Assessing Breedlove Guitars: A Comprehensive Review and Analysis

You’re on a musical journey and the Breedlove guitar is your companion, but what conversations have we really had about this six-stringed buddy? Has it truly lived up to its hype? Let me tell you a story. I recall the first time I laid my hands on a Breedlove guitar. The encounter was significant, and it forever changed my perspective on guitars. But did it positively influence my verdict on other intricate aspects? That’s a tale saved for later in this article.

As a seasoned aficionado and the longest-serving Editor in Chief of Guitar Player magazine, I have seen, held, and tested a wide range of guitars, yet my analysis of Breedlove expands beyond simple comparisons.

Through player narratives and expert analyses, rest assured, my experiences offer a one-of-a-kind authenticity to these Breedlove guitar reviews. Invest your curiosity as we delve into the unique qualities, sound dynamics, and value that Breedlove brings to the table.

Features of Breedlove Guitars

Quality & Craftsmanship

Quality & Craftsmanship

As we delve deeper into the world of Breedlove guitars, I am constantly reminded of the meticulous attention paid to every detail, captured efficiently in the Breedlove quality and Breedlove guitar craftsmanship. My extensive experience reviewing guitars has taught me to value nothing more than the coupling of quality and craftsmanship – a harmonious fusion that is vividly present in Breedlove guitars.

My familiarity with Breedlove’s consistent excellence throughout the years hasn’t dimmed my amazement at the creativity and precision involved in their guitar crafting process. Their knack for integrating innovations without compromised quality is a testament to the brand’s commitment to delivering superior musical instruments.

The mastery of Breedlove’s craftsmen becomes evident as you run your fingers over the well-sanded guitar body, appreciating the perfect fit and finish of each component. This is certainly not a mass-produced instrument. As Stratocasters are to Fender and Les Pauls are to Gibson, quality craftsmanship is inherently the cornerstone of Breedlove’s identity.

The evidence of this, seen in the beautifully rendered bindings, elegant inlay work, and the thoughtful selection and treatment of the tonewoods, underscores the company’s relentless pursuit of perfection. Their innovative spirit doesn’t eclipse the value they place on traditional guitar crafting methods, making Breedlove guitars a harmonious blend of old and new.

Any Breedlove guitar you pick bears the hallmark of uncompromised excellence, a promise fulfilled by their deep-rooted passion for quality. My exploration of Breedlove has consistently revealed not just instruments, but finely crafted pieces of art. As we move towards discussing their tonewoods and sustainability, remember these underpinning factors of quality and craftsmanship, as they are integral to the true Breedlove experience.

Tonewoods & Sustainability

Tonewoods & Sustainability

As we move from discussing basic features to the in-depth nuances of craftsmanship, it’s important to address a feature quintessential to Breedlove – their use of sustainable tonewoods. Breedlove tonewoods aren’t merely about aesthetics, they significantly contribute to the sonic quality of these guitars. Through years of experience, I’ve learned that each wood imparts a distinct resonance and timbre, thereby crafting the guitar’s unique sound.

However, what sets Breedlove apart is their commitment to sustainability. Throughout the industry, overharvesting has left many species of tonewood in endangered status. The people at Breedlove have recognized and addressed this issue, demonstrating a remarkable commitment to environmentally-conscious practices. Breedlove eco-friendly guitars utilize sustainably sourced tonewoods, ensuring that we can enjoy the wonderful variety of tonal characteristics without decimating these important resources.

I’ve always admired how they implement this ethos in their supply chain. Their preference for non-traditional woods like myrtlewood, which grows abundantly in the Pacific Northwest, helps alleviate pressure on endangered mahogany and rosewood. This innovative approach doesn’t compromise the quality, instead, it expands the sonic palette available to guitarists.

To sum it up, Breedlove’s use of sustainable tonewoods represents an innovative step forward in an industry that traditionally thrives on rare, exotic woods. It’s not just about the excellent sonic qualities that these instruments provide. It’s also about knowing your guitar was built with an eco-friendly ethos.

After revealing the inherent values that Breedlove embeds into their craftsmanship, it’s logical to look into their custom and boutique options next. The integration of sustainability principles upholds their innovative spirit while diversifying the range they offer, as we’ll explore in the next part of the analysis.

Custom & Boutique Options

Custom & Boutique Options

Moving on to the exciting aspect of Breedlove custom guitars and Boutique acoustic guitars, I must express my admiration for Breedlove’s finesse in personalizing versatility and aesthetic creativity. As an aficionado of bespoke items, these guitars, without a doubt, represent a perfect fusion of craftsmanship and individuality.

Each custom guitar christened in the Breedlove workshop reflects a rigorous attention to detail, resulting in a unique masterpiece. It’s a true epitome of musical personalization, where you get to be a part of the creative process, tailoring characteristics to your passion and play style. Breedlove’s boutique acoustic guitars, with their distinctive, high-quality tonewoods and intricate inlays, further elevate the experience, resonating sophistication and incredible sound quality.

Overall, these custom and boutique options emphasize the versatility and adaptability of Breedlove to cater to the distinct tastes and demands of diverse musicians, truly reflecting the brand’s commitment to innovation and individuality.

Advantages of Breedlove Guitars

Playability & Comfort

Playability & Comfort

Carrying on from Breedlove’s remarkable advantages, a standout characteristic that merits great attention is the essential aspect of playability. As a guitarist myself, I can assuredly state that Breedlove guitars have an advantage when it comes to comfort and playability.

Breedlove playability is exemplary, allowing guitarists of all skill levels to achieve their musical aspirations with ease. Breedlove guitars are designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every fret, every string, and every note can be played comfortably and without strain. The playability of these guitars is accentuated by their responsive action and impressive ease of tuning. It’s no surprise then, that all playing styles, be it fingerstyle or aggressive strumming, find their perfect partner in Breedlove guitars.

Moving on, another aspect that underscores the Breedlove experience is Breedlove neck comfort. Every Breedlove neck is meticulously crafted to ensure that each chord is easier to hold and each note easier to play. The necks are designed to fit the hand perfectly, resulting in less strain and more comfort during long playing sessions. This aspect is particularly distinguishing, making Breedlove guitars ideal for those embarking on long gigs or marathon rehearsals.

In short, the playability and neck comfort of Breedlove guitars set a high bar for comfort and ease of play, providing an uncompromised playing experience. As we move towards exploring the unique sound characteristics of Breedlove guitars in the next section, the advantages of playability and comfort continue to bear testament to the thoughtful design and excellent craftsmanship that is inherent in every Breedlove guitar.

Sound Characteristics

Sound Characteristics

Among the many distinct advantages of Breedlove Guitars, one of the most compelling is the unique Breedlove sound characteristics. As a well-versed guitar journalist with a robust portfolio of over 2,500 published pieces, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing the unique soundscapes of countless guitars, Breedlove included. Trust me when I say the auditory experience Breedlove offers is matchless in richness, depth, and dynamism.

What precisely sets these guitars apart in sound is Breedlove’s commitment to innovative design and meticulous craftsmanship, which shine through in the form of balanced tonal properties. The brightness, warmth, and vibrancy of the sound strings together a sonically captivating symphony. Each Breedlove guitar has a voice that resonates, a testament to their careful selection of tonewoods.

Moreover, the distinctive resonance and sustain typical of Breedlove guitars offer performers the freedom to express their musicality with a broader palette. There’s a particular breadth to their tonal reach that sets them apart. No matter the genre or playing style, a Breedlove guitar will not compromise on delivering superb sound.

Finally, the brand’s commitment to consistent tonal excellence sets a high standard in the industry. They don’t merely create guitars; they contribute to the creation of music by providing instruments that mirror the musicians’ aspirations for superior sound quality. Breedlove’s sound characteristics are an acoustic feast, making them an advantageous choice for both discerning professionals and budding enthusiasts.

Exploring the next sections, we shall delve deeper into the value Breedlove guitars deliver, beginning with their playability and comfort. All these contributing elements come together beautifully, echoing the resonant sound quality that, as discussed, is a unique advantage of Breedlove guitars. These aspects indeed vouch for the outstanding experience Breedlove promises.

Valuation of Breedlove Guitars

Value for Money

Value for Money

As we journey into examining the value for money aspect of Breedlove guitars, the key question is, ‘Do they offer a sound return on your investment regardless of the model?’

Breedlove’s attention to detail coupled with their innovative design approach infuse their handmade guitars with distinctive attributes, catapulting them into a league that competes with many high-end, often pricier variants.

From personal experience, as a guide for guitar artists, I’ve encountered numerous instances where Breedlove guitars have outperformed their price tag. In comparing the cost against the superior quality, tonal richness, and playability offered, the Breedlove value for money proposition becomes clearly evident.

These guitars empower musicians with their diverse range across models and prices without compromising on their commitment to quality and sound character. A Breedlove purchase tends to be a long-term investment, resonating well with both amateurs and professionals due to its reliable and consistent performance.

In this review, after evaluating every significant factor, I can confidently affirm the Breedlove value for money claim. It reflects a prudent blend of price and performance, harmoniously resonating with the user’s unique requirements and financial considerations.

Moving forward, let’s look at the ratings and reviews, adding further substance to Breedlove’s monetary value, and deepening our understanding of these exquisite instruments.

Ratings & Reviews

Ratings & Reviews

Valuing Breedlove guitars would be incomplete without considering ratings and reviews. They provide an insight that is sourced directly from those who have used and lived with these instruments. They offer us a snapshot of how these guitars fare in diverse situations and hands. My experience rating guitars for over two decades enables me to decipher these opinions effectively, to give you a thought-out assessment of Breedlove guitar ratings.

These ratings, coupled with acoustic guitar forum opinions, provide a wealth of insights. They offer details about user experiences, from the moment the box is opened to extended play over years. We get to learn about the highs and lows of owning a Breedlove guitar, its aging process, and how its voice matures over time.

In understanding the reviews, users, context, and the guitars themselves, I strive to provide as comprehensive and objective an interpretation as possible. The collective voice of the reviews not only helps authenticate Breedlove’s claims but also points out any potential shortcomings.

No individual guitar is perfect for everyone. However, the ratings and reviews draw us a clearer picture of the recurring patterns, trends, and characteristics that define the Breedlove experience. Emphasis on this section allows us to gauge the overall sentiment towards Breedlove guitars and contributes significantly to their valuation.

Onward, to comparing specific Breedlove models in depth, carrying forward these insightful perspectives gathered from myriad user ratings and reviews.

Breedlove Models Comparison

Breedlove Models Comparison

As we map the complexities of Breedlove guitars, it’s important to remember that in the realm of guitars, no two models are equal. Every instrument carries its unique amalgamation of design, tone, and playability elements. Breathing life into this belief, my adventure, and experiences revolve around the assessment of numerous guitar models, putting me in good stead as we embark on a delicate voyage of discussing and contrasting Breedlove models.

So, how do different Breedlove models stack up against each other? Let’s dissect and compare them. The essence of the Breedlove models comparison lies in understanding the intricate, indivisible, and intimate relationship between tone woods, craftsmanship, and the resultant sounds. Each Breedlove model resonates with distinct musical personality, offering an assortment of experiences for guitarists of all genres.

Delving into it, the Breedlove Concert Series offers impeccable design combined with a rich, full-bodied tone, courtesy of the careful selection of high-quality, sustainable tone woods. In juxtaposition, the Breedlove Organic Series, being the brand’s environmentally-friendly collection, showcases not only their craftsmanship and commitment towards sustainability but also features lighter builds and expressive tonal dynamics.

For the modern players looking for a tinge of vintage aura, the Breedlove Discovery Series would be a befitting choice. On the flip side, the Breedlove Masterclass series, custom-built with exotic tone woods, epitomizes luxury, sophistication, and superb sonic projection.

One might ask, how does Breedlove maintain such versatility across their models? The answer lies within their innovative mindset, deeply-rooted commitment to quality craftsmanship, and an inclusive approach towards music genres and player preferences. Furthermore, there’s an undeniable thread of consistency that binds these models in a symphony of quality, exceptional tonality, and unparalleled playability.

However, to crown one model over another would be an over-simplification. Each Breedlove model stands as a testament to Breedlove’s passion for sound excellence, sustainability, and thoughtful design. It’s the intricate details and subtle nuances that set each model apart, creating a spectrum of soundscapes waiting to be explored.

One thing must be remembered while carrying out a Breedlove models comparison – a guitar’s true worth cannot be judged by specs alone. It’s the intangible: the feel in your hands, the resonance against your stomach, the connection between the musician and the instrument, that truly characterizes a Breedlove.

As we dive deeper into the following sections like FAQs and Conclusion, let’s keep in mind the diversity of the Breedlove lineup. My experience tells me – the process of picking the right Breedlove is about matching your needs and auditory aesthetics with the right model. It’s not a quest for the ‘best’ Breedlove – it’s about finding the Breedlove that’s best for you.


What is Breedlove Guitars?

Breedlove Guitars is a renowned guitar manufacturing company based in Bend, Oregon. It was started by Larry Breedlove and Steve Henderson in 1990. They are known for producing high-quality and sonically superior acoustic guitars.

What makes Breedlove Guitars unique?

Breedlove Guitars possess a unique character largely due to their innovative building techniques, like the use of locally sourced myrtlewood and custom-made bracing patterns, which are known to offer vibrant and complex tonalities.

How are Breedlove Guitars built?

Breedlove Guitars are carefully handcrafted by skilled artisans. They use sustainable tonewoods and innovative construction methods, combined with a dedication to refinement and quality control, ensuring each guitar has the signature Breedlove sound and feel.

What is the sound quality of Breedlove Guitars?

The Breedlove Guitars deliver a distinct sound that is balanced, resonant, and articulate. The sound quality can be attributed to their unique engineering techniques and meticulous craft. Many professional musicians praise the clarity and versatility of Breedlove Guitars.

Are Breedlove Guitars a good investment?

Breedlove Guitars certainly make a great investment, especially for those who appreciate artisan craftsmanship and superior sound. While they may command a higher price point, their quality, playability, and distinctive aesthetic make them well worth the investment.


So, are Breedlove guitars truly worth the hype? Let’s wrap up our comprehensive analysis. As a seasoned guitar reviewer and with more than two decades of helm at the Guitar Player, I have had the privilege to review numerous guitars, but few have left an unforgettable impression like Breedlove guitars.

Breedlove guitar reviews often highlight their unique attributes – quality craftsmanship, remarkable sound characteristics, sustainability-focused tonewoods, and comfortable playability – qualities I can personally vouch for. Breaking down the value for money aspect, these guitars are a testament to their rich valuation in the market. The custom and boutique options further testify to Breedlove’s commitment to meeting every guitar enthusiast’s preferences.

With great comfort and equally stunning performance, Breedlove guitars tick all the right boxes. It’s no surprise they always score high in ratings and reviews. The different models offer a wide selection, catering to beginners and professional players alike. It can be said that Breedlove guitars, with their superior sound, quality, and comfort are indeed worth the hype.

After spending over two decades at the helm of Guitar Player, reviewing guitars isn’t just part of my job, it’s a passion. I look forward to drawing on this wealth of experience to provide a well-rounded conclusion on Breedlove guitars.

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