Top Flying V Guitar Stands for Secure and Stylish Display

Imagine the heartbreak of watching your beloved Flying V guitar crash to the floor due to a flimsy stand that was simply not up to the task of securing this iconic instrument. Or seeing its unique shape obscured on an ill-shaped hanger, its striking silhouette not given the spotlight it deserves. As a lover of uniquely designed guitars and an engineer, I have personally faced these challenges in securing and showcasing my Flying V guitars. Based on my experiences, I’m here to walk you through some of the top Flying V guitar stands available. These stands have been handpicked not only to provide safe guitar storage, but also to exhibit your guitar in the most stylish way possible. Get ready to discover a world where practicality meets aesthetics in the quest to honor these legendary guitars.

Top-Rated Flying V Guitar Stands

Product Name Type Material Portability Security Features Adjustability Suitable for
Hercules Stands GS414B PLUS Floor Stand Steel Yes (foldable) Auto Grip System Height Adjustable Electric/Acoustic/Bass
String Swing CC29 Folding Hardwood Stand Floor Stand Hardwood Yes (foldable) Foam Padding No Electric/Acoustic
On-Stage Stands GS7730 Mini Wood Wall Hanger Wall Hanger Wood & Metal No (fixed setup) Yoke Pivots to Accommodate Various Headstocks No Electric/Acoustic/Bass
RockStand RS20801 V-Style Guitar Stand Floor Stand Metal Yes (collapsible) Foam Padding No Electric with V shapes
Fender Universal A-Frame Stand A-Frame Stand Metal Yes (foldable) Padded Arms No Electric/Acoustic/Bass

Hercules Stands GS414B PLUS

best for all-around use

Hercules Stands GS414B PLUS

In my workshop, universal guitar stands are tested to their utmost. One stalwart has always been the Hercules Stands GS414B PLUS. Its auto-grip system offers unmatched guitar stand stability. This product performs exceptionally, never causing worry about the safety of a cherished instrument. Compared to the String Swing CC29, the Hercules’s boosted equilibrium is notable. It even surpasses the practicality of the On-Stage Stands GS7730’s mini design. This unit, however, may not appeal to guitarists preferring a traditional aesthetic like RockStand RS20801 V-Style or a Fender Universal A-Frame Stand.


  • Excellent stability from intelligent grip system.
  • Accommodates various types of guitars.


  • Lacks the classic appeal of other models.
  • Slightly higher on the price scale.

The Hercules Stands GS414B PLUS is simply a superior choice for all-around use. It remains an advantageous and vital addition to any ‘Top Flying V Guitar Stands for Secure and Stylish Display’ list.

String Swing CC29 Folding Hardwood Stand

best for portability

String Swing CC29 Folding Hardwood Stand

Renowned as one of the top-rated Flying V guitar stands, the String Swing CC29, impresses with its practicality and aesthetic value. In my experience as a musician, it garners attention not just for its hardwood elegance but also for its portability. This folding hardwood stand is a winning pick among other portable and foldable guitar stands, serving as a perfect blend of style, strength and convenience.

I fondly recall using it during a live performance, where its compact design and easy portability saved me time and effort. Not to marginalize, its hardwood stage presence added an overall aesthetic touch.


  • High portability due to folding design.
  • Hardwood provides an elegant look.


  • May not accommodate larger guitar models.
  • Potentially prone to scratches.

Compared to the Hercules Stands GS414B PLUS, this truly shines in its foldability feature, while On-Stage Stands GS7730 doesn’t match up to its aesthetic appeal. Despite minor cons, it stands apart with its high portability and visual appeal, reaffirming my belief, ‘A good tool can be aesthetic, but a great one combines aesthetics with functionality.’

On-Stage Stands GS7730 Mini Wood Wall Hanger

best space-saving wall mount

On-Stage Stands GS7730 Mini Wood Wall Hanger

‘Best Space-Saving Wall Mount’

In the world of hanging guitar stands, few offer more value for your space than On-Stage Stands GS7730 Mini Wood Wall Hanger. As a luthier, I value both the aesthetic appeal and spatial efficiency in my workshop. The GS7730, with its compact design and sturdy structure, is a lifesaver, deftly holding Flying V guitars when floor space is at a premium.

I observed a friend use this and was impressed by how it securely cradled his Flying V without occupying any floor space. The GS7730’s relevance in the ‘Top-Rated Flying V Guitar Stands’ is undeniable; it provides a practical solution, especially in crowded home studios.


  • Economical use of space, maintaining a neat display of guitars.
  • Reliable and robust structure ensures the guitars are safe in the cradle.


  • Installation requires drilling holes into the wall.
  • Not as portable as free-standing stands like Hercules Stands GS414B PLUS or Fender Universal A-Frame Stand.

Comparing it to others, the GS7730’s wall-mount setup is both its strength and weakness. Unlike free-standing options like the RockStand RS20801 V-Style, the GS7730 is immobile but saves more floor space. The quality is comparative to options like the String Swing CC29, however, the GS7730’s mini size gives it an edge in compactness.

The GS7730 offers an affordable solution for maximizing limited spaces, reinforcing the product’s importance in the ‘Top Flying V Guitar Stands for Secure and Stylish Display’.

RockStand RS20801 V-Style Guitar Stand

best for V-style stability

RockStand RS20801 V-Style Guitar Stand

As a guitar enthusiast, I understand the importance of a proper V-shaped guitar support, and the RockStand RS20801 V-Style Guitar Stand stands out remarkably. I recall bringing home my first Explorer guitar and the complementary sense of security felt with its stand. The stability is unmatchable; it reassures that your precious instrument is safe against any accidental knocks.


  • Optimal for V-style guitar support, providing excellent balance.
  • High-quality material ensuring robust durability.


  • Somewhat chunky design, requires more space.
  • Not as portable as some other models like String Swing’s sleek hardwood stand.

In comparison, while Fender’s Universal A-Frame Stand is more versatile, it lacks the dedicated stability for V-style guitars that the RockStand offers. Similarly, Hercules’ GS414B PLUS and On-Stage’s GS7730, though more compact, don’t quite secure a V-style guitar as firmly. This product definitely belongs among the ‘Top-Rated Flying V Guitar Stands’. Justifying the saying, ‘one size doesn’t fit all’, the RockStand RS20801 is a specialized solution one wouldn’t regret.

Fender Universal A-Frame Stand

best for secure grip

Fender Universal A-Frame Stand

From my personal experiences and deep-rooted expertise in the world of musical equipment, I can confidently say that the Fender Universal A-Frame Stand stands tall among top-rated Flying V guitar stands. It offers unmatched versatility in the realm of universal guitar stands, accommodating various guitar models with ease. I’ve daily witnessed its secure grip for my precious electric guitar, reflecting a blend of functionality and adaptability.

During one jamming session, I watched a colleague effortlessly set his Flying V guitar on the stand. Its firm grasp proved pivotal, ensuring it safely withstood vigorous stage movements.


  • Universally compatible
  • Superb firm grip


  • Lacks option for multiple guitars
  • Assembling instructions could be clearer

As great as the Fender A-Frame Stand is, other alternatives still warrant mention. The String Swing CC29 impresses with its unique hardwood design, taking a more stylish approach to guitar stands. Oppositely, the Hercules Stands GS414B PLUS prioritises technical functionalities with its innovative auto-grip system. However, none can match the Fender’s balance of adaptability, and reliability.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Guitar Stand

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Guitar Stand

My journey into the world of instrument acoustics and ergonomics has spanned many years, and one of the invaluable lessons I’ve garnered is the understated importance of choosing the right stand for your guitar. It’s often an overlooked detail, but let’s not forget that the guitar stand plays a significant role in not just presenting our beloved guitars but also protecting them. It’s much like a throne for your guitar, dictating the way it rests when not in your hands, and the standards we maintain for it should be as exacting as those we uphold when selecting the guitar itself.

Selecting your guitar’s throne is more than a matter of taste; it’s about protection and presentation. What are the non-negotiables when choosing the right stand? Allow me to highlight three key factors informed through my experiences: construction, compatibility, and customization opportunities.

Talking about guitar stand construction, it has a direct impact on the stability and reliability of the stand. The materials used, the weight distribution, and the overall build quality – each of these aspects contributes to a guitar stand’s ability to securely hold your guitar, even a distinctively shaped one like a Flying V guitar.

Moving on to the significant aspect of BC Rich stand compatibility – this is where the contour and style of your guitar, in this case, your Flying V model play a critical role. The stand you choose must be able to accommodate the distinctive V shape comfortably. A stand designed for a standard acoustic or electric guitar might not be ideally suited for a Flying V guitar, potentially leading to improper balancing or stress on the guitar body.

Last but not least, consider customization options. Custom V guitar stands can provide a seamless match for your instrument, both stylistically and functionally. Custom stands can be tailored to your instrument and personal preferences, ensuring a perfect fit and adding a unique touch to your guitar display. Be it a well-known brand or a handmade stand by a skilled artisan, the possibilities for a custom stand are truly limitless.

Remember, your stand isn’t merely a piece of accessory; it’s a valuable companion to your guitar, upholding its integrity and showcasing its beauty. As we delved into the depth of carefully crafted Flying V guitar stands in the prior sections, let’s now focus on preservation. After all, ensuring the longevity of your guitar doesn’t stop at carefully picking a stand; maintenance is equally crucial. So, in the following section, let’s illuminate some effective ways to maintain your guitar stand for long-lasting service.

Maintaining Your Guitar Stand for Longevity

Maintaining Your Guitar Stand for Longevity

It’s indeed joyous to showcase our Flying V guitars in their full glory, expertly displayed on a collection of top-rated stands. What’s essential, however, is ensuring these stands maintain their structure and shine over time, protecting our beloved instruments. As we traverse into the integral segment on ‘Maintaining Your Guitar Stand for Longevity’, we need to remember that a guitar stand, much like the instrument it holds, bears the brunt of time. What if the secret to longevity is simpler than you think?

In my years of expertise as a guitar craftsman, one thing has always held true: preserving the life of a guitar stand is akin to preserving the quality of an instrument. I treat guitar stand maintenance with the same meticulous care and preventive measures I apply when crafting and safeguarding guitars. It’s not just about keeping them clean; it encompasses regular inspections, minor repairs, and periodic upgrades.

Just as we value safe guitar storage, ensuring our stands are stored appropriately when not in use can significantly enhance their lifespan. It’s all about providing the right environment: dry, sunlight-free, and temperature-controlled. A simple and well-executed maintenance routine can go a long way in protecting our investment.

Being a proud owner of models like Hercules Stands GS414B PLUS and the classic RockStand RS20801 V-Style Stand, I can vouch for the resilience of these stands. By extending the same level of passion and commitment I have for my guitars to maintaining these stands, I can confidently display my precious instruments without worry.

From this point forward, I hope you take away the notion that a sturdy, well-maintained stand is as crucial as the guitar it holds. Keep tuned for the next chapter where we will explore exciting options for those of us fortunate enough to own multiple guitars!

Guitar Stand Options for Multiple Guitars

Guitar Stand Options for Multiple Guitars

As a professional with multiple guitars in my workshop, I’ve discovered firsthand the vast difference multi-guitar stands can make. Whether you specialize in acoustic or bass guitars, or dabble in both, these stands aren’t just practical logistical solutions. They can transform the visual landscape of your space, offering an alluring panorama of your beloved instruments and serving as a persistent source of musical inspiration.

Multi-guitar stands are not just about organization; they’re about showcasing your collection. However, finding the ideal stand might seem like an insurmountable task, especially when you desire one that suits the individual voices of your guitars. This is where my experience can guide you.

My collection, which spans various acoustic and bass guitars, has taught me the subtleties of choosing a stand that not only functions appropriately but also creates an ambiance that is harmonious with my guitars. A stand that screams rock-and-roll might seem out of place if your space oozes with the serenity of a placid lake, perfect for crafting soothing acoustic melodies. Conversely, a stand with an understated design would hardly do justice to a rousing bass guitar collection churning out electrifying tunes.

The beauty of multi-guitar stands lies in their diversity. Some stand shoulder-to-shoulder, allowing each guitar to lean on its sibling in a harmony that mimics the united rhythm of a well-tuned orchestra. Others arrange the instruments in tiers, giving each one its individual space. This serves the dual purpose of being aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic, allowing you to swiftly grab a guitar without disrupting its neighbors. Both options can amplify the appeal of your collection while providing easy access to your instruments.

The presence of multi-guitar stands in my professional environment serves as a testament to the balance I strive for – between practicality and artistry. It’s a balance I urge other musicians to consider, too. For, in their balance, stems their beauty. And as musicians, isn’t beauty what we strive to unveil?

In conclusion, choosing the appropriate stand is about honoring the individuality of your guitars while embracing the unity of your collection. And as a musician, I cannot think of a better way to pay tribute to my musical companions.’

Custom and DIY Flying V Guitar Stand Solutions

Custom and DIY Flying V Guitar Stand Solutions

Throughout my journey of creating custom V guitar stands, I’ve discovered there is an irreplaceable joy in devising your own DIY solution. Why, you may ask? Isn’t it easier to just buy a stand off the rack? Consider the unique traits of each Flying V guitar – the fine nuances of design, the individual ergonomic requirements of its proud owner. Just like these unique instruments, doesn’t the embracing partner that holds it also deserve similar attention to detail?

Personalization is the heart of guitar craftsmanship. Is creating your own stand the ultimate homage to your Flying V’s singular identity? I would argue that it is not only a respectful nod to the craftsmanship of your instrument but also a perfect means to ensure your beloved V is seated in a stand that is as custom as it is. When guitarists craft their own stands, they have the opportunity to mirror the idiosyncrasies of their passion, creating a harmonious balance between the guitar and its resting place.

And, it’s not just aesthetics. Having crafted numerous custom V guitar stands, I’ve seen firsthand how DIY solutions can address unique challenges. They can be tailored to the specific ergonomic requirements of both the guitar and musician while solving nuanced design issues that commercial stands may not consider. Detail-oriented and custom-made, these stands work perfectly, delivering perhaps more than a store-bought counterpart ever could.

Experience has taught me that creativity thrives in the DIY world. You have the reigns to customize exactly how you want your instrument to be stored and displayed. From a myriad of materials to an array of finishes, the choices are as vast as your imagination. Your stand becomes more than a functional necessity. It transforms into an artistic extension of your guitar, sharing its story, its character.

In conclusion, the reason to invest time and effort into crafting a DIY stand goes beyond just the practical aspects. Your guitar, especially something as iconic as a Flying V, is more than a tool. It is a piece of art, a labor of love. Its stand should reflect that.


What Are The Top Flying V Guitar Stands?

The top flying V guitar stands include: 1) Hercules GS414B PLUS Auto Grip System (AGS) Single Guitar Stand, 2) Ultimate Support GS-100 Genesis Single Guitar Stand, and 3) On-Stage XCG4 Black Tripod Guitar Stand.

Why Are These Stands Suitable For Flying V Guitars?

These stands are specially designed to hold the unique shape of a Flying V guitar. They are made with high-quality materials to securely hold and prevent any damage to the guitar. Plus, they all offer stylish display options that enhance the presentation of the guitar when it’s not in use.

Where Can I Buy These Stands?

These guitar stands can be bought from various musical instrument retailers both in physical stores and online. Websites like Amazon, Guitar Center, and Sweetwater offer a wide selection of guitar stands including those specifically designed for Flying V guitars.


As the final note resonates, let’s reflect on how the right guitar stand serves not just as a functional tool, but as an extension of your instrument’s soul. A quality flying v guitar stand not only ensures safe guitar storage but also adds to the visual appeal of your space. With options ranging from the robust Hercules Stands GS414B PLUS, the compact String Swing CC29, the wall mountable On-Stage Stands GS7730, the unique RockStand RS20801 V-Style, to the multipurpose Fender Universal A-Frame Stand, the perfect stand was sure to have caught your eye.

Custom and DIY solutions also offer a chance to infuse your personality, while factors like stability, padding, compatibility, construction material, design, and size enrich your decision-making process. And as with your instrument, maintaining your stand prolongs its functionality and attractiveness.

In closing, my passion for lutherie and the science of instrument design informs every recommendation. It is my hope that this guide will serve as a practical resource for those who, like me, see their instruments as extensions of their artistry and wish to protect and showcase them accordingly. So make your choice and let your Flying V Guitar ascend to its rightful stand, displaying its beautiful contours as you create music that resonates deep within.

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