The Guitarist’s Guide to Purposeful Practice

This long-awaited series covering purposeful guitar practice is here! Unless you’ve already hit the big time with your guitar, you probably want to improve your guitar playing. That means you need to spend some time practicing guitar.

Guitar practice can be fun (well sort of), and it’s fulfilling to accomplish something new with your guitar playing. But, we’d rather be playing guitar, not practicing guitar.

This post serves as the Table of Contents and will reference all of the posts in the series.

  1. The Advantages of Setting Guitar Playing Goals.
  2. Optimize Your Guitar-Practice Time — Use a Digital Timer.
  3. Best-Kept Guitar Practice Secret: Have a Pad and Pencil Handy.
  4. Chart Your Guitar-Playing Progress for Ultimate Success.
  5. How to Practice With a Metronome.
  6. Are You Getting Closer to Where You Want to Go? Check Your Guitar-Playing Progress.
  7. Quickly Develop Guitar Muscle Memory.
  8. Grease the Groove, to Work Through Those Tough Guitar Licks.
  9. How to Manage Your Guitar Practice Time and Your Guitar Practice Energy.
  10. Develop Your Guitar Repertoire to Hone Your Guitar Playing Skills.

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