Best Guitar Strap and Strap Locks

Buying a guitar strap may seem like a no-brainer. But, there are a couple of things to consider — comfort and durability. Wearing a guitar for a long time can get uncomfortable, especially if you’re playing a heavy, solid-body guitar. The better the strap, the more comfortable it will be.

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Choosing a Best Guitar Strap

Guitar Strap
Guitar Strap

Guitar straps come in a variety of materials from plastic to leather. Typically, the wider the strap, the more evenly the weight of the guitar will be distributed. Some straps feature padded unit that can take some of the pressure off of the shoulder. Don’t be afraid to “try on” a guitar strap you’re considering buying. Put it on a similar guitar at the store and try it out.

After comfort comes durability. The cheap plastic, faux-leather straps are known to wear out at the strap buttons. Unfortunately, they’re most likely to give out completely while you’re in the midst of playing. Pick out a strap that looks durable and well-made.

Finally, don’t overlook the “style” of the strap. This is like a piece of clothing, match your strap to the general look of

your guitar, and you’re own individual style.

Guitar Strap Locks
Guitar Strap Locks

Choosing a Best Guitar Strap Locks

A strap lock mechanism secures the strap ends of to the guitar with a locking mechanism. Some strap locks work with virtually any straps. Other mechanisms secure a fixture at the guitar, and the strap snaps in with a mechanism similar to a seat belt.

If you own more than one guitar, it’s a good idea to have at least one strap for each type of guitar you own. Else you’ll need to keep readjusting the strap when you switch between your acoustic guitar and electric guitar, or your archtop guitar and your solid-body.