All About Green PRS Guitars: Models, Maintenance, and Purchase Guide

Guitars are more than just musical instruments, they’re conduits for expression, makers of melodies, and in the case of green PRS guitars, a visual spectacle. Ever found yourself mesmerized by the deep shimmering green of an emerald, almost lost in its depth and brilliance? That’s precisely how I felt the first time I laid my eyes on a green PRS guitar.

As a lifelong guitarist and former Editor in Chief of Guitar Player Magazine, I’ve been around just about every kind of guitar you can imagine. But those green PRS guitars, they have a certain something extra. They infuse each note with an energy that goes beyond sonic qualities, creating an undeniable aura.

In this article, I’ll unravel the mysteries of these striking instruments, guiding you through the different models, offering insider’s tips on maintaining your instrument’s lush appearance, and even steering you towards the right channels to acquire one of your own. Get ready for an exciting journey into the fascinating realm of green PRS guitars.

Understanding Green PRS Guitars

Exploring the Models

Exploring the Models

One of the greatest privileges in my career has been experiencing the nuances of guitar models firsthand. In the realm of green PRS guitars, we find a variety of models that warrant exploration and appreciation. Each one sings with its own unique character and tone, carved out by the exceptional craftsmanship that PRS has built its reputation upon.

One model that certainly stands on its own is the SE Custom 24. She wears her green finish with both pride and subtlety, offering a depth of tone that elevates her from just a beautiful instrument to a performer’s secret weapon. And indeed, the custom 24 doesn’t merely wear green; she lives it, with sustain for days and a versatility that meets the demands of many music genres.

The discussion wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Myles Kennedy Signature PRS. A more faithful companion for roaring rock ensembles is hard to find. The subtlety of its subdued green burst finish is a stark contrast to the assertive, biting tone it produces. It is an epitome of beauty meeting the beastly vigor, combining elegance and raw power in one extraordinary instrument.

Lastly, let’s explore some of the other signature models. From the flamboyantly artistic Santana models, with their vibrant green finishes, catered specifically to deliver that signature latin-infused tone, to the more understated David Grissom models, offering the player a finely balanced spectrum of unique tones. These models not only feature different shades of green, but they also offer a diversity in tonality, playability, and artistry.

Each of these models – the SE Custom 24, the Myles Kennedy Signature, the Santana, and the David Grissom models – contributes its unique voice to the symphony that is the green PRS Guitar family. And while they certainly share a common, sustainably built lineage, it’s fascinating to explore just how beautifully individual each one can be.

A journey through the various green PRS models is akin to walking through a lush, vibrant forest, observing how each tree, while sharing common roots, displays its unique beauty in the form of differing leaves, bark, and shape. To truly comprehend the wonderful world of green PRS guitars, one must delve into the nuanced particulars of each model.

Yet, a guitar doesn’t solely rely on its model; the finish and material play an equally substantial role in shaping its sound and personality, leading us naturally to our next chapter.

Finishes and Material

Finishes and Material

In my time immersed in the fascinating world of PRS guitars, particularly the mighty green axes, I’ve come to both admire and appreciate the craft put into their production. When we delve deeper into their construction, it becomes apparent that the materials used and the finishes applied to these guitars are vital contributors to their overall performance and aesthetic appeal.

Mahogany bodies and maple tops are a staple across the different models and finishes – the dense mahogany delivers a rich, warm tone, while the lighter maple offers a bright, clear sound. The blending of these two woods in PRS guitars creates a uniquely versatile tone profile. It’s no secret among the PRS guitar forum enthusiasts that the combination offers an exquisite balance, providing the best of both worlds, equally suited to crunchy rock riffs and smooth jazz solos.

However, what tends to capture the eyes immediately are the striking green PRS finishes. From lush, forest greens to lighter, minty hues, the artisanal attention to detail in these finishes leaps to the forefront. The green electric guitars from the Private Stock are particularly mesmerizing, each one showcasing the high level of craftsmanship PRS is renowned for.

What truly sets PRS apart, however, is the commitment to accuracy and consistency in their finishes. The painstaking process ensures that every guitar, whether from the basic range or a Private Stock piece, is aesthetically flawless and that the finish contributes to a rich, resonant tone.

A green PRS guitar isn’t just an instrument; it’s an orchestration of thoughtful craftsmanship, a parade of premium materials, and elegant finishes. Next, we will delve into how best to procure one of these magnificent guitars, helping you choose the model and finish that capture your unique musical style and personality.

Purchasing Your Green PRS Guitar

Purchasing Your Green PRS Guitar

As I began my journey to buy PRS guitars, I wasn’t exactly aware of the best places to secure a great deal. But, let me tell you, with each purchase I made, I became savvier, eventually identifying the best spots to secure these gems. As a former editor and current journalist, I’ve been privy to the inside scoop on where to find stellar deals. Let’s delve the world of green PRS guitars together and discover where you can lay your hands on one of these magnificent instruments.

Looking for an amazing deal on your green PRS guitar purchase? Stay tuned as I reveal the best places to secure these gems! With years of travel, conducting interviews, and attending guitar expos, I’ve discovered the ultimate sources for everything PRS. Everything from high-end music stores to online platforms that have built reputable profiles in dealing with musicians and their instruments. Let me share my wisdom gathered over the years, on where you might just find your dream green PRS.

My top suggestions will always be direct sellers, where you can trace the origin and history of your instrument, and renowned retailers with substantial years in the industry. However, dig a little deeper. Local classifieds, for instance, can throw up surprising results, often from musicians looking for a quick sell. And remember that “great deal” isn’t just about price, examining the guitar’s condition and its authenticity is equally important.

So, strap in, because we’re all about bringing that perfect green PRS guitar home. It’s a journey, a hunt for that special instrument to make your music deeper, richer, and uniquely yours. And I’m here, not just to guide you, but to share in your excitement at every discovery.

Taking Care of Your Green PRS Guitar

Preventing Fading Finishes

Preventing Fading Finishes

Transitioning from purchasing to actually taking care of your Green PRS Guitar, preventing a fading finish is an essential aspect of electric guitar care you should master. The task is not just about maintaining its aesthetic value, but it’s also about preserving its functionality and overall lifespan. I know how painful it can be to watch a beautiful finish lose its lustre over time—I’ve been there!

Fading guitar finishes often result from exposure to environmental factors like sunlight, heat, moisture, and incorrectly handling your guitar. To prevent this, I recommend creating an optimal storage environment for your instrument when it’s not in use, away from direct sunlight, temperature changes, and moisture. A guitar case can provide excellent protection.

But equally as important is how you handle your electric guitar during use. Consider using PRS Delrin Picks, which are known for their low-friction surface, reducing the chance of incurring any scratches or damage to your guitar finish during play. Remember, it’s not just about the right tools, but about how you use them.

With these proven techniques, you’ll maintain the vibrant green PRS finish, and your beautiful instrument will continue to turn heads for years, looking as fresh as the day you bought it. Care always reflects in longevity, and your green PRS guitar is no exception.

Now that we have covered the prevention of fading finishes, we can more generally explore the other guidelines essential to ensuring that your PRS guitar remains in top playing condition for as long as possible. So, let’s dive right in!

General Care Guidelines

General Care Guidelines

Having immersed ourselves in the rich world of Green PRS guitars, it’s crucial we focus on retaining their unique allure. To ensure the longevity of your electric guitar, certain care guidelines are non-negotiable.

First, be keen on your usage of picks. I cannot overstate the impact of PRS Delrin Picks. Given their unique material, they allow for a gentle interaction with the strings, preserving both the sound quality and material integrity of your guitar.

Beyond that, an understanding of the key elements of electric guitar care forms the backbone to your guitar’s health. Keeping it clean, ensuring appropriate humidity levels, proper string changing and keeping it tightly fastened in its case are practices that shouldn’t be overlooked. These may seem minor, but their cumulative effect ensures your guitar maintains both its stellar look and incredible sound.

As we journey further into specifics, remember that these general care guidelines form the cornerstone of maintaining your Green PRS guitar’s excellence. Taking care of your prized instrument is an art in itself – one that pays off with the sustained beauty and melodious magic of your Green PRS guitar.


What is a Green PRS Guitar?

PRS, or Paul Reed Smith Guitars, is a well-known American manufacturer of electric guitars and basses. A Green PRS Guitar refers to any guitar from PRS that features a green finish. PRS offers a variety of models in green finish such as Custom 24, SE Standard 24, and more, known for their high quality and unique sound.

How to maintain a Green PRS Guitar?

Like any guitar, a Green PRS requires regular maintenance to ensure its longevity. You should regularly clean your guitar with a soft, lint-free cloth and use guitar polish to maintain the finish. Changing the strings and inspecting them for signs of wear should be done regularly. The guitar should be stored in a case when not in use to protect from dust and potential damage.

Where can I purchase a Green PRS Guitar?

Green PRS Guitars can be purchased directly from the PRS website or authorized PRS dealers. Websites like Guitar Center, Sam Ash, and Sweetwater also carry a range of PRS Guitars, including those with green finishes. Additionally, checking out local music stores or online marketplaces can also be promising.


Ever wondered why green PRS guitars continue to captivate players worldwide? Join me as we reflect on the charisma of these magnificent creations. Looking back on the journey through the lush landscapes of PRS guitars, it is evident that the allure of the green PRS guitar stems from its perfect blend of aesthetic beauty, sound superiority, and unmatched durability. From selection, craftsmanship, and even after-sales care, each process adds a layer of magic, entrancing guitarists of all genres and generations.

Drawing from my experience, the masterful execution in creating these instrumental marvels is what sets PRS guitars apart. The personalized touch, careful selection of woods and finishes, all culminate in a piece that is both visually stunning and audibly delightful. Whether you’re an amateur enthusiast or a seasoned professional, a green PRS guitar is a worthy addition to your collection. The marvel continues long after the purchase, with PRS’s committed support helping to maintain the guitar’s enchanting charm.

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