Best Guitar Cases and Gig Bags

A guitar case is essential. Most manufacturers will include a case in the price of a new guitar. In general, the pricier the guitar, the better the case. If your guitar didn’t come with a case, or it came with an inadequate case, you’ll want to buy a  best guitar case that will keep your guitar safe.

There are three types of Guitar Case:

  • Hard or hardshell guitar case
  • Soft or chipboard guitar case
  • Guitar gig bags

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Hard/Hardshell Guitar Cases

Hardshell Guitar Case
Hardshell Guitar Case

The hard (or hardshell) case offers the best protection for your guitar. And, it is the most expensive option. Hard cases are usually wooden frames covered in leather or nylon. Some hard cases are made of sturdy ABS plastic. The hard case could withstand airline baggage handling, protecting the guitar if stacked with other luggage, or if heavy objects fell on the case.

If you don’t already have a case for your guitar, a hard case is your safest bet. Prices start around $50 up to $120 or more.

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Soft Guitar Cases

Soft Guitar Cases
Soft Guitar Cases

Soft cases are not completely soft (like gig bags), but neither are they completely rigid like hard cases. Thy are typically built with a pressed-particle material such as chipboard, or sturdy cardboard. These cases would protect your guitar should you drop a hardback book on it, but that’s about it.

A soft case would allow you to transport your instrument without exposing it to the weather, and prevent some inadvertent scratching and dinging. But these cases would fold under any real stress. Soft cases sell for around $30.

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Guitar Gig Bags

Guitar Gig Bags
Guitar Gig Bags

Gig bags are form-fitting fabric or leather enclosures that provide virtually no protection against shock. The bags are sturdy, like soft luggage, and zip shut.

The advantage of gig bags is that they are light, and feature shoulder straps allowing you to sling your guitar over your shoulder. The sturdy fabric protects the guitar against the elements, and scratches and dings.

Gig bags range in price from about $25 up to $150.

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