, bringing a unique element to his country repertoire.

Notably, the J-45’s versatility is a stellar match for Wallen’s eclectic songs – whether he’s belting out a raucous anthem or a heartfelt ballad. This instrument’s classic quality and sonic consistency make it an indispensable part of Wallen’s guitar-usage. In the spectrum of his dynamic live performances and studio recordings, the Gibson J-45 shines as an instrument that truly enhances Wallen’s musical brilliance.

Next, we will identify where and when Morgan utilises these iconic guitars, thus giving their significance further context in his music-making process.

Where and When Does Morgan Use These Guitars?

Where and When Does Morgan Use These Guitars?

Having spent years as a Nashville session guitarist, in the epicenter of country music, I have learned to appreciate the subtle influences the environment can have on an artist’s choice of gear. It’s in these performance spaces where the delicate tension exists between the musician and their instrument.

Have you noticed when and where Wallen prefers to use his Fender Telecaster over the Gibson J-45, and vice versa? These professionally oriented decisions are pivotal, nuanced, and telling of a personal bond that goes beyond mere music to a journey of immersive and cathartic self-expression. Their subsequent choices provide fascinating insight into their relationship with their instruments and their audience.

Observing Morgan Wallen, a country music artist, in his element is quite revelatory. He typically opts for the polarizing twang of his Fender Telecaster during high-energy, uptempo numbers, especially at outdoor concerts where its bolder, electrifying sound can not only stand up against, but also control, the elements.

Conversely, the Gibson J-45, with its warm, acoustic resonance, tends to be his weapon of choice during intimate indoor gigs. These delicate occasions truly showcase Wallen’s artistry, as he deftly navigates the guitar’s tonal contours, drawing forth the sentiment from deep within the song and echoing it through the hushed room. Indeed, watching Wallen switch between these guitars is an experience almost as thrilling as his music itself.

So, to answer the question subtly hinted earlier, ‘where and when’ Morgan Wallen uses his guitars is very much dependent on the stage, setting, and emotional intent of his performance, underscoring the constantly evolving bond between an artist and their tools of trade.

Why Does Morgan Wallen Choose these Guitars?

Why Does Morgan Wallen Choose these Guitars?

In the landscape of country music gear, Morgan Wallen stands out for his finely calibrated choices. His guitars, as I’ve deduced from my interviews and technical analysis, reflect a deep understanding of his own aesthetic and musical sensibility. In particular, I’ve taken a special interest in his affinity for a certain pair of iconic guitar models.

Morgan’s guitar choice is not spontaneous – but carefully blended with his singing style. What are the ingredients of this blend? One key component of his sound recipe is the Morgan Wallen guitar model – the Fender Telecaster. Known for its bright and punchy tone, the Telecaster is a choice complement for Morgan’s dynamic vocal range, adding an extra bite to his high energy choruses.

Switching gears, the Gibson J-45, another favorite of Morgan’s, offers a contrasting warmth and depth that pairs well with his more emotive, introspective songs. Unearthed from the same treasure trove, the Tyler Tomlinson gear, too, speaks volumes about Morgan’s curatorial acumen and commitment to holistic soundscaping. As evinced by the harmony between his gear choices and his expressive artistry, the ‘why’ behind Morgan’s guitar selection is as nuanced and intentional as the music he creates.

I have often marveled at how artists like Morgan Wallen, with their innate understanding of musical elements, are able to so skillfully choose the right gear for their artistic expression. It is this mastery of fusion between tool and talent that makes them truly compelling to fans and gear enthusiasts alike.

How Can You Emulate Morgan’s Guitar Gear?

How Can You Emulate Morgan's Guitar Gear?

As someone who has built a career in music journalism and content creation, I’ve learned the inner workings of emulating the gear of popular guitarists like Morgan Wallen through personal experience and expertise. Recreating his distinctively country tone requires more than just owning the same guitar equipment. Instrument nuances, playing techniques, and even the strings used, can significantly affect the sound produced.

Morgan primarily plays on a Fender Telecaster and a Gibson J-45. Thus, getting either of these guitars is a great starting point. Yet, anyone who has taken guitar lessons will tell you that owning the same gear doesn’t guarantee the same sound. It’s about developing an understanding of the gear, exploring the different sounds and patterns of rhythm that it’s capable of producing. Hence, wallow in that process of discovery.

The question here is, how can you recreate Wallen’s distinctive tone in your own playing? Well, Morgan plays in a rugged, twangy style that’s authentic to country music. Thus, experimenting with similar strumming patterns and chord progressions could help emulate his style. Also, he prefers heavier gauge strings, which allows for a richer, fuller tone and less worry about string breakage.

While emulating Wallen’s guitar equipment and style can be a significant part of your music journey, remember each musician is unique. Learning from his specifics is valuable, but do mix them with your creativity and individuality. It’s about crafting your sound, influenced by those you admire.


What guitar does Morgan Wallen use?

Morgan Wallen primarily plays a Gibson J-45 Standard acoustic guitar. The guitar is popular amongst country artists for its rich and warm sound.

Does Morgan Wallen use any special equipment for his performances?

Apart from his Gibson J-45 Standard acoustic guitar, Morgan Wallen uses Shure microphones for his live performances. He also uses a standard guitar pick and occasionally, a capo.

What kind of amplifier does Morgan Wallen use?

Morgan Wallen primarily uses a Fender Deluxe Reverb amplifier. This amplifier is known for its clear and clean sound, making it an excellent choice for country music.

Does Morgan Wallen use guitar effects pedals?

While his acoustic performances are typically ‘unplugged’, he has used effects pedals for some of his electric guitar performances. The specific pedals are not publicly known.


From my experience as Guitar Player’s editor, dissecting the musical preferences of Morgan Wallen, a celebrated guitarist, has offered enriching insight. The remarkable fidelity he holds for the Fender Telecaster and the Gibson J-45 speaks volumes about his comfort with these models, shaping his unique performance style.

What are the takeaways about Morgan Wallen’s guitar choices that have left an impression on you? As we’ve explored, Morgan’s guitar equipment injects raw authenticity into his country music—not only does he understand his audience, but he also reveres the guitars’ role in producing his distinctive sound.

In essence, successful emulation of Wallen’s gear is more about grasping the ‘why’ behind his choices, rather than merely acquiring the ‘what’. Indeed, this perspective is what has guided my career in creating content for music brands. Each musician’s equipment selection carries a personal story, ours is to unearth, interpret and appreciate.

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