How to Buy a Guitar at a Good Price

When you’re ready buy, be prepared to do some wheeling and dealing. Find out what your guitar costs at a reputable online dealer. Since most guitar sellers work on a commission, he may be willing to cut out some of his commission to give you a better price. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

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How To Get a Guitar at the Best Price

Let the salesperson know that you can get this guitar at for $300. Ask, “Can you beat that price?” Maybe she can, maybe she can’t. If not, ask if she’d be willing to throw in some valuable accessories, that you’d need buy anyway: a case or gig bag, strap, strings, electronic tuner, or a beginner’s DVD course.

Note: Realize that online music stores can sell guitars at a lower price than mortar-and-brick music stores. So, don’t discount the value of the services provided by your local shop. Especially the fact that you can try out a variety of guitars, and ask questions. The local shop can also make any needed adjustments before you buy.