The Definitive Review on Framus Acoustic Guitars

In the heart of Germany, in the year 1946, something remarkable happened. A simple man called Fred Wilfer dreamed of creating a legacy, not just any legacy, but a melodious legacy that would transcend generations. Wilfer’s dream sparked into being Framus guitars, among the most iconic acoustic guitars the world has seen. As a veteran in guitar journalism and an accomplished musician, I found myself drawn to the allure of Framus guitars. This wasn’t just a chance discovery, it was the start of an immersive journey through a world of rich harmonies and profound craftsmanship. What happened next? That’s an engaging tale you will uncover further on.

In my intense study and hands-on experience with Framus acoustic guitars, I discovered an intriguing fact, a fact so startling at first, it seemed unattainable. Did you know that Framus guitars owned the majority of the German market in the mid-20th century, with an annual production of a staggering 120,000 instruments? If that number has piqued your curiosity, continue reading for an inside look into why these acoustic guitars created such a sensation.

What if I told you, Framus guitars aren’t just instruments, they’re living, breathing entities with life stories as captivating as the musicians who played them? It could sound like a bit of an overstatement, but I assure you, it is not. As we delve into the details, you will come to understand the layers that build up this sensational claim about Framus Acoustic Guitars.

Drawing from my extensive experience and personal encounters with these beautifully crafted instruments, we’ll unpack the fascinating history, timeless evolution, and impactful legacy of Framus Acoustic Guitars. Furthermore, we’ll be delving into user reviews, discussions, and maintenance tips. Layers of curiosity will inevitably unveil, as we pay homage to the legacy Framus has etched into the world of music.

Remember, unpacking the magnitude of Framus guitars isn’t just about exploring an instrument. It’s a unique journey through sound, history, and craft. Are you ready to delve into the depths of this acoustic marvel? If yes, then let the exploration begin.

History and Evolution

Origins and Growth

Origins and Growth

In bolstering my knowledge of guitar history, I have uncovered fascinating details on the origins and growth of Framus acoustic guitars, an iconic name tied to renowned Bavarian acoustic guitars. Having witnessed their evolution first-hand, I can attest to their profound impact on the music industry.

The Framus brand was born out of post-WWII Germany, envisioned by its founder, Fred Wilfer, in 1946. Despite the challenging environment, his ingenuity sparked the creation of unique, high-quality acoustic guitars that made their mark globally. From humble beginnings, Framus championed an era of Bavarian acoustic guitars, gifting musicians with instruments that weren’t only tools, but extensions of their creativity and expression.

There’s a pure, bold resonance that I believe identifies a Framus. This distinct characteristic, entrenched in the brand’s birthplace, is largely due to the use of quality native woods. Giving it a unique sound and feel, Framus guitars echo the rich, dense histories and stories of Bavaria’s old forests.

In the 1950s and 1960s, it further surfaced as a titanic name, crafting guitars for legendary musicians. The much-celebrated ‘Legacy’ series guitars are testament to this. By the 1970s, Framus had established itself as a true giant, branching out from acoustic to electric guitars, basses, and banjos. Economic difficulties in the 1980s led to a brief pause in production, but the brand had already left an indelible mark on the industry.

Owing to the dedicated team of luthiers and craftsmen, Framus made an emphatic comeback in 1995, and continues to innovate, while staying true to its roots. This balance of tradition and innovation is something I deeply respect and admire. They’ve always had an eye towards the future while maintaining a deep connection to their past.

As a fan and student of its history, I can testify that the fascinating growth story of Framus acoustic guitars is well worth exploring. As we dive deeper into discussions on specific models, user reviews, and the Framus Legacy series, we will uncover how this growth trajectory culminated in the exceptional quality and versatility seen in the brand’s current line-up.

Legacy Series

Legacy Series

In the span of my career, having played and reviewed many Framus guitar models, I inevitably and enthusiastically plunged into the station of the Legacy Series. As part of the historical journey, I felt the relevance of this impressively innovative series was unparalleled and notably noteworthy. Immersing myself in the Legacy Series was not only a significant and personal turning point, but it also hugely defined my understanding of Framus’ standing in the grand scheme of guitar evolution.

The Legacy Series is an exceptional constituent of the ongoing evolution of Framus acoustic guitars. Vividly, I recall the first time I cradled a model from this series, a point in time that marked an intense appreciation for the meticulous craftsmanship in the world of Framus. Influenced by Framus’ illustrious history, the Legacy Series became a testament, a tangible record of the craftsmanship standards, acoustic precision, and visual aesthetic that this brand symbolizes.

Each time I strum a Framus, particularly those of the Legacy Series, I am reminded of the momentous musical journey the brand has traversed. Since its inception, the Framus guitar models have continuously evolved, achieving a harmonious balance between traditional standards and innovative approaches. The Legacy Series impeccably encapsulates this evolution, demonstrating a continuity of Framus’s historical legacy while still embodying the brand’s dash for innovation.

There’s a reassuring consistency in the Legacy Series – a thread that represents Framus’s sustainable commitment to quality and creativity. Meticulously crafted, these models exude an undeniable charm that speaks volumes about Framus’ tribute to its rich heritage. The Legacy Series bridges the gap between the nostalgic past and the refreshing future of Framus acoustic guitars. This series is indeed the epitome of Framus’ guitar-making legacy, each model a testament to the brand’s unique fusion of experience, skill, and vision.

As we move forward, we must bear in mind the invaluable contributions of the Legacy Series to the history and evolution of Framus. Its relevance is not only perceived in its usage but also visibly affirmed in the unique, timeless design and superior sound quality that the series invokes. Therefore, when speaking of Framus’ history and evolution, one cannot escape an earnest mention of the Legacy Series – it is, beyond doubt, one of the most influential contributions to Framus’s success story

Specific Models Reviewed

Specific Models Reviewed

Having been a fan and avid player of Framus guitars for over a decade, it takes me great pleasure— and a fair bit of nostalgia—to revisit some of the most iconic models in the Framus repertoire. With several Framus models in my collection, I’ve had the chance to experience first-hand the superb quality and versatility that these guitars offer. So, what makes a Framus acoustic guitar worth its weight in gold? Let’s delve in.

First off, let’s talk a bit about the Framus Western guitar.

The Framus Western model has earned itself a name through a perfect blend of modern innovation and classic design. Over the years, these guitars have consistently delivered the vibrant resonance, sustained tone and remarkable playability that both professional musicians and passionate hobbyists demand. From the next-generation pickup systems to the high-quality tonewoods, an exceptional level of detailing goes into crafting each Western Framus guitar. This diligence is palpable in the guitar action, tuning stability and overall sound attributes—both nuanced and broad scale.

What I found specifically attractive about the Framus Western was the effortless playing experience it provides. The slim neck profile and the well-balanced body give it a familiar feel, a kind of homecoming for every guitar player.

Then there are the other notable Framus guitar models, each with strikingly unique characteristics. The Framus Legacy Series, for instance, is steeped in a rich heritage of handcraftsmanship and acoustic excellence. They reflect Framus’ reputation for employing traditional techniques, guaranteeing a natural tone and premium quality output. Using solid high-grade woods, these models bring the legacy of yesteryears to the modern stage, creating a blend of buttery smooth lows, focused mids and crisp highs that has always endeared Framus to guitar aficionados.

Another highlight in my collection is the Framus Parlor, an acoustic model that punches well above its weight in terms of sound projection and tonal depth. Despite its compact profile, the Parlor offers an astonishingly broad tonal range, making it a versatile choice for several music genres, from fingerstyle blues to folk or rock. Its punchy mids, clear top-end, and generous low-end helped me unlock new dynamics in my playing, freshening my eagerness to explore more.

For players who appreciate a larger body guitar with more low-end and volume, the Framus Dreadnought is a reliable choice. This model offers the perfect balance that supports strumming and flat-picking styles, projecting a full, robust sound that leaves a lasting impression.

It’s important to note that the excellence of Framus guitars extends beyond their playability and sound. Things like the silver Framus logo on the headstock, the rounded venetian cutaway, and the exquisite binding all add to the aesthetic appeal of these instruments, making them stand out even from a distance. It’s these ‘oomph’ factors, the undeniably premium look and feel, that has often made my Framus guitars the talk of the sessions.

In the end, it’s not just about the individual specifications of these models—it’s about what they represent. A Framus guitar is more than a musical instrument—it’s a piece of history, a manifestation of innovation, and a symbol of musical freedom. The guitars are not mass-produced, but crafted, not developed but designed, with utmost affection, finesse and professional rigour. Such commitment to bring out the sunny realism to the acoustics is a testament to Framus guitars’ remarkable journey from a homegrown brand to a globally-recognized name. As I strum the chords on my Framus, I am filled with the profound satisfaction of knowing that I’m not just playing a guitar—I’m part of the song that is Framus’ grand and continuing legacy.

To sum things up, Framus acoustic guitars strike the right chords in performance, playability, quality, and aesthetics. In this section, we’ve only managed to scratch the surface of what makes Framus a standout brand. Yet, even these selected insights should give you a glimpse of why these guitars hold a special place in the hearts of musicians across the world and, most passionately, in mine.

User Reviews and Forum Discussions

User Reviews and Forum Discussions

In my role as the editor of ‘Acoustic Guitar’ magazine, delving into user reviews and guitar forum discussions has become a constant. It allows me to grasp the depth of a guitar’s performance beyond technical specifics or manufacturer’s claims. When assessing Framus guitars, this exploration becomes particularly interesting. Following the trajectory outlined in previous sections – from the brand’s founding, evolution, and the acclaimed Legacy Series to detailed model reviews – let’s now gauge the user sentiment and learn from the melange of experiences shared in online guitar communities.

Engaging with Framus guitar reviews and acoustic guitar forum discussions gives us a holistic understanding, a users’ perspective of the instrument’s quality, durability, sound richness, and far more nuanced details that a company’s promotional content may not fully express. This scrutiny is especially important for any passionate player before investing in such a substantial purchase.

Ever wondered what actual users have to say about Framus guitars?

Digging through guitar forums, I’ve come across numerous discussions by dedicated Framus players who wax lyrical about their instruments. These nuanced interactions are a treasure trove, going beyond the usual “guitar is great” reviews towards unpacking what makes Framus stand out in the crowded acoustic guitar marketplace.

The consensus among users is incredible. The artful design and superior craftsmanship of Framus guitars have earned them a special place in serious guitarists’ hearts. I’ve read posts emphasizing how comfortable these guitars are to play due to their ergonomic design and how the subtleties of their tone and timbre set them apart from competitors.

A noteworthy theme I observed is the love for the guitars’ adaptability – how seamlessly Framus acoustic guitars adapt to different playing styles. From fingerpicking to strumming, these guitars have been extolled for their versatility. It’s a testament to the innovative design and construction techniques Framus embeds in its manufacturing process.

While performance is undeniably a key aspect, users also appreciate Framus for their exceptional aesthetic appeal. Nods of approval are frequently given to the guitars’ immaculate finish and the stunning wood grains that give each instrument its unique personality.

That said, reviews are not entirely a one-sided celebration. On rare occasions, users have pointed out certain issues with older models or shipment damage. However, the responsive customer service and repair facilities provided by the Framus team have been hailed, often turning a potentially negative experience into a reinforcing one.

In conclusion, user reviews and acoustic guitar forum discussions about Framus guitars underline not only their superior sound and build quality but also illuminate a broader community that values and esteems this revered brand. As we move onto the next section, ‘Pricing and Where To Buy’, the importance of the user insights presented here become increasingly relevant, enabling you to make an informed and confident decision when investing in a Framus guitar.

Pricing and Where to Buy

Pricing and Where to Buy

When we talk about purchasing a Framus guitar, the foremost thought that often pops into our minds, especially for those just venturing into this hobby, is the expense. Are you concerned about the potential cost of owning a Framus acoustic guitar? As an avid collector, and someone who has spent countless hours strumming on these beautifully crafted instruments, I can assure you that the financial implications are worth the tonal beauty and craftsmanship that comes with every Framus model.

In my personal journey, I’ve discovered that Framus guitar pricing tends to vary quite considerably, but that’s largely down to the scale of diversity in their models. Each guitar is unique, featuring differential elements in its crafting, wood type, and model. Thus, it’s not a one-price-fits-all scenario. However, what you can always count on is the consistent quality of sound and the durability that Framus guitars promise.

The cost can start from the mid to high hundreds for their more budget-friendly models, escalating to several thousands for their premium ones. Be it the Legacy series or specific models like the D-Series, Framus acoustic guitars are undoubtedly investments for life.

Now, you might be asking, “Where can I buy Framus guitars?” Well, let me provide some versatile suggestions underpinned by my own experiences. Searching online, you’re likely to find the widest variety and the best deals. Major guitar-focused online platforms such as Guitar Center or Thomann offer official new Framus models. But one of my go-to places online has always been eBay guitar sales, where you can find both new and second-hand Framus guitars. However, remember to verify the seller’s credibility and inspect the pictures and descriptions conscientiously when buying from there.

Local music stores can also provide the chance to physically examine and play the guitar before buying, ensuring that you’re comfortable with its feel and sound. Moreover, there are specific Framus showrooms across the world, where you’re met with a plethora of options to choose from.

For those more budget-conscious, second-hand Framus guitars offer a fantastic option. They usually retain their sound and quality excellently, and a seasoned guitar, much like a seasoned player, often comes with its own unique character and story. Don’t worry if it seems intimidating at first—most players I know, including myself, have bought second-hand at some point and many still do.

Contrarily, if you’re looking to sell, these same channels work wonderfully. Over the years, I’ve received good resale values for my Framus guitars, especially the vintage ones. Their appreciation over time truly speaks to the enduring quality of these instruments.

Ultimately, with insights on Framus guitar pricing and knowing where to buy Framus guitars, you’re now equipped with the fundamentals of investing in these beautiful musical companions. As you embark on this journey, remember to remain patient, perform your due diligence, and enjoy the process. After all, it’s not just the destination, but also the journey, that makes playing the guitar so alluring.

As we transition to our next section—Maintenance and Repair—remember that showing your guitar love goes beyond just playing it. A well-maintained guitar not only lasts longer but also provides an enriched playing experience. So, let’s delve into that together, shall we?

Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance and Repair

Returning to my extensive background in guitar care and maintenance, let me remind you of something we’ve touched upon throughout this journey into the world of Framus acoustic guitars. It doesn’t matter how fine the materials are, how respected the brand is, or how skillfully a guitar has been assembled – it’s how well you take care of your beloved instrument that will see it last a lifetime.

And what if I told you that maintaining a Framus guitar is easier than you think? That definitely piqued your interest, didn’t it? It’s a question I often get asked, and it’s one that perfectly segues into the next crucial part of this definitive review: Maintenance and Repair.

Diving straight into it, a Framus guitar setup isn’t just about giving it a quick polish now and then. In essence, it involves far more detailed processes such as truss rod adjustment, proper stringing, and ensuring the frets are in prime condition. Sounds intimidating? Trust me, it’s simpler than it looks.

I remember the first time I had to adjust the truss rod of my Framus Legacy series guitar. It felt as if I was performing some arcane ritual. But eventually, you’ll understand the finesse of it. This little piece of metal embedded in the neck plays a vital role in maintaining the ideal curvature, making your guitar delightfully easy to play. And with Framus’ user-friendly setup, even beginner players can make precise adjustments with a simple hex wrench.

Moving on, a deep understanding of guitar repair would, quite naturally, involve a brush with damage. Most of the problems you’ll encounter as a guitar owner are fixable. Here’s a golden rule to remember: seeking professional help for serious issues is as important as knowing how to perform basic maintenance yourself. Again, Framus stands out here, offering an extensive range of spare parts for their guitars – a testament to their commitment to long-lasting quality.

Whether it’s minor touches like a string replacement or more complex tasks like fretboard renovations, approaching your Framus with patience and precision is key. Scratch or ding your precious instrument and you’ll feel it deep down. That’s why it always pays to be cautious. Remember, you’re not just preserving a guitar; with Framus, you’re caring for a piece of musical history.

From my years of guitar handling, I’ve learned that regular, well-planned maintenance goes a long way in keeping your instrument in prime condition. Clean your guitar regularly, avoid extreme temperature changes, and keep a check on its humidity levels. It might be a bit of effort, but the unparalleled joy of strumming a well-tuned, well-maintained Framus guitar shall be your reward.

On this note, we’ve traversed through the intricacies of maintenance and repair for Framus acoustic guitars, smoothly steering our glorious symphony toward the next chapter. So, stay tuned for our FAQs section. Remember, it’s the curious learner who makes the most of their Framus guitar. And believe me, you’ve chosen an exceptional instrument to play and preserve.


What are the distinctive features of the Framus Acoustic Guitars?

Framus Acoustic Guitars stand out for their superior craftsmanship, using both traditional methods and state-of-the-art technology. They feature high-quality tonewoods, exceptional finishing, and unique design aesthetics. They also project a well-balanced sound that suits a variety of music genres.

What is the sound quality of a Framus Acoustic Guitar like?

The sound quality of Framus Acoustic Guitars is particularly praised, known for their clear, articulate voice with solid bass and sparkling trebles. The tones are well-balanced and versatile, suited for everyone, from beginners to professional musicians.

How does Framus ensure the quality of their acoustic guitars?

Framus focuses on quality control, ensuring every guitar is inspected and play-tested before shipping. They employ skilled craftsmen who assemble, finish, and inspect each guitar manually. The company also uses high-quality materials and advanced technology during production to ensure sound quality and longevity.


As a guitar lover and music journo, I couldn’t but marvel at the meticulous craftsmanship and enduring quality of Framus acoustic guitars. Through this definitive review, we’ve unearthed the secrets that make these guitars the epitome of excellence, both as collectible guitars and favourite music studio gear. The sound, aesthetics, and performance of these guitars are truly unrivaled.

Indeed, it’s a question that begs to ask, “Why have Framus guitars carved a special place for themselves in the realm of music?” The answer lies in their innovative approach to guitar making. With their rich heritage clearly echoed in each model; we tracked the progression from their humble origins to their global dominion. They’ve sprinted through various evolutions, keeping in stride with modern accomplishments and paving the path for their Legacy Series.

Our exploration into specific models revealed a blend of artistic integrity and technical proficiency, each series offering a different texture to the symphony of the music world. From the transparency of user reviews and forum discussions, it’s clear that musicians of all genres appreciate the harmony these tools bring to their creative process. This one-stop guide has carefully examined the pricing, revealing that each cent spent is justified by the brilliance Framus offers.

We dove into maintenance and repair,finding that their reliability and longevity place them in the upper echelon of the market. Yet they’re not impervious to wear and tear, however, the availability of spare parts and professional servicing ensures that your Framus instrument sustains its prime condition. The implementation of high-grade materials and exacting engineering standards correlates with their admirable durability.

As I close this comprehensive review, I leave it as a tribute to Framus acoustic guitars, their makers, and the musicians who choose them to breathe life into their melodies. The brand’s commitment to delivering top-notch musical instruments is unwavering and deeply rooted in its origins. Whatever your musical aspirations or impact on this orchestration of life may be, trust that a Framus in your hands is a genuflection at the altar of excellence.

You see, it’s their irrevocable blend of tried-and-true methods and innovative designs that sets them apart – from the smallest detailing to their grander vision. And when you strum the strings tuned against a lush, lively body, you can feel it. You hear the resonance of a brand that’s carved out a special place for itself, echoing into the future with each note played. Their commitment to the craft, the sound, and the musicians lay bare in each chord and resonates with every strum.

This conception of majesty and musicality is what makes Framus a leading brand in the music world. It simply hits all the right notes; making your music journey truly memorable. A guitar in your citadel isn’t just an object; it’s a tale of passion, dedication, and relentless pursuit of perfection, all of which are embodied by Framus.

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