Your Ultimate Guide on Laurel Canyon Guitars: Review, Pricing and Buying Guide

Imagine being in a tiny, smoke-filled club in the heart of the ’60s, vibrant energies sizzling in the air. Suddenly, the lights dim down and the spotlight focuses on the stage, revealing a musician cradling a Laurel Canyon guitar, ready to strum the strings for an anticipated crowd hungry for the new sound of a generation. The opening note whispers its way into your soul, capturing you right at that moment. The scene is set, the magic begins…

Now, fast forward several decades, and the Laurel Canyon guitar is still here, ripe with history and continuing to enchant guitar enthusiasts around the world. That heritage, that authenticity, those stories are embedded in every single Laurel Canyon guitar.

Guitars may be a dime a dozen today, but there’s a reason why this particular line has withstood the test of time, asserting its distinctness within the world of 60s musical instruments. Just like a timeless folk ballad, it carries a legacy that hits a chord with any passionate guitarist or music enthusiast.

Intrigued? Sit tight as we delve deep into the world of Laurel Canyon guitars. We’ll trace their rich history, their unique features, take you through some iconic models, and provide an honest review. We’ll also untangle the nitty-gritty of pricing and share valuable buying tips, highlighting reliable online retailers.

Fuelled by personal experiences and insider knowledge, this guide aims to offer authentic insights, whether you’re a seasoned guitarist or someone who’s just discovered the charm of these vintage masterpieces. Let’s unravel the beautiful symphony that the Laurel Canyon guitar embodies – a symphony that transcends the realms of music and time.

Welcome to the story of the Laurel Canyon guitar, a tale of passion, artistry, and sound that’s as fascinating as the white-hot musical explosion of the 1960s. Let’s get ready to embark on this melodic journey together. Echoes of the past, resonating in the present, crafting a unique guitar culture.

Features of Laurel Canyon Guitars

Distinct Guitar Models

Distinct Guitar Models

As we delve deeper into the features that make Laurel Canyon guitars a standout, the prominence of their distinct guitar models becomes crystal clear. These models aren’t just aesthetically diverse—they hold the key to the brand’s unique sound and playability. Laurel Canyon’s guitar models remain at the heart of their reputation, showcasing the brand’s innovation and understanding of musicians’ needs.

The range of Laurel Canyon musical instruments is extensive, but it’s through their guitars, particularly, that their dedication to quality and performance shines through. Each of their guitar models has been carefully designed to cater to different styles and playing preferences, from folk and blues to rock and jazz—and everything in between. It’s this highly-customized approach that enables the players to create the sound they desire, making every strum, every chord, and every note stand out.

One distinct model in their arsenal worth highlighting is the Laurel Canyon LCG50NA acoustic guitar. This particular make features a dreadnought body shape, which is well known for its deep, loud, and full-bodied sound, ideal for rhythm strumming. The LCG50NA is an excellent representation of the brand’s careful mix of traditional elements and modern uninterrupted playability.

Another notable model from the brand is the Laurel Canyon LCG51E cutaway acoustic-electric guitar. With its single-cutaway body design, it offers easier access to the upper frets— a feature that soloists and lead guitarists appreciate. Thanks to the onboard electronics, you can comfortably play it acoustically, or amplify it for larger venues, thus offering robust and flexible sound manipulation options.

And let’s not forget the laurel canyon LCG60, a sublime choice for fingerstylists. This model features a parlor size body, known for its balanced tone and exceptional clarity during intricate fingerpicking. Its size also makes it a great option for younger players and musicians on the go.

In the realm of Laurel Canyon guitar models, there’s genuinely a dream guitar for every aspiring musician. These guitars are not just instruments—they’re masterpieces of craftsmanship and sound engineering that embody the player’s distinct musical voice. They show that Laurel Canyon isn’t just a name, it’s a testament to a well-tuned passion for music.

As we move onto the construction materials and design of these impressive guitars in the next section, you will gain an even deeper appreciation for Laurel Canyon’s unwavering commitment to creating instruments that are not only heard but felt.

Materials and Design

Materials and Design

To delve deeper into the allure of Laurel Canyon guitars, it’s vital to examine the materials and design aspects. One of the paramount features is the use of superior, resilient materials that give these guitars longevity and a rich, profound timbre.

In my experience as an avid guitarist, Laurel Canyon’s dreadnaught acoustic guitar particularly stands out. The guitar’s top is meticulously crafted from spruce – a wood lauded for its strong, clear, and vibrant sound. This is coupled with an elegant mahogany back and sides that enhance its aesthetic appeal and contribute to its warm underlying tones.

Moving on to the neck, it’s usually made from nato, also dubbed as “Eastern Mahogany”. This particular choice is not random as it’s known to provide a mix of strength, smoothness, and sonic enhancement. This transpires in unprecedented durability and superior resonance. The fretboard, generally composed of rosewood, brings in an extra layer of deep, rich tone and soft-touch playability.

The end-result is a meticulously crafted instrument, featuring rich tonal diversity and superior durability. The balance of high-quality materials and thoughtful design ensures Laurel Canyon guitars are steadfast companions, regardless of your playing style or level of expertise.

From the body to the neck, each part of this masterpiece resonates with the signature Laurel Canyon design ethos – integrating function and aesthetics seamlessly. The endearing sunburst or natural finishes, the scroll engraved chrome tuning machines, and the tasteful inlays, all speak volumes about Laurel Canyon’s commitment to design excellence.

What sets the dreadnaught acoustic guitar apart is not its exquisite components alone, but the precise, skillful craftsmanship with which they’re assembled. The overall build quality – the flawless joints, the smooth finishes, the snugly fit hardware – underscores a meticulous attention to detail that transforms these materials into an instrument of exceptional quality and sound output.

In concluding, the material and design aspect underscores why Laurel Canyon guitars hold a revered spot in the guitar landscape. A handcrafted fusion of superior materials, expert craftsmanship, and thoughtful design, these guitars are truly effective tools for the artist who understands the power and passion of music.

The tradition continues as we move forward to explore the distinct guitar models in the following section, further underscoring the uniqueness of this excellent brand.

Playing Styles

Playing Styles

As we dive deeper into the unique features of Laurel Canyon guitars, one cannot overlook their compatibility with a variety of guitar playing styles. Their versatility truly stands out, making them a reliable instrument for any musician.

Whether your style leans towards classical fingerstyle or strumming, or even alternate picking, Laurel Canyon guitars stand up to the challenge. They have been intricately designed to allow the player to comfortability switch between styles without compromising the quality of sound. In my personal playing experience, these guitars offer a smooth transition between notes and chords, achieved through their perfectly balanced fretboard and well-distributed string tension.

As a seasoned guitarist, I can vouch for the fact that the way a guitar caters to your playing style significantly impacts your performance. One striking feature of Laurel Canyon guitars is their accommodating nature towards players of all levels. Their user-friendly design makes them an excellent choice for beginners learning to navigate different styles, yet intricate enough for professionals to explore their creativity.

The adaptability of Laurel Canyon guitars to a wide palette of guitar playing styles sets them apart in a saturated market. This versatility makes them a worthwhile investment for any guitarist, irrespective of their preferred genre or style. Indeed, in many ways, these guitars redefine the way we consider and engage with our instruments.

As we transition into discussing the different models, remember that the Laurel Canyon guitar caters to various guitar playing styles, significantly contributing to its widespread appeal and success.

Benefits of Laurel Canyon Guitars

Benefits of Laurel Canyon Guitars

With years of strumming and plucking strings, reviewing countless makes and models across beginner guitars, intermediate guitars, and professional level guitars, I’ve found a common denominator that stands up to the test of time and playing proficiency: Laurel Canyon Guitars. Intrigued as to why? Let me give you the inside scoop.

So, can a beginner, an intermediate, and a professional player all find what they need in a Laurel Canyon guitar? The answer is a resounding ‘Yes.’

From my firsthand experiences and perspective as a devoted guitarist, what sells me on Laurel Canyon Guitars are their winning blend of affordability, quality, and adaptability. These instruments take the cake regardless of whether you’re starting your musical journey, advancing your existing skills, or rocking on stage professionally.

For the budding musical minds, Laurel Canyon’s beginner guitars offer an excellent start. They provide a perfect balancing act between comfort and high-quality sound. With their well-detailed fretboard, crisp notes, and accessible price points, the learning process becomes less daunting. Stepping into the world of music with a Laurel Canyon guitar in hand, I believe, is one of the best ways to start.

But that’s not all. Intermediate players can find much to applaud in Laurel’s range as well. The guitars take a slight but noticeable leap in terms of craftsmanship and sound clarity, pushing the envelope for growing musicians chasing mastery. What remains constant, however, is their approachable pricing. As an intermediate player myself once, these Laurel guitars were like loyal companions that gracefully evolved with my improving abilities.

When it comes to professional level guitars, Laurel Canyon stands tall blending admirable craftsmanship with a reliable sound quality that easily keeps up with the nightly gigs or studio sessions. Completing this attractive package is their durability and robust design, which can endure the demands of extensive use. Having been lucky enough to perform a few professional gigs myself, I can personally vouch for the resilience, quality, and consistency of these instruments.

Aside from the versatility, the distinctive character and excellent value of Laurel Canyon guitars are two aspects that truly put them on a pedestal. The depth of tone, resonance, and playability on these guitars are reminiscent of significantly pricier models. In other words, a Laurel Canyon offers the charm and utility of a high-end guitar—without the hefty price tag.

Indeed, every guitar player’s journey is unique. We all chase different musical genres, develop our styles, and, thus, harbour our unique preferences in a guitar. But here’s the kicker: through different phases of my ever-evolving journey, Laurel Canyon Guitars have proven versatile and reliable companions. Whether you’re a student, an amateur, or a seasoned artist, I’m confident in saying that there’s a Laurel Canyon guitar that will match your music appetite just right.

The final melody that I’ve played on my Laurel Canyon guitar still hums in my ears, reminding me of how it masterfully accompanied my journey from strumming simple chords to/through mastering complex riffs. For the beginners, the intermediates, and the professionals — Laurel Canyon Guitars could be the symphony to your musical story, just as they have been to mine.

Pricing and Where to Buy

Understanding Guitar Pricing

Understanding Guitar Pricing

As we carry our thoughts forward into this critical aspect of your guitar shopping adventure, let’s specifically delve into understanding guitar pricing. It could be puzzling to fathom how, often, similar-looking guitars can bear drastically different price tags. Adept familiarity in this area assures you acquire the best value for your hard-earned money.

When browsing through guitar reviews, you’ll notice that pricing depends on a multitude of factors, a significant one being the materials used in construction. Handcrafted guitars made of premium tonewoods costing higher comes as no surprise. Equally crucial to the pricing equation are brand reputation and the specific model’s demand. Respected brands with a history of crafting high-end guitars, much like Laurel Canyon, often command loftier prices than their counterparts.

The detailing in the guitar’s design also considerably influences its price. A guitar with intricate inlays, multi-layered binding, or a complex finish requires skilled craftmanship and more labor hours, factoring in its cost. Equally, some guitars come with state-of-the-art electric components and hardware that increment their market value.

Moving up the pricing ladder, guitars also include birch ply instead of laminated layers, carved tops instead of flat ones, and set-in necks instead of bolt-on ones – attributes promising superior sound quality that hobbyists and professionals can genuinely appreciate.

Fellow guitar enthusiasts, it is imperative to remember that price often correlates with quality, but value is subjective. Defining your budget and discerning quality within that price range is pivotal. And while budget constraints are valid, strive to invest in a guitar that’s a notch above your perceived skill level. This ensures your instrument matches your progression and spares frequent upgrades.

As we venture further into our guide, my aim is to ensure you avail a variety of options not just in terms of aesthetics and sound but also budget, assuring every aspiring musician finds a Laurel Canyon Guitar matching their expectations. This understanding of guitar pricing sets a firm base as we lead onto where to buy these sought-after instruments.

Online Retailers and Buying Guide

Online Retailers and Buying Guide

As we delve into the realm of pricing and purchasing options for Laurel Canyon guitars, it’s essential to explore the role of online retailers and understand how to navigate this platform effectively. Now remember, our goal is not just to buy a guitar; instead, it’s to invest in an instrument that will resonate with our musical journey. That’s where a robust guitar buying guide comes into play.

The online marketplace is crowded with countless options, and it’s our responsibility to filter through the chaos to find our perfect match.

Using a reputable online retailer provides convenience without compromising on quality or choice. Your favourite guitar is now just a click away, accessible from the comfort of your home. With this comfort, however, does come the challenge of buying a tactile instrument like a guitar without physically feeling or hearing it.

When buying from an online retailer, particularly for an item like a guitar, trust and item transparency are key. Ensure that the website is credible and provides comprehensive details about the instrument – from materials and design to sound quality and maintenance. This knowledge will significantly aid your decision-making process.

Another advantage of online shopping is the extensive range of customer reviews. These can provide invaluable insight into the user experience and guitar performance, providing a more rounded view beyond the product description. Comparisons between various models and brands are also more conveniently done online.

In conclusion, online retailers provide an accessible, convenient platform for buying guitars. However, the lack of physical interaction with the instrument demands careful consideration and research. Using a guitar buying guide can significantly streamline this process and lead you to your perfect Laurel Canyon guitar. By understanding guitar pricing, scrutinizing product details, and considering customer testimonials, you can ensure that your online guitar purchase is worth every penny.

But remember, no matter where you buy your guitar, the responsibility of maintaining the instrument’s superb quality falls on you. So, let’s discuss some maintenance tips in the following section.

Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Tips

We’ve talked at length about what sets Laurel Canyon guitars apart and the benefits of getting your hands on one of these beauties. Now, it’s crucial that we discuss how you can make sure your guitar exists to echo your soulful chords for years to come by focusing on your guitar setup and maintenance.

I’ve been nurturing my own Laurel Canyon guitar for several years, and believe me when I say, taking care can be as satisfying as playing an enchanting melody. A little attention often can ensure a healthy, singing guitar that retains its voice, its sheen, and your affection.

Want to ensure your Laurel Canyon guitar enjoys a long life and resonates perfectly? Well then, dear reader, let’s get into the heart of guitar maintenance.

The first aspect that demands your attention is probably the most ignored – the guitar setup. The art of a perfect guitar setup is in understanding your playstyle and adjusting the string action, truss rod, and intonation accordingly. It’s about personalizing your guitar for your comfort and sound preference. Regular setup can make a significant difference in maintaining the excellent performance level of your Laurel Canyon guitar. I suggest trusting a professional the first few times, but once you understand what your guitar needs, it’s a process you can carry out at your leisure.

Next comes the cleaning and conditioning process – a guitar maintenance staple. Remember to use a soft cloth to wipe off dust and sweat post each session – it’s as simple as that. Oils and sweat can surprisingly deteriorate the guitar finish over time. For a deep clean, there are specially made guitar cleaning materials. Conditioning your fretboard periodically can prevent potential cracking, keeping your fretboard clean and your guitar healthy.

Another crucial area in guitar maintenance is string care. Regular string changes barring from breakages are still essential. Old strings can sound dull, and their integrity can weaken over time, impacting your guitar’s performance. Changing strings can be a delicate process, especially on a Laurel Canyon guitar. Make sure to revert one string at a time. It maintains even tension on the neck and prevents potential warping.

In a nutshell, the formula for maintaining the charm of a Laurel Canyon guitar boils down to a trinity of essentials – setup, cleaning, and string care. Never underestimate the impact of these practices.

Remember, a well-maintained guitar will not only provide you a lifetime of music but will add a distinctive quality to your sound that defines you as a player. The guitar becomes a part of you in a way that’s hard to explain, and maintaining it well simply solidifies that bond more profoundly.


What is a Laurel Canyon guitar?

A Laurel Canyon guitar is a type of acoustic guitar that is well-known for its excellent build quality and great sound making them a popular choice among beginners and professional musicians.

How much does a Laurel Canyon guitar cost?

The cost of a Laurel Canyon guitar may vary depending on its model, type and where you purchase it from. Typically, the price lies between $100 to $300 but be sure to check with respective dealers for accurate pricing.

What sets Laurel Canyon guitars apart?

Laurel Canyon guitars are loved for their sound quality, durability, and affordability. Constructed with a commitment to craftsmanship, these guitars feature premium materials like rosewood and high-quality hardware which gives them an excellent sound output.

What should I look for when buying a Laurel Canyon guitar?

When buying a Laurel Canyon guitar, consider the type (acoustic, electric, etc.), the size (based on your comfort), and the sound output. Also, look for the materials, construction quality, and warranty. If possible, try playing it before buying to ensure you are comfortable with its feel and sound.


So, as we bring this journey to a close, it’s important to recall the key insights we unpacked in this comprehensive guide to Laurel Canyon guitars. From the distinctive features, the variety of models catering to different playing styles, to the quality materials and sleek design – the standout attributes of these guitars are hard to ignore.

You’ve been taken through a comprehensive range of aspects, from benefits and pricing to the most reliable online retailers where you can confidently purchase your guitar. Along with that, we’ve discussed understanding guitar pricing in depth and some essential maintenance tips to keep your guitar in tune.

Ever wondered how a guide on one specific guitar brand can change your entire guitar journey? I hope this article has illustrated that perfectly. Laurel Canyon guitars are crafted with a deep understanding of what musicians want – affordability, quality and style. With a Laurel Canyon guitar, you’re not just purchasing an instrument, you’re investing in a partner for your musical journey, one that promises a rich, immersive experience.

Remember, buying a guitar is personal. It’s about finding that perfect match which complements your style and inspires you to pick up the guitar every day. So consider everything we’ve discussed, your playing style, your budget, the guitar’s sound and design, and I’m confident you’ll find the right Laurel Canyon guitar for you.

Whether you’re a beginner finding your tune or an experienced player seeking a refreshing change, embarking on this musical journey with Laurel Canyon guitars could potentially be a game-changing decision. So, make your choice, hold the strings, feel the rhythm, and let your Laurel Canyon guitar echo your musical dreams.

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