Rocking with the EVH Striped Series Circles Guitar: A Detailed Review

Imagine hearing the rich, resonant sound of a rock n’ roll classic echoing from Eddie Van Halen’s favorite – the legendary EVH Striped Series Circles guitar. This narrative isn’t just a music lover’s dream but is the exceptional reality we’re about to delve into. Just as the effortless guitar riffs left music enthusiasts hanging in awe back in the day, I will allow you to soak in the anticipation a little bit longer, as we unravel the marvel of this iconic instrument through this detailed review.

Now you might be wondering: just how does the EVH Striped Series Circles guitar manage such distinctive sound and performance? Perhaps it’s because the circles design isn’t merely an aesthetic throwback. Yes, it pays homage to Van Halen’s artistry, but behind the energizing imagery, there’s a technological masterpiece. But of course, we’ll dig deeper and reveal these secrets as we progress.

I, Michael Molenda, former Editor in Chief of Guitar Player magazine, have had the privilege to explore the stunning world of Eddie Van Halen guitars. With my years of experience and innumerable guitar reviews under my belt, I dissect the EVH Striped Series Circles guitar for you. Across this fascinating journey, we’ll unravel this rock legend’s mysteries together, analyzing its unique design, performance, and sound, while also acknowledging its cultural impact and heritage.

So, buckle up, dear sonic adventurer. It’s about to be one thrilling ride, as we rock along with the EVH Striped Series Circles guitar.

Design Analysis

Guitar Aesthetics

Guitar Aesthetics

Within the sphere of design analysis, guitar aesthetics holds an exceptional place, carefully balancing visual appeal and practical application. This aspect is abundantly clear in the EVH guitar designs, specifically the EVH Striped Series Circles Guitar.

Over my career, I’ve had the opportunity to observe and appreciate a plethora of guitar designs. However, the EVH Circles finish sets itself apart. Harmoniously combining ergonomics with robust aesthetics, it is not simply a statement of personal choice but of meticulous craftsmanship and musical ingenuity.

The EVH Circles finish exudes a sense of dynamic motion, evocative of the pulsating rhythms and rousing rock anthems, subtly capturing the quintessence of rock music itself. The clean stripes juxtaposed with colored circles creates a captivating visual symphony, effectively translating the guitar’s sonic prowess into a tangible, visual form.

Moreover, the EVH guitar designs do not compromise performance at the expense of aesthetics. The sleek body contouring ensures playability remains pristine, while the careful layering of the paintwork protects and preserves the guitar’s physical integrity. The result is both visually striking and functionally significant.

Thus, the unique confluence of functionality and aesthetics embodied in the EVH Circles finish contributes seamlessly to the larger narrative of holistic guitar design. Guitar aesthetics or visual character, therefore, is not an isolated facet but deeply influences and is influenced by, the overall design and performance of the guitar.

Moving on to unique graphics, we begin to see how the EVH Striped Series Circles Guitar further sets itself apart in terms of visual diversity, adding another layer of depth to this dynamic instrument.

Unique Graphics

Unique Graphics

Having analysed countless guitars throughout my career, the contribution of unique graphics towards overall design cannot be overstated. The Black and White Crop Circles Graphic on the EVH Striped Series Circles guitar is testament to this fact. It’s not merely a component of the guitar; it encapsulates an entire vibe and aesthetic.

These graphics are not just a feast for the eyes, they add an extra dimension to the guitar, making a profound statement. The contrast of black and white conveys a paradox of simplicity, yet intricacy. This duality aligns harmoniously with the duality of a music instrument: masterful simplicity, creating complex music. As such, I think the graphics play a crucial role in the overall design, intrinsically tied to how we perceive and appreciate the guitar. Hence, when discussing design analysis, one can’t overlook the importance of unique graphics like these.

So, when we talk about the ‘benefits’ within the FAB model, we must count the visual appeal alongside functional aspects. Never underestimate the power of aesthetics: it’s the first impression and it matters. The guitar’s unique graphics are indeed a captivating sight that adds tremendous value, affirming the EVH Striped Series Circles guitar’s place in a league of its own!

Performance and Playability

Impressive Playability

Impressive Playability

As an extension of our discussion on ‘Performance and Playability’, the notion of ‘Impressive Playability’ holds a premium spot. This crucial measure of an electric guitar’s worth, seemingly, materializes exceptionally well in the EVH Striped Series Circles guitar. A significant factor contributing to this is its maple fingerboard.

In my extensive experience, I’ve come to appreciate a guitar’s playability as a distinct indicator of its quality. It reveals the exactness of its design and incorporation of features that contribute to ease and comfort during play. The EVH Striped Series Circles guitar truly excels in this aspect.

The maple fingerboard, a staple of this model, offers a combination of playability and aesthetic appeal. It assures a smooth touch, allowing your fingers to dance across the frets with finesse.

But the impressive playability of this electric guitar is not merely restricted to its fingerboard. Its overall construction, compact and reliable, along with strategic hardware placement, resonates with its playability, letting the guitarist focus purely on the music.

Drawing from my countless hours of guitar testing and review, I can confidently vouch for the impressive playability of the EVH Striped Series Circles guitar. Its quality exceeds far beyond its price range, making it a trusted companion for everyone from beginners to professionals.

So, as we delve deeper into the enchanting world of these guitars, the significance of playability cannot be dismissed. And EVH Striped Series Circles guitar, meeting the loftiest of standards, stands as a telling testament to how playability should indeed be a crucial factor when selecting your next guitar. Let’s now move on to explore the guitar’s ‘Sound Quality and Range’ – an equally crucial component in our comprehensive review.

Sound Quality and Range

Sound Quality and Range

Comparing the sound quality and range of the EVH Striped Series Circles guitar to other guitars I’ve tested is akin to distinguishing a virtuoso amidst budding musicians—it simply stands out. Underneath its artistic exterior lies an unmatched sound quality and range that enhances its performance and playability.

Having listened to a myriad of guitar tones over the course of my career, I admit the unleashed raw power of this instrument’s Unchained guitar tone had me awestruck. Its distinctive rumbling undertones paired with piercing highs not only allows an intricate balance of sounds but also strengthens your control over the musical output.

Versatility also comes in abundance, as the wide range of tones provided by the Striped Series affords you the ability to experiment with sounds. From the shredding highs of metal riffs to the soulful lows of blues chords, this guitar will faithfully resonate your unique style. However, the true beauty comes forth when this range is explored to its fullest—creating a musical canvas that can only be described as van Halen-esque.

In terms of performance and playability, a guitar’s sound must harmonize with its player. This is where the EVH Striped Series Circles guitar excels. It embodies a sonic prowess that is firmly rooted in its comprehensive sound range. Its well-delineated tones ensure that your every strum, pick, or slide is adequately highlighted across various music genres.

So, does the sound quality and range of the EVH Striped Series Circles guitar contribute positively to its performance and playability? My experience unequivocally says yes. With the wide range of tones it offers, each note beautifully rendered, I believe this guitar can truly enrich your musical journey.

Cultural Impact and Heritage

Cultural Impact and Heritage

Before delving deeper into the cultural impact and heritage of the EVH Striped Series Circles guitar, let me provide some scope. As an experienced music journalist, I’ve seen firsthand how the music world orbits around revolutionary instruments like this. Guitar collector’s items are not just collectables; they’re symbols of music history and catalysts of cultural shifts. They reflect the zeitgeist of an era and carry the legacy of an artist. But what makes the EVH Striped Series Circles guitar so special?

Think back to Eddie Van Halen’s monumental influence on rock music and the firm, indelible prints he left on its evolution. His unimaginable skills, coupled with his innovative guitar designs, resonated with a generation of rock enthusiasts and inspired many up-and-coming artists.

Ever wondered how Eddie Van Halen’s guitars have shaped music culture? Get ready for a journey through music history. Eddie Van Halen guitars are not just guitars; they’re an extension of his creative genius, a testament to his trailblazing spirit in music and design. The Striped Series Circles embodies this spirit and his legacy.

Being a part of multiple music websites, I’ve had the privilege of seeing this impact firsthand. From young musicians in awe of Van Halen’s prowess being hooked to their Van Halen guitar picks, to seasoned professionals whose eyes light up adding the Striped Series Circles to their collection. It’s a symbol of prestige, a nod to a legend, and encompasses decades of rock music history.

But the impact goes beyond just the music industry. These guitars have become cultural tokens, permeating various layers of society. They’re representations of a distinct era, echoing the psychedelic echoes of 80s rock. It’s their symbolic value that turns them into collector’s items. The Striped Series Circles, with its iconic black and white design and powerful sound, certainly fits into this category.

As we progress through this review, you’ll see how the music, the design, and the legacy come together in the Striped Series Circles guitar. It’s the embodiment of Van Halen’s genius and a vibrant cultural icon in the music world. It’s more than just an instrument; it’s a piece of heritage, carrying forward the grandeur of Eddie Van Halen.’

Customer Experiences

Customer Experiences

Over the years, I’ve had the privileged opportunity to chime in on many different guitars, sharing my insights and experiences with all manner of instruments. This spectrum has only further honed my skills in interpreting and elucidating the experiences of others. So, what happens when I tap into this vast repository of knowledge and focus on the EVH Striped Series Circles guitar? Let’s dive in and explore the customer experiences that define this custom EVH guitar.

What do players truly feel when they pick up an EVH Striped Series Circles guitar? Let’s find out. Through countless hours of guitar demos and hands-on experiences, players have shared a consistent thread of feedback. One that anchors the essence of this guitar in its palpable design aesthetics, superior playability, and incomparable sound.

Many players are immediately struck by the unique, graphically intense finish of the guitar that’s not just visually appealing, but rich in rock history too. This custom EVH guitar certainly makes a statement even before it’s played. Players appreciate this unique design element, acknowledging the sense of personality and style it lends to their performances.

When it comes to playability, the EVH Striped Series Circles guitar lives up to, even exceeds expectations. From beginners to seasoned pros, the feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Players commend the low action and weight distribution making it an effortless play regardless of style or skill level. Seamless transitions, nimble navigation up and down the fretboard, and unrivalled picking accuracy have been frequently reported, testament to the superior design of the neck and fretboard.

The sound? This is where the guitar truly shines, and players agree. The versatile tonal range offered by this guitar is simply astounding. Whether it’s crisp, clean tones or some kickin’ high-output rock, the EVH Striped Series Circles guitar delivers consistently, much to the delight of the players. There’s a resonant depth and character to the sound which is pleasing to both players and audiences alike.

In conclusion, players consistently express immense satisfaction with the guitar, often citing it as one of the best they’ve ever experienced. A hefty claim, but one that is largely supported by the recurring theme of positive feedback across the guitar community. The EVH Striped Series Circles guitar is more than just a musical instrument – it’s an experience, and a superlative one at that.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability

Brace yourselves, dear readers, for the all-important question: What will it cost to own a piece of this iconic guitar heritage? Let’s dive into the financial details.

Drawing on years of assessing guitar value and cost, I can confidently say that owning a Custom EVH guitar is a significant investment, but well worth every penny. Ascending the emblematic ladder of EVH gear, the Striped Series Circles guitar, in particular, has a price tag that upholds its sterling reputation while reflecting its high-quality features.

The price you’d shell out for the EVH Striped Series Circles guitar, with its unique graphics and impressive playability, aligns with its premium quality. It’s not just a guitar; it’s a physical embodiment of rock ‘n’ roll legacy. This is more than simply an instrument; it’s a ticket to an exclusive club filled with rock ‘n’ roll enthusiasts.

While the price can be a bit heavy on the pocket for some, bear in mind that you’re investing in a rock legend’s heritage. Availability, on the other hand, can be sporadic, especially with the Striped Series Circles model’s popularity soaring high. I would advise those of you eager to get your hands on one to remain alert for any stocking updates or exclusive deals.

Despite its significant cost and occasional scarcity, rest assured that the exhilaration of strumming those strings on a genuine, Custom EVH guitar far outweighs the expense and effort.

So, to savor the unique blend of exemplary sound, outstanding design, and heritage, keep an eye on the availability of the Striped Series Circles model. Remember, the universe of rock ‘n’ roll is all about passion, intensity, and longing. Secure your claim to this exhilarating legacy with the perfect EVH gear.


What is the EVH Striped Series Circles Guitar like?

The EVH Striped Series Circles Guitar is a striking instrument with an iconic design. Itís a complete reproduction of Eddie Van Halenís recognisable ìCirclesî or ìUnchainedî guitar, with the unique black-and-white ìcrop circlesî graphic. The guitar boasts a powerful and bright tone, perfect for rock music.

How does the EVH Striped Series Circles Guitar perform?

The guitar performs superbly. It features direct-mount EVH Wolfgang humbucking pickups that produce a robust sound, while the EVH-branded FU-Tone bridge and R3 locking nut facilitate precise pitch control. In conjunction with a single volume knob (labelled ‘tone’), these features contribute to the guitar’s massive sound and tonal versatility for various genres, not just rock.

What about the design and construction of EVH Striped Series Circles Guitar?

The EVH Striped Series Circles Guitar features a basswood body and a sturdy one-piece, quartersawn maple neck. It adopts a unique ìcrop circlesî motif in black and white that gives it an impressive visual identity. The neck is oil-finished for a sleek, faster feel while playing, and the guitar’s 12î-16î compound-radius ensures phenomenally smooth and facile playability.

Does the EVH Striped Series Circles Guitar deliver value for money?

Absolutely. The EVH Striped Series Circles Guitar delivers terrific value for its price. The combination of exemplary aesthetics, powerful sound, adaptability to various music styles, robust construction, and easy playability makes this instrument a worthy investment for any passionate guitar player, especially those who are fans of Eddie Van Halen and his music.


Is the EVH Striped Series Circles guitar the ultimate masterpiece in Eddie Van Halen’s collection? Stick around to find out. Reflecting on my musical journey, the EVH Striped Series Circles guitar combines design, aesthetics, and impressive playability.

Having spent over two decades writing on guitars, its unique graphics and quality resonate with me personally. The sound quality and range is exemplary, evoking the quintessential Eddie Van Halen vibes. The EVH Striped Series Circles guitar’s cultural impact and heritage add another layer of depth to it, greatly enhancing the player’s experience.

Reviewing customer experiences and considering its pricing and availability, the guitar is worth the investment for any avid Eddie Van Halen admirer. Its allure goes beyond its distinct stripes; it’s a statement piece that mirrors the legend’s creativity.

In conclusion, the EVH Striped Series Circles guitar is a fascinating blend of form and function, and a testament to Eddie Van Halen’s ingenuity. It’s more than just an instrument, it’s a part of music history.

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