A Deep Dive into Ed Sheeran’s Signature Martin Guitars

If there’s an instrument that could synthesize the undeniable charm and heart-warming melodies of Ed Sheeran, it’s got to be his Martin guitars. Can you believe how these guitars, as objects with no life, character, or personality to speak of, become something so much more in the hands of this music maestro? They have become as iconic as the man strumming them, creating a symphony that speaks to millions. It’s no wonder each Ed Sheeran signature guitar is revered by fans and guitar enthusiasts alike. But what makes these Martin guitars special? Why do they carry such value in the music industry? I will unfold this captivating tale to you today.

As a lifelong musician and the editor of ‘Acoustic Guitar’ magazine, I’ve had the privilege to explore the signature guitars of many artists. Yet, none intrigues me quite like the Martin guitar collection of Ed Sheeran. It’s not just a celebrity endorsement, it’s a testament to Sheeran’s individuality. His personality and music style are imprinted into every detail of these guitars, making them more than mere instruments. They’ve become a part of Ed Sheeran’s story.

In the following pages, we’re going to take a deep dive into Ed Sheeran’s Martin guitars. Their unique features, their evolution, and what makes them stand apart in the world of celebrity signature guitars. We’ll also delve into professional reviews and user experiences, offering purchase advice and setup tips for these coveted instruments. So, grab your pick, sit back, and let’s embark on this captivating journey together.

Exploring the Signature Edition Guitars

The Little Martin LX1E

The Little Martin LX1E

Delving into Ed Sheeran’s signature Martin guitars, the role of the Little Martin LX1E cannot be overstated. Intrinsically connected to the theme of ‘Exploring the Signature Edition Guitars’, the Little Martin LX1E holds a vital place in this lineage.

As a regular traveler and freelance writer, I’ve often found that the sheer portability of compact guitars can significantly influence my musical experiences. With the Little Martin, a perfect balance between a compact design, ideal for a travel guitar, and a robust sound quality is achieved.

The LX1E model is constructed with resilient laminate wood which offers durability and a consistently crisp sound. Given its price point, it demonstrates an exceptional value within the travel/compact category.

Moving forward, let’s explore the delicate nuances of the specially crafted ‘Divide’ edition. Understanding the unique significance of each guitar edition requires attention to detail and an appreciation for the craftsmanship Martin Guitars is known for. The Little Martin LX1E provides an excellent entry point due to its accessibility, durability, and boundless versatility.

The Exclusive ‘Divide’ Edition

The Exclusive 'Divide' Edition

Transitioning from the Little Martin LX1E, I’d like to draw your attention to the exclusive ‘Divide’ Edition, an acoustic-electric marvel in the pantheon of Ed Sheeran’s signature Martin guitars. This model stands out with its application of technologically advanced features in a traditional musical tool, showcasing the innovative spirit of Martin guitars.

I’ve had the privilege to play many exclusive and discontinued Martin guitars, offering me a distinctive perspective into the unique aspects of the ‘Divide’ Edition. It is an acoustic-electric guitar with a rich tone and surprising versatility, all packed within a compact, easier-to-handle body. Its electrifying performance owing to the incorporated Fishman Isys T electronics, coupled with its literal representation of Sheeran’s album cover, artfully etched on the solid Sitka spruce top, creates a unique blend of aesthetics and performance.

Even though the ‘Divide’ edition is now one of the discontinued Martin guitars, it still holds significant value to collectors, fans and musicians alike. Basking in the limelight of its former availability, this model serves as a testament to Sheeran and Martin’s shared vision for signature edition guitars.

As we transition into the reviews section, keep in mind the sheer class and exclusivity of the ‘Divide’ edition. Its legacy firmly roots it as a benchmark in the Martin’s Signature Edition series.

Reviews of Ed Sheeran’s Martin Guitars

Professional Reviews

Professional Reviews

Next, we journey into the realm of professional reviews. These top-tier critiques provide key insights into the design, sound, and performance of musician-inspired instruments. It’s through such in-depth analyses that we discern the supreme quality of Ed Sheeran’s Martin Guitars.

Throughout my career, I’ve engaged with professional musicians and their opinions regarding signature guitars. These experts, with their vast experience and keen ears, often shed light on nuances missed in everyday acoustic guitar forum discussions.

In analyzing their reviews, a pattern of praise emerges for the sound quality and playability of these guitars. Transitioning between chords is smooth, sound projection is impressive, and the overall tone is unmatched. Naturally, every instrument has its critics, but in their case, these are resoundingly few.

I can confirm this personally too, having spent considerable time with these guitars myself. The Martin brand, combined with Sheeran’s musician-inspired input, has truly created an exceptional series of instruments.

As we delve deeper into these discussions, we’ll get closer to understanding why Ed Sheeran’s Martin Guitars are so cherished in the music realm. These professional reviews provide one more piece of the puzzle, contributing richly to a complete picture of the artistry and genius behind these guitars.

User Reviews

User Reviews

Let us now delve into the resonant chord struck by user reviews in our discussion of Ed Sheeran’s Martin signature guitars. My constant presence in acoustic guitar forum discussions has enriched my understanding of the value these reviews hold in revealing a guitarist’s playing experience with the instrument.

The user reviews reflect the collective feedback from guitarists worldwide, providing a comprehensive view of the use, feel and sound quality of Ed’s signature Martin guitars. It is through this collaborative input of guitar players that we build a vivid, tactile picture of the real-world performance of these guitars. Probing these reviews also elucidates how these sound beasts deliver and respond in various playing scenarios, showcasing their versatility.

My insightful learnings from these platforms are incorporated here to provide an accurate, authentic recreation of the experience these guitars offer in the hands of a dedicated user. These reviews propel my understanding, embellishing it with the hues of the experiences of guitarists who swear by Martin’s Ed Sheeran editions.

These user reviews are integral to our analysis, painting a picture richer and deeper than a standalone professional perspective, making this investigation a truly symbiotic exploration.

Purchase advice and setting up the guitar

Where to Buy & Price

Where to Buy & Price

Finding where to buy and establishing the Ed Shearange guitar price contributes significantly to making astute purchasing decisions. Throughout my career, I’ve gathered invaluable insights on how to acquire signature guitars at the best price. It’s vital to consider authorized music stores and trustworthy online platforms like the Martin Guitar website or established music sellers, assuring authenticity alongside competitive pricing.

The price range for Ed Sheeran’s signature Martin guitars depends on the specific edition, but expect to pay between $500 and $850. I encourage discerning comparisons when researching prices as hidden charges can sometimes bump up costs.

Utilizing my advice on where to buy and setting up your guitar correctly, you’ll not only own a marvelous instrument but also optimize its performance life. We will explore setting up your guitar in the next section, key to tuning your investment to perfect pitch.

Setting up the Guitar

Setting up the Guitar

Let’s now delve into the integral phase of playing a guitar – the guitar setup. Not to be underestimated, a well-done setup is the bridge between a messy cacophony and distinct, resonating chords. With the right setup, even the simplest of guitars can offer an enhanced musical experience.

My extensive experience setting up guitars allows me to share with you the nuances involved in the process. Optimizing a guitar for best performance is a beautiful marriage of art and science – each component tweaked with precision, ensuring your instrument truly becomes an extension of your musical expression.

Remember, purchasing your guitar is just the first step. The fundamental contribution of a thorough guitar setup may initially seem tedious, but the profound impact it has on the acoustic quality and ease of play is irrefutable. Moving on, let’s address some common questions associated with setting up Ed Sheeran’s signature Martin guitars.


What is special about Ed Sheeran’s signature Martin Guitars?

Ed Sheeran’s signature Martin guitars are a visual reflection of the singer’s music and have unique features like the custom “divide” symbols, the compact size, and the incredible sound produced. They are a result of a collaborative design process between Sheeran and Martin Guitar, resulting in models like the ÷ Signature Edition that emulates Sheeran’s inspiration and musical creativity.

What are some models among Ed Sheeran’s Martin Guitars?

Ed Sheeran has multiple signature Martin guitar models. These include the LX1E Ed Sheeran Signature Edition, the ÷ Signature Edition, and the “Multiply” and “Divide” models. Each model has unique elements that are inspired by his albums, contributing to different aesthetics and sounds they produce.

Can you describe the design of Ed Sheeran’s Martin “Divide” Signature Edition?

The “Divide” Signature Edition is adorned with Sheeran’s album symbol, “÷”, laser-engraved on the guitar’s headstock and inside the soundhole. The guitar has a solid Sitka spruce top mated with black HPL, a blue rosette and blue ÷ symbols, along with black body binding. Unique to this model, Ed Sheeran’s signature is laser-engraved on the top of the guitar, making it a truly special piece.

Where can you buy Ed Sheeran’s Signature Martin Guitars?

Ed Sheeran’s Signature Martin Guitars are sold through various outlets worldwide, including the official Martin Guitar website and other renowned musical instrument dealers. It’s always a good idea, though, to check with your local instrument shops to see if they stock or can order these special guitars.


Ready to accompany me on one last journey summarizing our deep dive into Ed Sheeran’s world of signature Martin guitars? My exploration has left me even more astounded by the care, craftsmanship and passion that have gone into creating each and every model in the Ed Sheeran signature guitar series.

Martin’s longstanding reputation for quality is clearly reflected in the Martin guitar collection belonging to Ed Sheeran. From the versatile Little Martin LX1E to the exclusive ‘Divide’ Edition, each instrument resonates with its own unique charm and sound, while still encapsulating Ed Sheeran’s distinct musical style.

Reviews of Ed Sheeran’s Martin Guitars, be it professional or user, bolster our admiration of these beautiful pieces, confirming their remarkable performance and durability. The setup and purchasing advice has hopefully given you guidance if opting to make a purchase.

As we conclude our journey, I hope to have enhanced your appreciation for these incredible instruments with my perspective as a musician and educator. These guitars are not just a testament to Ed Sheeran’s talent, but also stand as a beacon for Martin’s dedication to fostering musical growth and ensuring quality sound in all their guitars.

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