How to Choose a Guitar for Beginners

A sudden jolt to your senses and you are on your way to learning the guitar. Yes, it is one of the most favored instruments amongst men, and it really brings out the romanticism in a relationship. However, the guitar is something more than that. It is your instrument of mass distraction; it is an instrument that can put you up in the status of a demigod, helping you to overcome all your shyness and reach out to people with your soulful music. After all, a guitar is something more than just a wooden instrument; it is your faithful companion in days where you are surrounded by solitude and desolation.

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So, as a newbie, how do you end up selecting your guitar? Well, there are some tips that you could follow;

Style of playing

Well, this is not a game when you have techniques; it is art, when you need to cater to a certain section of people, but that should not stop you from reaching out to the wider audience. So, if you’re more into heavy metal, rock, or simply like to play the blues, then an electric guitar would be the obvious choice for you. If your favored music learning genre happens to be the soft music, pop, then you could tilt towards preferring the steel string acoustic guitar. When it comes to classical music, then purchasing a classical guitar would be the ideal option for you.

Style of playing Guitar

The starting age

When learning an instrument, you have to keep the age factor in mind. For a child, going for a nylon string guitar that is of a commendable length is to be provided. The nylon strings are very easy on the fingers, and it ensures that children will be able to pick up the nuances of guitar plucking much easily.

The introduction

Of course, you may be presented with a guitar from a relative or a neighbor that is overzealous in helping you learn about the school instrument. Take that up is a wonderful opportunity to learn about this particular instrument. This way, you can save up money, and learn about the intricate details of the guitar before venturing to purchase from the guitar shop. Learn about the guitar, take a couple of lessons before you actually understand the type and the quality of guitar that will be able to suit your needs.

Choose a guitar according to your budget

It is always easy to purchase the flashiest product in the market. However, you might not have money left over for any other task. So, as an amateur, purchase the guitar that would go well within your budget. It need not look the nicest, or simply breathtaking. All you need it to be is comfortable around your fingers and make sure that you can play without any problems to your stance. When you visit a guitar shop, it is the job of the salesman to sell the guitar to you, the more costly the purchase, the higher the incentive in terms of commission for the salesman. However, get your personal preference in-line and purchase something according to your needs.

Low-fret action

Always purchase a guitar that has the minimum distance between the strings and the fret. The slow action ensures that you can learn the guitar easily, press down the strings on the fret much easily, and get a wonderful sound out of the guitar. With acoustic guitars, this can make a huge difference.

Do not rush into the decision

Purchasing the guitar may be a lifelong dream for you. However, never rush into the decision of purchasing an instrument of such caliber. Instead, carefully reread the guitar review, listening to the sound of guitars over the video. Feel the difference and learn to hear the acoustics of the guitar. If need be, keep going back to the shop again and again until you find out the true objective of the guitar and whether the sound is something that is synonymous to your taste.

Always look for imperfections

Yes, granted that you are an amateur, however, that shouldn’t stop you from finding any imperfection on the guitar. Look for any kind of scratches, any cosmetic damage that the intended guitar has got. This way, you can get to purchase another product of a similar nature, or get a hefty discount on this intended product due to the damage sustained by the body of the guitar. The same attitude should be used when approaching the need for finding any type of musical instrument.

Tips about choosing a guitar for beginners

Ask for warranty

Well, just like any product in the market, the guitar is susceptible to damage. If you are a rigorous guitar player, practice on a daily basis, then there is bound to be some wear and tear within a short period of time. However, if the quality of the product is excellent, then even with a lot of axe shredding, you will not find any problems with the guitar. However, in case you do develop any problems, look for the warranty. Good guitar companies like Yamaha, Seagull, Taylor, Ibanez, Signature, Gibson, Hohner and a lot more provide active warranty on their products.


In order for you to rock, a guitar is a necessary musical instrument. However, it has its own set of amplification that is to be done in case of an electric guitar. A steel guitar does not require any amplification, and neither does a classical guitar. Hence, if you go for the more popular version of the guitar, which is the electric guitar, than you would need to purchase accessories such as amplifiers, pedals and a lot more in order to accentuate the sound for making it tuned to the hearing quality of people. However, with electric guitar, you need electric power in plentiful. So prepare for a surge in your energy bills. However, there is just a side-effect in regards the popularity that you get when playing an electric guitar.