The Essential Guide to John Mayer’s Signature Guitar Straps

Can a guitar strap really change the sound of your music? This enchanting notion shook me to my core one afternoon while exploring the enigmatic world of celebrity guitar gear. As a seasoned guitar journalist, I’ve devoted countless hours investigating how the tools of the trade shape an artist’s signature sound — and no one intrigued me more than John Mayer.

The narrative hook here? It isn’t just about the sweet sultry notes he strums on his guitar, nor about the years of practice, dedication, and raw talent Mayer brings to the table. No, part of John Mayer’s signature sound, I dare say, can be traced back to his choice of a guitar strap.

It might be an unexpected claim, leaving you curious and skeptical, but bear with me. Though ‘John Mayer guitar strap’ might seem like an obscure detail, I believe it’s that degree of nuance that creates a truly distinctive style and sound.

Let’s dive into the weave of the tale – the intricacies of John Mayer’s choice of guitar straps. I invite you to join me as I delve into not just the aesthetics but also the unusual significance of an oft-overlooked aspect of his guitar gear: the strap. In the following chapters, we’ll delve into Mayer’s signature choices, why he chooses them and, most importantly, how these straps may subtly contribute to his sonic imprint.

John Mayer’s Signature Straps

John’s Favorites

John's Favorites

Deeply woven into the guitar virtuoso’s stardom, John Mayer’s affinity for specific straps is a telling window into his music and identity. Often seen with the Righton Woodstock Strap, Mayer distinguishes his sound and style with its retro essence, reinforcing his love for vintage blues. The Righton Woodstock’s old-school attributes, from its design to its feel, truly parallels John’s soulful performances, giving further gravity to their indelible appeal.

In stark contrast to the Woodstock, another favorite of Mayer’s is the Double Treble straps – renowned for their clean, minimalist design. The Double Treble straps symbolize the duality behind Mayer’s intricate compositions, embodying the balance between his solo work and contributions to more complex orchestral pieces. It’s when analyzing these straps, that one truly gains a sense of John’s comprehensive and eclectic artistic palette.

Through years of studying John’s performances and accessories, I’ve gleaned how these signature straps have become integral in establishing Mayer’s musical narrative. Furthermore, they serve as a testament to his commitment to deliver not just musically, but also visually. Each strap he uses becomes an extension of the story he wishes to tell, making them not mere accessories, but instrumental tools in his arsenal.

As we delve deeper into other custom-made and specialty straps Mayer uses, remember the depth and diversity that his favorites, the Righton Woodstock and Double Treble, already offer. These classics stand a testament to his timeless taste and provide food for thought when choosing your own guitar straps.

Custom-made Straps

Custom-made Straps

Delving deeper into John Mayer’s signature guitar straps, we can appreciate the personal nuance and professional edge derived from custom-made straps. Distinct from mass-produced options, these handmade guitar straps are meticulously crafted, providing a befitting blend of function and individual style that captures John’s musical soul.

From my experience, I’ve come to comprehend the vital role of custom guitar straps in enhancing a musician’s performance. These aren’t mere accessories, but extensions of a guitarist’s persona. John Mayer’s straps are exceptional illustrations of this fact.

A prime example of this quality is embodied in his custom leather guitar straps. Not only do they provide durability and comfort, but also echo Mayer’s artistic ethos, adding an unspoken element to his onstage charisma. Therefore, these custom-made straps are not just utilitarian, but are reflections of Mayer’s identity etched in leather, inevitably enhancing his performance and audience connection.

It’s intriguing to understand how such an ostensibly simple aspect can contribute significantly to a musician’s charisma. As we transition to exploring Specialty Straps, this fresh perspective will help us appreciate the uniqueness and subtle influences they bring to John Mayer’s overall performance.

Specialty Straps

Specialty Straps

Delving deeper into the realm of John Mayer’s strap preferences, the discussion naturally gravitates towards specialty straps such as Moody leather straps and the Dimarzio Cliplock strap. These are much more than mere accessories; they are an integral part of Mayer’s performance setup, mirroring his commitment to quality, comfort, and style.

Regularly appearing around his shoulder, Moody leather straps have been a Mayer favorite for their unassailable durability, classic aesthetics, and the exquisite handcrafted touch Decades of inspired guitar strumming have cemented their place in his gear collection.

The Dimarzio Cliplock strap is notable for its security. Delivering unprecedented stability, this strap ensures Mayer’s beloved instrument stays intact while he delivers his soulful performances. Its ingenious clasp system provides a rock-solid connection. This strap elucidates my long-held belief that even the slightest accessory can have a significant impact on a musician’s signature sound and performance.

As we transition towards other straps used by Mayer, these specialty straps’ distinct features will help us understand his choice preferences more precisely. By examining these straps, we delve further into Mayer’s commitment to achieving the perfect balance between functionality, style, and performance.

Other Straps Used by John Mayer

Other Straps Used by John Mayer

Throughout my time as Editor of Guitar Player magazine, I’ve had the unique opportunity to delve deep into the captivating world of vintage and unique guitar straps. And no one does it quite like John Mayer. Whether it’s the Ernie Ball guitar straps or the retro Jacquard weave guitar straps, the choices of this guitar virtuoso echo timeless tastes and sentiments that marry beautifully with his music. But what if I told you that Mayer’s retro strap choices are more than just fashion statements?

Swirling with the psychedelic hues of the sixties, the jacquard weave guitar strap is certainly more than just a nostalgia-inducing accessory. With its sturdy weave and rich history, it becomes a conduit for the echoes of rock and folk legends, a link that ties Mayer to the rich tapestry of musicians before him. Similarly, the Ernie Ball guitar straps, with their comfortable, robust form and minimalistic aesthetic, paint the picture of an unpretentious artist who values functionality and understated style.

In my extensive coverage and investigation of vintage guitar straps, I’ve realized the impact and significance each strap carries in the world of a guitar aficionado. True, it serves as an essential functional gear, providing comfort and helping hold the guitar in place. But for individuals like Mayer, their straps are important touch points reflecting their musical influences, personal styles and even the atmospheric qualities of their music.

In essence, John’s selection is an intimate expression of his musical sense and personal style. Walking that fine line between utility and aesthetics, his strap choices from brands like Ernie Ball, are a testament to his appreciation for quality and craftsmanship. They are, in a way, props that add to the narrative of his performances, reinforcing his image as an artist deeply embedded in the traditions of the sound he loves and creates.

It’s a sincere insight into the man beyond the musician, more implicit than the notes he strums or the lyrics he pens. And that, I believe, is one of the most fascinating aspects of exploring ‘other straps used by John Mayer’. They give us a glimpse into Mayer’s world, where his vintage guitar straps act as unspoken extensions of his personality and music, creating a holistic sense of coherence and charm.

Having dived into the nuances of this topic, it’s obvious that selecting a guitar strap is not just about finding something that works—it’s about finding a piece of gear that resonates with you on an intimate level. It’s about that sweet spot where function meets form, and history intertwines with personal style. It’s about paying tribute to the greats while portraying your own individuality. And that, in simplicity and sophistication, is the signature ‘Mayer Way’.

Choosing Your Own Strap

Considerations in Buying

Considerations in Buying

In the journey of finding your own strap, numerous considerations come into play. Utilizing lessons from my years guiding musicians in their gear choices, I’ve developed a ‘guitar strap buying guide’ that can help you make an informed decision inspired by John Mayer’s signature styles.

Foremost among these considerations, is the comfort and fit of the strap. Just as Mayer himself chooses straps that distribute the weight of his numerous PRS guitars evenly, you need a strap that will support your instrument without straining your shoulder or back. This is particularly significant if you frequently play for extended periods.

Another important factor is the strap’s compatibility with your guitar. For instance, Mayer’s PRS guitars strap locks are tailored to explicitly fit his chosen straps. The type of strap locks on your guitar may dictate certain strap selections. So, it’s essential to ensure the strap you choose is compatible with your guitar’s structure and the type of strap locks that it uses.

Of course, aesthetics also matter. Much of the appeal of John Mayer’s signature straps lies in their distinctive look. Your chosen strap should reflect your personal style and the image you wish to project as a musician.

In essence, homing in on the right strap for you involves a balance of comfort, functionality, and style. It’s not about replicating Mayer’s choices, but understanding why he makes them, and applying those insights into your personal preference and needs. So while on this journey of choosing your own strap, consider the comfort, compatibility with your guitar and strap locks, and how it complements your image as an artist.



Choosing the perfect strap for your guitar is a personal experience. It involves understanding who you are as an artist and your individual comfort needs. Now that we’ve reviewed a variety of straps, it’s time to make some guitar strap recommendations.

Artisan guitar straps are a particularly vibrant choice I highly recommend. With their unique designs and handmade touch, they add authenticity and character to your performance. These straps not only carry the weight of your guitar but they also carry a story, a personality that is uniquely you.

Straps created by craftspeople mesmerized by the art of music hold a special space. They capture an affinity for music that resonates with your own passion, inevitably adding an additional layer of depth to your performance. Such magical nuances are reflected in my top-pick artisan straps, offering a variety of colors, materials, and designs.

From flashy to subtle, wide to narrow, padded to unpadded, the decision ultimately boils down to your personal comfort and style. There are, of course, other factors involved but the primary aim should be enhancing your playing experience; remember my mantra – ‘comfort first, style second’.

The eagerness of giving professional recommendations is always thrilling for me, as it enables you to explore exquisite strap options, one that speaks volumes about your musical journey. Making the right strap choice is crucial to your performance, playability, and overall experience.

As we move on, let’s delve into some frequently asked questions, assuring you’re armed with a comprehensive understanding of guitar straps. I assure you, this seemingly simple accessory can make a world of difference.


What distinguishes John Mayer’s Signature Guitar Straps?

John Mayer’s Signature Guitar Straps are characterized by their exceptional quality, unique designs, and identity representation. They often feature intricate, illustrative patterns and are made with premium quality materials for durability and function.

How many Signature Guitar Strap designs does John Mayer have?

John Mayer releases new strap designs frequently. The number of available designs changes continuously, showcasing John Mayer’s evolving musical journey and creative perspectives.

What materials are John Mayer’s Signature Guitar Straps made of?

The materials can vary by design, but predominantly, John Mayer’s Signature Guitar Straps are made with high-quality leather, durable fabrics, and other robust materials to ensure longevity and reliable performance.

Where can I purchase John Mayer’s Signature Guitar Straps?

John Mayer’s Signature Guitar Straps can be purchased through various online marketplaces, music instrument retailers, and directly through John Mayer’s official website when available.


How does a guitar strap tell a story, and why is it essential in a musician’s journey? Drawing on my extensive experience in the music world, I believe it tells a tale as unique as the musician themselves. It’s a vital performance guitar accessory; its role goes beyond extra comfort or a dash of aesthetic style. It’s a personal, artistic statement.

One perfect example is the John Mayer guitar strap. From our in-depth guide, we have seen how each strap is a testament to his diverse musical style, representative of an evolving musical journey. Whether we’re talking about his signature strap (embellished with a triumphal eagle), his favorite animated straps (which often make an appearance during his live performances), or his array of custom-made and specialty straps, each carries distinctive connotations and holds a unique presence on stage.

As for our fellow guitar enthusiasts and John Mayer fans, it’s essential to choose a strap that reflects your individual style and needs. Considerations – be it material, length, width, or padding – become pivotal in this stage. I hope my recommendations and extensive FAQs section have been of aid in not only appreciating Mayer’s personal statement through his strap choices but also finding your own.

In conclusion, the guitar strap you choose says a lot about you as a musician, much like the story woven by Mayer’s guitar strap choices tells you about him. Remember, every strap holds a story; make sure yours truly reflects your journey. Happy strumming!

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