Johnson Hollow Body Guitars: A Comprehensive Review and Buying Guide

The moment I picked up my first electric guitar, a Johnson hollow body, life shifted gear. The hollow echo resonating from its heart got me hooked. The harmony of wood and strings, the blend of craftsmanship and technology: it was fascination at first strum. From building my own guitars, deciphering the science behind sound production, to searching for that elusive perfect tone, this journey of over two decades in guitar craftsmanship has shaped my identity as much as the countless Johnson guitars I have taken apart and pieced back together.

I stand by a potentially controversial belief: the overlooked Johnson hollow body guitars hold their own against some of the titans in the electric guitar world. Is this too bold a claim? Over the course of this comprehensive review and buying guide, you’ll witness why I believe this so fervently.

Having spent a significant portion of my life exploring the many facets of guitar construction, I’m eager to shine a spotlight on the impressive features, diverse varieties, and myriad reasons why these Johnson guitars should be your next consideration when you’re on the market for a hollow body electric guitar. Be it the recognizable echo of their hollow bodies or their surprisingly competitive market prices, stick around and let me guide you on this melodious journey.

Features and Varieties of Johnson Hollow Body Guitars

Notable Features of Johnson Hollow Body Guitars

Notable Features of Johnson Hollow Body Guitars

In my many years of instrument design, a hollow body guitar’s unique characteristics have always held my fascination. There is a definitive aura around the way it translates its tones into music, breathing a life of its own. The Johnson Hollow Body Guitars, in specific, bestow a distinct feature-set that warrants an in-depth understanding.

Hollow body guitars, by design, offer a warm, rich sound that other models can’t replicate. Their versatility is their true virtue, delivering a wide range of sound profiles, all with an organic, resonating undertone. But Johnsons extends this to create an enriching user experience, incorporating unique design elements into their hollow body range.

One of these defining features is a maple top. While this wood type is commonly used in guitar design, Johnson skillfully employs it in their hollow bodies, resulting in a sound that is both crisp and rich. The tonal outcome is a precisely balanced blend of brightness and warmth. The highs are sharp and the lows, deeply resonating. Even the aesthetic appeal is undeniable, exhibiting an exquisitely grainy texture that’s pleasing to the eye.

An equally impressive feature is the use of alder wood for the body. Known for its lightweight yet strong composition, alder provides a tight and focussed tone. Its sonic signature accentuates the mid-range frequencies, adding depth and dimension to the guitar’s overall sound. This makes the Johnsons’ hollow body guitar a perfect companion for genres like blues, jazz or classic rock.

A variant of interest is the semi-hollow body design. Straddling the line between a solid body and a truly hollow one, Johnson’s semi-hollow models offer an interesting fusion of sound. They marry the sustain and punch of solid body with the resonance and warmth of the hollow design, resulting in beautifully ’rounded’ sound.

In conclusion, the amalgamation of such distinct features positions Johnson Hollow Body Guitars well beyond its counterparts. Their intelligently selected materials and fine-tuned design manifest in a sonic output that is as versatile as it is pleasing. Whether it be for its distinct tonal quality, aesthetic charm, or the responsive playability, the Johnson Hollow Body Guitar checks all the boxes for an accomplished guitar.

Different Varieties of Johnson Hollow Body Guitars

Different Varieties of Johnson Hollow Body Guitars

Diving deeper into the delightful world of Johnson hollow body guitars, we find a splendid lineup that embodies a rich variety, offering something unique for every discerning guitarist. My fascination for the science of acoustics and ergonomics finds a perfect playground here, as I explore these fantastic models.

The Delta Rose Electric Guitar is a stellar example of Johnson’s innovation and craftsmanship. With its semi-hollow body and Les Paul-style construction, this model demonstrates the sheer comfort and versatility that Johnson hollow body guitars provide. Its double-coil pickups evoke a warm, rich tone, catering perfectly to jazz and blues enthusiasts. There’s a real charm about the Delta Rose – one that invites a new layer of depth and expressiveness in your musical performance.

Moving ahead, we find the Les Paul-style models that Johnson offers. Their delicate balance of form and function appeal to guitarists seeking a traditional touch while enjoying the resonant acoustics of a hollow body. Additionally, these boast the thick, crunchy tones characteristic of Les Paul guitars but maintain the echo and depth of hollow body models. A perfect blend for those who want the best of both worlds.

Finally, Johnson’s color varieties, specifically Wineburst and Sunburst, are worth noting. The Wineburst offers a blend of deep red and dark brown hues, adding a touch of class and sophistication to your performance. The Sunburst, on the other hand, provides a radiant blend of yellow to deep orange tones, symbolizing the setting sun and adding a dash of warmth and sentimentality to your guitar’s aesthetics.

As we unlock the scenic journey through the different varieties of Johnson hollow body guitars, one thing remains clear: each model is uniquely tailored to a guitarist’s distinct style and persona. As we move on to examine where we can find these iconic instruments on the market, I hope this deeper knowledge on varieties can support your quest for the perfect Johnson hollow body guitar.

On the Market: Prices and Where to Buy

On the Market: Prices and Where to Buy

My journey with guitars has taken me not only through mastering the art of lutherie, but also into the complex world of instrument purchase. Not all that glitters is gold, my mentors used to say. This is particularly true when it comes to buying quality hollow body guitars – or should I say, especially Johnson hollow body guitars. Allow me to share with you some of the valuable insights I’ve acquired on this topic.

Looking for a quality hollow body guitar doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. But how much should you expect to pay for a Johnson hollow body guitar? The question of guitar pricing can be deceptive. A higher price doesn’t always tantamount to superior quality, and a budget-friendly price doesn’t always translate to poor workmanship. This has been my consistent observation throughout my years of experience in the field.

Instrument purchase, when approached with diligence and accurate insights, can turn out to be an enriching experience. And the cardinal rule is: do your homework. For Johnson hollow body guitars, you’ll generally see prices between $300 to $550, depending on the model and condition. But don’t let these figures frighten you, for nothing beats the satisfaction of owning a quality, well-crafted instrument.

Now, where to buy? While it’s always enticing to snag a deal from an online marketplace, it’s prudent to opt for established musical instrument retailers to ensure reliability and after-sales service. Stores such as Guitar Center, Sam Ash, and even Amazon have a wide range of Johnson hollow body guitars. Buying directly from their website can also help you enjoy certain warranties.

I’ve seen too many fellow musicians experience regrets over a rash purchase. Spare yourself the heartache. Take time to research, inspect your prospective guitar thoroughly, and don’t hesitate to ask questions. Guitar buying should be exciting and fulfilling, much like hitting the perfect note on your favorite piece.

In your search for the ideal Johnson hollow body guitar, remember to balance quality and price. A well-informed decision can lead to a smoother ride while producing those sweet, soulful tones these guitars are acclaimed for. Above all, remember that the love for music and craftsmanship is at the heart of every instrument purchase. Hold on to that passion as you navigate the market, and the perfect guitar will find its way to your hands in due time.

Why Choose Johnson Hollow Body Guitars: Reviews and Testimonials



In my vast experience as a luthier, I’ve discovered the vital role guitar reviews play in helping potential buyers form an informed opinion about the quality of an instrument. Addressing the ‘Action’ aspect of the AIDA model, I’d like to offer my objective review on Johnson Hollow Body Guitars based on in-depth understanding and hands-on experience.

The unique hollow body design gives these guitars a warm and resonant sound, making them ideal for jazz and blues genres. They offer a high level of craftsmanship with sturdy construction and reliable hardware. Yet, the best part lies in the details: the lightly glossed finish, the comfortable neck profile, and the well-balanced tone that comes out of the dual humbucker pickups – all reflect the careful attention to detail and quality.

However, it’s essential to bear in mind that musical preferences are highly subjective. That’s why I encourage potential buyers to not just rely on reviews but also listen to your playstyle and personal comfort when choosing a guitar. Test the instrument in person, if possible, to evaluate its tonality, playability and overall feel.

In conclusion, amidst the sea of guitar options available today, Johnson Hollow Body Guitars hold their own with great features and excellent value for money. These guitars, with their flavorful tone and fantastic performance, have won positive feedback from countless guitarists globally, making them a worthwhile investment for both novices and seasoned musicians.

Now having viewed a sneak-peak into the product through its reviews, let’s proceed to explore some actual customer testimonies, another significant aspect that sheds light on the real-life experience of users, paving the way for a well-rounded decision-making process.



Testimonials have always held a special place in my heart. These are the narratives of musicians, like you and me, who have experienced first-hand the magic and versatility that Johnson Hollow Body Guitars hold. It’s their experiences, their moments of triumph and melodies of joy, that affirm the decision to choose these refined instruments.

Versatile guitars indeed, the testimonials speak volumes about their unique ability to adapt to various musical styles. Be it gentle strumming for an ambient folk song or a wild electric solo, Johnson Hollow Body Guitars never fail to impress.

The essence of these testimonials lies in the authentic experiences they present. As real musicians share their interaction with these guitars, their narratives nourish our understanding and appreciation of these instruments far beyond what a basic product description could offer.

In a market saturated with options, these testimonials act as steadfast markers, guiding us towards a decision that could potentially redefine our musical journey. Without a shred of doubt, they are the heartbeat of any comprehensive review or buying guide, offering an irreplaceable contribution to the process of choosing the right guitar. After all, the best advertisement for a product is a satisfied customer. Taste the authenticity, live the experience.


What is unique about Johnson Hollow Body Guitars?

Johnson Hollow Body Guitars are specially designed with a hollow interior rather than a solid block inside the body. This leads to a more resonant and warm tone, perfect for blues, jazz, and many other genres.

What materials are used in crafting Johnson Hollow Body Guitars?

The Johnson hollow body guitars usually feature a maple body and a mahogany neck. The fretboards are often made from Rosewood or high-pressure laminate material.

Where can I buy Johnson Hollow Body Guitars?

Johnson Hollow Body Guitars are sold at various guitar and music equipment stores all over the world. They can also be purchased online from retailers such as Amazon, Guitar Center and Musician’s Friend.

What is the price range for Johnson Hollow Body Guitars?

The price for a Johnson hollow body guitar can vary greatly based on factors like its model, condition and where it’s purchased. However, on average, these guitars range from $300 to $800.


So, is a Johnson Hollow Body guitar the new must-have addition to your collection? Based on my engineering background and enthusiasm for guitar crafting, I can confidently say that Johnson guitars offer both quality and value. From the rich, resonating tones to the elegant designs, owning an electric guitar with a hollow body from Johnson can be a transformative experience for any musician.

Moving beyond aesthetics and sound, an extensive exploration of their features, from the unique neck design to the sturdy bridges, reveals that these guitars are crafted with detail and precision. From budget-friendly to premium models, Johnson offers a spectrum of guitars to meet diverse budget and skill levels. Whether purchasing online or in-store, Johnson guitars are widely accessible.

With the myriad of positive testimonials and reviews, it’s clear that the consensus about Johnson Hollow Body guitars is overwhelmingly positive. As a guitar crafting enthusiast and an engineer, sharing my passion and insight about these unique instruments has been a joy. I hope that my expertise has provided valuable context in guiding your next purchase.

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