Review of: Epiphone Les Paul Standard Guitar

by Brian Lamacraft

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Review

  • Awesome authentic-looking Les Paul
  • Has all of the basic features of the regular guitar
  • Comes in several attractive colors to meet everyone’s needs
  • Has very good pickups produced by Epiphone
  • It lacks the full classic Gibson Les Paul sound
  • Has less detail than the Gibson Les Paul does
  • The wood used to produce the guitar could be better

With the Epiphone Les Paul Standard, you are looking at a Les Paul just a lower version of it produced by Epiphone. This guitar really stands out and looks amazing. It has all of the basic features that a Gibson Les Paul does just at a lower price. You will get the same authentic and vintage tones that the Gibson Les Paul produces for the most part with this instrument. If you’ve ever wanted to own a Les Paul but don’t have the money to buy the authentic version, this Epiphone guitar is the next best thing that you can buy.


Full Detailed Epiphone Les Paul Standard Review

The Gibson Les Paul Standard is a cutting-edge electric guitar that many people dream of owning but never do simply for the fact that it costs thousands of dollars.

This guitar has been played in history by many famous players including Jimmy Page, Slash, Randy Rhoads, and countless rock and metal guitar players.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard - 1

In fact, it’s been played in almost all genres of music. now you can own this classical guitar by purchasing Gibson’s lower-cost brand which has almost everything the Les Paul has just at a lower price point.

Let’s have a look at my Epiphone Les Paul Standard review to see just how good this guitar is actually is.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Tones

Instrument receives almost a 10 out of 10 for tones that it produces.

The reason for this is that this is a very nicely put together guitar and sounds about as authentic to a regular Gibson Les Paul that you possibly can get without the major price tag. You’ll be able to get many different sounds of this guitar.

It’s perfect for rock, blues, metal, country, Jazz, and many other musical styles.

There’s not much that this guitar can’t do and it doesn’t cost the thousands of dollars that the regular Gibson Les Paul does.

Naturally, the guitar is not quite as close as a regular Gibson Les Paul is but it comes pretty close to those tones so you’re not going to be disappointed when you purchase this instrument if you want that authentic sound that the authentic guitar does.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Playability

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard is a very playable guitar you will not have a lot of trouble with this instrument.

It’s easy to move up and down the neck of the guitar it is smooth and it is fast.

It’s perfect for both Rhythm and lead guitar playing and if you want to rock out with your favorite lead guitar solos, this guitar is perfect because it has a nice cutaway where you can access the top frets.

You get 22 medium jumbo frets so the guitar is suitable for most songs.

You shouldn’t have any problem playing lead guitar as well as chords on this instrument as it is a very natural playing guitar that feels great in your hand.  

It takes a bit of time to get used to the weight of it but it shouldn’t bother you after you’ve been playing for some time.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Hardware

Epiphone Les Paul Standard - 4
Rock solid hardware

Now we get down to the best part about this instrument and that is the hardware.

It comes with both two tone controls and two volume controls. These come standard on the regular Les Paul so it’s great that they are included in this instrument.

You also get the toggle switch so you can switch between the bridge and the neck pickup which the regular guitar has as well.

It also comes with the nice angled pick guard so you can pick the instrument and not damage the finish. The pickups in this guitar all nice as they are Epiphone Alnico Classics.

There is a humbucker in both the bridge and the neck position like a regular Les Paul.

The instrument also has the standard Tune-o-Matic bridge which helps keep the instrument in tune and it facilitates easy changing of the strings.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard - 3
Humbucker Pickup

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Value

The Gibson Epiphone Les Paul Standard gets full marks in terms of value. You simply cannot get a better-sounding “Les Paul” style guitar on the market.

This one comes as close as possible that you can get to the real deal and it sounds amazing.

This is a perfect guitar for anyone that wants to learn guitar or has been playing for some time and wants to step up in terms of the instrument that they play.

You will get a lot of replay value out of this instrument and it’s going to last you for a long time.

It has excellent sound and it is well worth the modest price that you pay for it. There is not really a whole lot that is wrong with this instrument and you are going to enjoy it as much as I do.

Who is the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Guitar Suited For?

The best part about this instrument is it is suited for anyone.

It is perfect for a beginner that wants an excellent instrument to learn on. It’s a nice step up for an intermediate player who wants to play a Gibson Les Paul but can’t afford one.

This one produces amazing authentic style Les Paul sounds without that enormous price tag.

The guitar is also well suited for a professional who wants that Les Paul sounds as well but simply can’t afford the regular Les Paul.

For anyone looking for this type of sound, this Epiphone is a great choice because it comes so close to those authentic tones and it is well worth the price.

So this guitar really is the perfect choice for almost anyone that likes that style of instrument.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Review: Build and Finish

Epiphone Les Paul Standard - 7

This guitar is very well built with attention to detail.

The body is made with mahogany and the top is a maple veneer so it’s built to last you a long time.

The neck is a 1960’s Slim Taper, D profile which I very comfortable on your hand as you play. The neck joint is a glue-in style and the truss rod is fully adjustable.

The guitar comes in many different finishes such as ebony, sunburst, metallic gold top, Pelham blue, and cardinal red so you have a lot of options to meet your individual tastes.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard: Feel and Action

Epiphone Les Paul Standard - 2
Mahogany neck

This guitar feels amazing thanks to the slim neck. You will be able to play many styles of music with ease on this instrument.

The cutaway allows you easy access to the upper frets.

The guitar is already set up nicely so you won’t have to make any major adjustments to it.

Use the truss rod to adjust the neck and lower or raise your action at the bridge to get it comfortable the way you like.

See a guitar tech if you need help with this but for most this guitar plays great out of the box.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard: Overall Sound

This Epiphone sounds very nice for a mid-priced guitar and it’s perfect for basically whatever you want to play.

This guitar comes about as close to a real Les Paul as you can get so it’s going to be a guitar that you’ll love to play.

There is a wide range of different tones you can get out of it and it has all the basic hardware that a Les Paul Standard has so you can produce a lot of nice music with this instrument.

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Epiphone Les Paul Standard Review - 2

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This finishes our Epiphone Les Paul Standard review. This guitar has everything you need to make great music. It comes very close to a real Les Paul without that big price tag. The guitar just looks amazing and it’s very easy to play.

I feel that this is the top lineup in the Epiphone brand and the Standard is well worth this mid-range price you play, so start jamming today!

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