Teach Kids Guitar Chords With “Kids Guitar 1 DVD” from Homespun Tapes

Hello and welcome to my “Kids Guitar 1” review. Kids Guitar 1 with Marcy Marxer is a ten-lesson guitar course for young kids. The DVD teaches kids guitar chords to these easy, sing-along songs: Down By The Riverside, Skip To My Lou, Buffalo Gals, 100 Bottles Of Pop On The Wall, Polly Wolly Doodle, It Ain’t … Read more

Free Online Guitar Tuners: Play Online or Download

Here are a couple of online and downloadable guitar tuners. These utilities let you hear the notes you need to tune your guitar in standard tuning, and for some, in alternate guitar tunings, such as DADGAD. Free Online Guitar Tuners Here are some sites that offer online guitar tuners. Play the reference notes for tuning your guitar … Read more

Start Playing Guitar With “Getting Started on Acoustic Guitar”

Fender Presents Getting Started on Acoustic Guitar — A Guide for Beginners offers a good demonstration on the basics of playing acoustic guitar. While the DVD titled “Getting Started on Acoustic Guitar,” the material is not specific to acoustic guitar playing. In fact, most of Keith Wyatt’s demonstrations are shown with an electric guitar. This … Read more

Purposeful Guitar Practice: Manage Your Time and Your Energy

Purposeful Guitar Practice Manage Your Time And Your Energy

In this Purposeful Guitar Practice series we’ve offered ideas for scheduling your guitar practice time and using a digital timer to get the most out of your guitar-practice sessions. It’s important to manage your limited guitar-practice time, but it’s equally important to manage your guitar-practice energy. In Be Excellent at Anything, author Tony Schwartz feels that energy management is as … Read more

Guitar Practice: Get Past Sticking Points, Grease the Groove

Guitar Practice Get Past Sticking Points, Grease The Groove

This effective guitar tip is called Grease the Groove (GTG). I learned GTG from strength and fitness guru, Pavel Tsatsouline. It’s a strength-building exercise technique that I’ve applied successfully to my physical fitness workouts. Grease the Groove is designed to get you past your “sticking points.” The GTG method for getting past sticking points involves frequent, but … Read more

“Play It All Acoustic Guitar” review: Learn to Rock for Beginners

Hello and welcome to my “Play It All Acoustic Guitar” review. Peavey Presents “Play It All Acoustic Guitar Beginner” is a DVD for the complete beginner who is just starting to play the guitar. John McCarthy is the instructor on This Rock House Method beginner program. Along with the 100-minute DVD, each Rock House product … Read more