Blues Rhythm Guitar: Master the Electric Blues

Blues Rhythm Guitar (Master Class)
Blues Rhythm Guitar (Master Class)

Hello and welcome to my “Blues Rhythm Guitar Master Class” review.

Blues Rhythm Guitar Master Class by Keith Wyatt really delivers. It’s an excellent book that will have you well grounded in electric-guitar blues rhythm playing. It covers all of the classic styles: shuffles, boogies, jump, blues Rhumba, slow blues, turnarounds and more.

The book is written in tablature and standard notation, and it comes with an excellent CD with demo tracks and play-along rhythm backing tracks. Since the book starts out with the basics, this book would be suitable for a beginner who knows how to hold the guitar, strum and read tablature.

Given the depth of this book, it would also be suitable for an intermediate or advanced player who is looking to become a better rhythm player, period. And not just a blues rhythm player.

Aside from the lessons, this book will school you in the blues. Along with the guitar-playing lessons, Keith Wyatt introduces some blues guitar history lessons. Here’s a typical excerpt:

“T-Bone Walker, the blues guitar star of the forties was a hugely influential player who developed the basic vocabulary of electric blues guitar, and his patented approach to slow blues rhythm is still widely used today….”

Keith also offers an excellent discography for “Suggested Listening.”

Title Blues Rhythm Guitar
Author Keith Wyatt
Release Date 2001
Pages 112
Recommended for Players of all levels who want to improve their electric blues-guitar rhythm playing. But make no mistake, mastering the lessons in this book will set the student up for playing rhythm guitar in all styles.
Prerequisites The beginning student should know the basics: how to hold a guitar, how to strum, and how to read tablature. The book does include standard notation.
Supplemental Materials Audio CD with 68 demo tracks and play-along rhythm backing tracks.
Contents Lessons include:

  • The Shuffle
  • Blues Changes
  • Combining Rhythm Parts
  • Slow Blues
  • Fast Blues
Fun/Coolness Factor This book covers virtually every blues style from slow shuffles to boogie rhythms. Any fan of blues guitar is bound to something very cool and fun to play. Backing tracks are jumping and fun to play along with.
What I like What’s great about this book is its focus and thoroughness. Any student who gets through this book will have a full and thorough knowledge of virtually any contemporary electric guitar style. The lessons don’t just teach various rhythm patterns, but Keith Wyatt challenges, for example, students to learn the rhythms in all 12 keys.
What I don’t like There’s nothing to not like about this book. It delivers what it promises.
Recommendations This book would be excellent for any beginner who wants to explore blues guitar. It starts at the basics and would develop an excellent foundation for a beginner to delve into solo styles.This book would be ideal for an experienced player who wants to get a “master’s degree” in electric blues rhythm guitar.
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