Epiphone ES 335 Pro Review: Play Jazz Guitar Like Never Before

Review of: Epiphone ES 335 Pro Guitar

by Brian Lamacraft

Epiphone ES 335 Pro Review
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This guitar is a full-featured guitar for many guitar styles like blues or jazz. This guitar is like the one B.B King played who was a very famous Blues guitar player. It has F holes so it produces both an acoustic sound as well as an electric sound. You get a nice booming guitar tone out of this instrument. The guitar also has two humbucking pickups for a full sound that you will enjoy. If you have ever wanted a top-quality guitar for this type of music, this is an ideal choice.

Full Detailed Epiphone ES 335 Pro Review

There are many different Jazz guitars on the market that you can buy. The main problem you face when looking at a jazz guitar is that they can be quite expensive. You need to do a lot of research to find one that meets your budget. It can be quite confusing because there are many different makes and models of guitars. it’s often hard to choose the right guitar to meet your needs.

If you have been looking for a high-quality jazz guitar that isn’t expensive Epiphone is a good choice. This is the lower-cost brand of the Gibson Guitar Company. This company makes excellent guitars, when you want to save money but still have a high-quality instrument. Here is my Epiphone ES 335 Pro review to see if this jazz style guitar is one that you’ll want to buy.

Rating for this guitar is in the tone, playability, hardware, and value categories. We look at these categories below in detail so it’s easier for you to make a buying decision.


One of the first things you’ll notice about this instrument is that it has excellent tone. You get a wide range of sounds out of it. For anyone that wants to play jazz or blues, this instrument is capable of handling those tasks with ease. You get an excellent acoustic style sound out of it thanks to the f-hole design. the f-holes enhance The Sound by a wide margin and the notes will boom out of the guitar and sound very clean. the f-hole design makes the instrument ideal for playing complex chords.

The humbucking pickups further improve the sound of the guitar. It allows you to produce many different tones with ease. You won’t have much of a problem creating the sounds that you want with this Epiphone ES 335 Pro.


Epiphone ES 335 Pro - back

This Epiphone ES 335 Pro review looked at the playability as well. This instrument is very easy to play. it has a responsive and neck which is perfect for both rhythm or lead guitar playing.  You won’t have any problems playing the neck on the guitar. I found that the guitar played how wanted it right out of the box. There was no need for an extensive setup and I didn’t have to change anything. The cutaway on the guitar also enhances the playability. You can hit the upper register frets without fighting the neck. It also has a glue in neck joint which goes through the body. The neck joint doesn’t get in the way of your hand while you’re trying to play. Some other guitars are quite a cumbersome near the neck joint and it gets in the way of your hands. This guitar doesn’t suffer from that problem so it’s easier for you to play.


This instrument shines when it comes to the hardware. It features two humbucking pickups. There are Alnico Classic known for their good tone. you get to volume, two tones, and a pickup selector switch. These knobs control the pickups and change their sound. Similar guitars to this one only have one tone or one volume knob. It’s nice to see a guitar like this one have a full range of hardware. This makes it easier for you to create the sounds you want to make with your instrument.

You get the coil splitting feature with this instrument. Coil splitting memes that you can play both humbucking and single-coil sounds. You push one of the controls up to activate the coil splitting and then down again it to turn it off. You can switch from a humbucking style sound to a single coil sound with ease using this system.

The guitar has a Tune-O-Matic bridge with the lock tone feature. This means the guitar stays in tune without much effort on your part. It’s also very easy to change strings with this type of bridge. You won’t have any problems setting your strings up on your guitar. It also includes a slanted pickguard with the Epiphone logo. This pickguard helps protect the finish of your guitar from scratches.

On the guitar top, you will find the input jack for your guitar cable. This is a better location for the input jack because other guitars have it on the side. Side-mounted input cables often bend and you need ones that are at a right angle.  it also has two strap buttons to attach your guitar strap.


This instrument provides excellent value for you. There is a full set of features with this guitar so it does almost everything you want. the pickups are excellent and it also has the coil splitting feature so you can do more with the guitar. You also don’t have a large price tag when you buy.  The price point is very reasonable for what you get with this guitar and that is what gives it such value. There is not a whole lot that this archtop jazz style guitar can’t do.

Who is the Epiphone ES 335 Pro Guitar Suited For?

This guitar is ideal for an intermediate or a professional player. Beginners might struggle with the instrument because it’s a little harder to play. This guitar is quite large and beginners might struggle for this reason. Those that want to create hard rock or metal Style music will also struggle with the instrument. If you have a little bit of playing experience behind you, this is an excellent option. For the blues or jazz player, it’s the perfect option.

Build and Finish

Laminated birch and maple make up the top and sides of the guitar. This would enhance has the tone of the instrument. It has a mahogany neck which further enhances the tone of the guitar. The Finish itself looks great and it comes in several different colors. The colors include ebony, cherry, sunburst, Natural, and vintage sunburst. On the instrument I played I didn’t notice any imperfections in the Finish. The guitar looked great right out of the box. The finish looked great on the product I received with no visible flaws.

Feel and Action

This guitar is easy to play thanks to the D profile neck. This type of neck is quite comfortable for your hands. You shouldn’t have much problem playing chords or leads on the instrument. I didn’t have any problems with the action on my guitar when I received it. You may want to change the action to suit your individual needs if you prefer. On the higher-priced Epiphone Guitars, they are set up right before shipment. You won’t have to make any real changes to your guitar.

Overall Sound

The guitar I received had full robust sound. I love how this instrument plays and sounds. It sounds good plugged in as well as unplugged. You will get the most out of it if you use a good amplifier. The sound of this instrument is quite loud and the notes will be clear when you play them. You can get a broad range of sound out of it no matter what you want to do.  I play more of a blues guitar style and this instrument is ideal for that style as well as jazz. Spend some time with the tone and volume controls. You can shape your sound with those controls in different ways. Don’t be afraid to turn the volume down on the guitar because you can get nice sounds even at a lower volume.


We have reached the end of my Epiphone ES 335 Pro review. This is a top-quality jazz or blues style guitar. The sound of this guitar is amazing and it will do what you wanted to do. you will get a broad range of sounds out of it and it’s quite easy to play for most individuals.

There is no downside to this instrument except it’s not the ideal choice for some guitar styles. If you’re into the blues or the jazz style, this is a solid arch top F-hole guitar for that type of music. There is exceptional value in this instrument that can’t be beaten.

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    What is the difference between the Epiphone ES-335 and Epiphone ES-335 PRO??

    the pro currently sells for $50 less. and it says it is a limited edition but other than the knobs i just don’t know what the difference between them is.

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