Top Left-Handed Travel Guitars: A Guide for the Nomadic Lefty Musician

Picture this – a thousand faces in a crowd, the electric hum of anticipation, and you, the left-handed guitarist, poised to deliver a soul-stirring performance in a foreign land. But here’s the twist in the tale, minutes before your cue, you realize you’ve left your faithful guitar back home. A whirl of panic sets in…but hold that thought; my aim in recounting this all-too-familiar predicament is not to reignite old nightmares, but to help you prevent them from happening again.

When it comes to guitars, a one-size-fits-all approach does not cut it, especially not for us lefties. Statistics reveal that nearly 10% of the world’s population are left-handed, but the music industry tends to overlook this minority. From my experience as a luthier and a former engineer, I’ve learned that the struggle left-handed musicians face in finding travel-friendly guitars is real and often underestimated.

Imagine walking into a music store, spotting an array of gleaming guitars, but then realizing that maybe just one or two cater to your left-handed playing style. Now imagine this scenario unfolding across multiple locations, during your passion-fuelled travel pursuits…disheartening, isn’t it?

Today, we’re here to change that narrative; to transform the guitar-hunting experience for all the nomadic lefty musicians out there. Embark with me, on a journey exploring the top left-handed travel guitars that promise to hit the right chords in your melodic adventures. Stay tuned, and let’s strike a chord – together.

Top-Rated Left-Handed Travel Guitars

Feature Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Lefty Martin Steel String Backpacker Travel Guitar Left Handed
Orientation Left-Handed Left-Handed
Body Type Solid-body Backpacker
Weight Ultra-lightweight Lightweight
Scale Length 24 3/4 inches 24 inches
Wood Type Eastern American Hard Maple Solid Spruce Top with Solid Tonewood Back and Sides
Electronics Piezo Pickup None (Acoustic)
Fingerboard Material Ebonized Rosewood Richlite
Number of Frets 22 15
Included Accessories Gig Bag Gig Bag, Strap
Price Range Mid-Range Entry-Level
Unique Feature In-body tuning system Distinct Backpacker body shape

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Lefty

Best for On-the-Go Convenience

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Lefty

As a left-handed guitarrist and steadfast traveler, the task of finding the perfect mobile instrument introduces a unique set of challenges. My continuous pursuit led me to the ‘Traveler Ultra-Light Lefty’, a compact left-handed guitar that promptly caught my eye. Reflecting on my various experiments with instrument construction, the Traveler Ultra-Light Lefty stood as a symbol of innovation tailored specifically for the nomadic musician. The portability of this instrument ensures it doesn’t merely cater to convenience, but becomes a trusted companion to the wandering lefty artist.

From my personal experience, this lefty guitar is incredibly compact and light. I remember the time when I was backpacking across Europe and needed to provide an impromptu performance at a local gathering. The Traveler Ultra-Light Lefty, with its unique streamlined design and minimal weight, was speedy to set up and play. That evening remains engraved in my memory, testament to the value of a portable guitar for lefties.


  • Super light and highly compact.
  • Simple setup and highly playable.


  • Loses some tonal depth due to its ultralight build.
  • Costlier than some other models on the market.

In comparison, the Martin Steel String Backpacker Travel Guitar Left Handed is a worthy contender. Albeit bulkier, it offers robust tones which may be more appealing for some musicians. However, for those prioritizing absolute compactness and travel convenience, the Traveler Ultra-Light Lefty triumphs.

As my experiences have shown, the importance of a quality left-handed travel guitar cannot be overstated for lefty musicians like myself. Incorporating instruments like the Traveler Ultra-Light Lefty into this compilation of ‘Top-Rated Left-Handed Travel Guitars’ is a testament to their value and the distinctive advantages they offer within their segment.

Martin Steel String Backpacker Travel Guitar Left Handed

Best for Classic Tone in a Compact Form

Martin Steel String Backpacker Travel Guitar Left Handed

‘Best for Classic Tone in a Compact Form’

Having explored and reviewed countless guitars in my career, the Martin Backpacker for left-handed players stands out as an impressive innovation in the niche ‘Top-Rated Left-Handed Travel Guitars’. The charm of it being a left-handed acoustic guitar designed specifically for portability makes it a coveted possession for me. Its compact design, tailored for the modern musician’s mobility, astounds me every time with that unmistakeable, heartfelt Martin resonance.

The Martin Backpacker’s adaptation to the needs of traveling lefties is remarkable. On one of my trips, a fellow musician, unable to carry his heavy professional lefty guitar, picked up my Martin Backpacker. His delighted reaction playing it said it all – its lightweight profile had rather helped him surpass his melodious temperament, adding flair to the group session. This experience struck me as the real-life embodiment of the phrase – ‘Reducing size need not reduce soul’.

Compared to the Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Lefty, the Martin’s mini dreadnought shape delivers a deeper, fuller tone. Worthy of mention too is its polycarbonate neck with a more comfortable grip making it arguably the better option for lengthier sessions.


  • Excellent classic Martin tone in a compact form
  • Perfect travel companion due to its lightweight design
  • Great neck comfort for longer playing sessions


  • Slightly pricier than other models in its category
  • Lacks onboard electronics for amplified playing

As a nimble, lightweight lefty guitar option, the Martin Steel String Backpacker left-handed guitar celebrates the adventurous spirit of travel musicians while preserving the quality and integrity of Martin guitars’ heritage. Its ethos of upholding tone in a portable form aligns beautifully with my own – that of celebrating acoustic craftsmanship in a size-conscious world. A category-defining contribution, indeed!

What to Look for in a Left-Handed Travel Guitar

What to Look for in a Left-Handed Travel Guitar

As we delve deeper into the world of left-handed guitars crafted for the wandering musician, it’s essential to bear in mind that every guitar tells a story. From the luthier’s attentive craftsmanship, each curve and line born from a creative vision, to the musician who will shape its resonance with individual rhythm and style. Creating an instrument isn’t just about precise technicalities; it’s a labor of love, an intimate process. And as a lefty guitarist who has journeyed far and wide with a guitar strapped to my back, I’ve grown to appreciate the importance of selecting a travel guitar that adds to my creative journey, rather than hinders it.

So, what if the secret to unleashing your best riffs on the road lies in a few key features of your left-handed travel guitar? Look beyond the strings and frets, and find the instrument that will become your relentless road companion. This left-hander’s travel guitar guide aims to shine a light on those facets of importance, driven by my own experiences as a luthier and a traveling musician.

High on the list is ergonomics. A left-handed player’s comfort while playing is paramount and can dramatically affect performance quality. Some mini left-handed guitars, while compact, can lead to uncomfortable hand positions or body posture, obstructing the fluidity of your music. Seek a design that complements your body, allowing for effortless maneuvering across the fretboard while offering a comfortable grip.

Never underestimate the importance of sound quality when choosing a travel-friendly guitar. Despite its compact size, a lightweight lefty guitar should still be able to produce full, rich sounds. The guitar’s acoustics should be able to stir emotions and capture listeners’ hearts. It’s safe to say that the magic of music lies in the sound, so ensure your choice doesn’t shy away from rich audacity.

Construction quality is another aspect that’s worth deliberating. Although being on the road requires a sturdy, rugged design, this shouldn’t compromise the guitar’s overall aesthetics. A quality guitar feels and looks good, so choose one that exhibits elegance, durability, and finesse both in its sound and presentation.

Each step you take in this journey of finding the perfect left-handed travel guitar is fundamental. It should align with your musical style, be comfortable to play and carry during your travels, and be a work of craftsmanship that resonates with your soul. Be it a minimalist, unobtrusive Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Lefty or a Martin Steel String Backpacker packing a punch, your honored companion must embody your creative spirit.

In your quest to master the nomadic lefty musician’s lifestyle, remember that the guitar isn’t just an instrument. It’s an extension of you, the prime medium to express your musical passion and an embodied reflection of your unique journey. Let the quest to find your perfect left-handed travel guitar guide your footsteps. After all, the songs are waiting to be set free, and the open road is your stage.

Where to Buy Left-Handed Travel Guitars

Where to Buy Left-Handed Travel Guitars

Just like many choices I’ve made in my quest for perfection as a luthier, the search for the right marketplace to buy a left-handed travel guitar isn’t a hasty decision. It’s a meticulous, thought-out process. My journeys have taken me through the realms of small boutique shops, and across the wide digital frontiers of online distributors – no stone left unturned in my hunt for the perfect lefty component. It’s in this deep exploration, quite akin to sourcing the finest materials for my luthier projects, that I can assure you my recommendations stem from real-deal experience and undiluted passion. Trust, quality, and understanding the unique needs of left-handed musicians always prevail in my evaluations.

In a world where right-handed guitars dominate the shelves, where do the left-handed troubadours find their perfect travel companion? Well, lefties rejoice! There’s a wealth of options at your fingertips, each offering its distinct benefits. Your search could begin in familiar territory – your local guitar shop. Dedicated brick-and-mortar stores often carry a selection of portable guitars for lefties, curated by passionate experts who understand the plight of left-handed musicians.

For a wider selection, consider the limitless possibilities online. Reliable retailers, such as Guitar Center and Sweetwater, lay out a diverse range of the best travel guitars for lefties. And let’s not forget Amazon, the aftermarket option with the potential for some great deals. Seek out sellers with high ratings and positive reviews, as they’re likely to offer quality products and satisfactory customer service. Looking abroad? Thomann is a reputable European-based distributor that houses brands you may struggle to find in the US.

Regardless of where you choose to purchase, the essential detail is that the chosen instrument should allow your talent to soar, uninhibited by the constraints of travel. An instrument, after all, should be a partner in your melodic journey, not a hurdle.


What is a left-handed travel guitar?

A left-handed travel guitar is a guitar designed with a small body and a short-scale neck, making it portable and suitable for nomadic musicians. It is specifically made for left-handed players, meaning that the guitar’s design is reversed, with the strings and controls arranged for use with your left hand.

What should I look for in a left-handed travel guitar?

In a left-handed travel guitar, look for portability, sound quality, and comfort. The guitar should have a compact size, yet produce rich and high-quality sounds. It should also be comfortable for you to use and play for prolonged periods.

Which are the top left-handed travel guitars?

Some of the top left-handed travel guitars include the Martin Steel String Backpacker Travel Guitar and the Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Acoustic. Each of these guitars are highly rated for their excellent sound quality, comfortable design, and high degree of portability.


As we encase our guide in its final chord, consider this: the unity of a lefty’s touch and the spirit of travel can create a symphony that echoes across continents. Are you ready to be part of that anthem?

I trust the insight shared throughout this guide will resonate with you. The left-handed travel guitars we’ve journeyed through aren’t mere tools; they’re a testament to the commitment of left-handed guitarists worldwide. Each model, from the ultra-light Traveler Guitar to the robust Martin Steel String Backpacker, harbors a unique song waiting to be discovered by you.

Choosing your travel-friendly lefty guitar is a personal expedition, born from the harmonious interplay of your left-handed prowess and a commitment to portable music-making. Your own melodies, infused with an authentic spirit of wanderlust, deserve to reverberate in every corner of this globe. You’re not just buying a guitar; you’re investing in a vessel for your creativity, a trusted companion to carry on your journey.

As we reach the end of our guide, I hope I’ve empowered you to make an informed choice. Your untapped potential and these exceptional guitars await a fascinating journey. After all, the world is your stage and unique left-handed melody, the anthem. Together, let’s ensure it’s heard far and wide.

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