Best Electric Guitars Under $2000

Whenever you have $2000 dollars to spend on a guitar, you have a wide range of outstanding instruments to choose from. At this price it can seem quite intimidating to purchase a guitar. I’ve made this easier for you by having a good look at several top guitar that you should consider buying.

I have played guitar for many years and gone through many different guitars at all price points. There’s quite a few excellent guitars that you can get for under $2000 that would make a good purchase. This type of guitar is going to last you a long time and give you years of enjoyment. Let’s have a look at our list of the best electric guitars under $2000 that you can buy.

List of 10 Electric Guitars under $2000 with reviews

1. Gibson USA Flying V HP 2017 Electric Guitar

Gibson USA Flying V HP 2017 Electric Guitar

Gibson is a leading guitar manufacturing company and they make solid guitars. They can be quite expensive, but you can get one under $2000 that is just as good. One of their better models is the Gibson USA Flying V HP 2017.

This guitar features 22 frets on a rosewood fingerboard and they are all easy to access thanks to the unique Flying V shape. The neck also has nice mother of pear inlays which add a lot of style to the instrument. The instrument has Dirty Fingers+ humbuckers which sound a lot better than regular pickups you’ll find on other guitars in thus range. They have a good output which is suitable for blues, rock, metal and many other guitar styles. There’s two volume, one tone control and a pickup selector switch to round out the electronics on the guitar.


  • Looks great
  • Solid hardware


  • Could use 24 frets
  • Needs a tremolo system

Final Verdict

There’s not much downside to a Gibson Flying V. thus guitar has been used by many iconic players such as Randy Rhoads among many others. It’s very easy to play and it’s suitable for many different guitars styles and not just metal which it’s more well known for.  Bleus Legend Albert King also used to play one. When you buy a Flying V, you’re getting a very solid guitar which is well worth the investment. The instrument will last you for years to come without much issue at all.

2. Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster

Fender has bene producing high quality guitars for many years. Many of their signature player Stratocasters are quite high prices, but you can get the Eric Clapton signature model for under $2000, which is a solid bargain considering all this guitar gives you.

The guitar ahs a soft V shaped neck so it’s very comfortable to play and the neck is made out of maple. There’s three Vintage Noiseless pickups on the guitar which is ideal as they produce less noise than traditional single coil Fender pickups. You get the typical one volume, two tone controls and the pickup selector switch with this Stratocaster. For better sound there’s an included 25db mid-boost which offers your more note sustain through the amplifier. The guitar also comes with the standard Fender tremolo system.


  • Solid design with extras that basic Strats don’t have
  • Very easy to play


  • Not suited for some styles of music

Final Verdict

If you love old style rock n roll, blues and similar styles, this Eric Clapton Fender Stratocaster gives you everything you could possible need. The sound you can get out of this instrument is amazing and It’s one of my favorite Fender guitars. There’s not a whole lot of downside to the guitar except the fact that it’s not well suited to some styles such as extreme metal, but it handles all other styles well. I le the added Eric Clapton signature on the headstock.



If you’re in th market for a high-quality guitar that not only plays well, but has a unique look to it, have a look at the ESP E-II FRX/FM/RDB. This guitar has many unique features that you’re going to love.

This guitar has a mahogany body and the top is flamed maple. The neck is maple and you also get an ebony fingerboard with 24 frets. This guitar has an original Floyd Rose tremolo system which helps keep your guitar in tune through whammy bar tricks and other string abuse. The Gotoh tuners also help add to the tuning stability of the instrument. To help keep your strap in place there’s Schaller Security Lock Strap Buttons. You get an EMG 89R humbucking pickup in the neck position and a EMG 89 in the bridge. The pickups give this guitar a full sound for rock, metal and other styles. There’s a volume, tone, and a pickup selector switch to round out the guitar’s electronics.


  • Comes with hardshell case
  • Very unique and stylish design


  • Tremolo can be hard to tune for some
  • Needs another tone control

Final Verdict

It’s not often you get a full featured metal style guitar that doesn’t cost a tone of money, you’ll want to look at the ESP E-II FRX/FM/RDB. You could spend a lot more money and not get as much as you do with this shred machine. It’s very comfortable to play and can produce many great tones which you’ll love. I was very impressed by the wide range of sounds I could create with it.

4. Ibanez JEM77 Steve Vai Signature

Ibanez JEM77 Steve Vai Signature

Ibanez makes some very solid metal and rocks style guitars which have a lot of good features. These guitars can cost you a lot of money, but the Ibanez JEM77 Steve Vai Signature is a solid choice for an electric guitar under $2000.

The best part about tis guitar is that it’s a signature guitar from rock legend Steve Vai. The body is made out of Basswood and there’s a 5-piece maple beck which bolts on. A bolt on is ideal becks if there’s a big problem with the neck, the neck can be replaced. You get a 24-fret maple neck, so you’ll be able to hit all the high notes on the instrument with ease. The guitar also features th signature JEM handle, so you can pick up the guitar with one hand. The pickups are Dimarzio and there’s two humbuckers along with a single coil. This is a nice pickup configuration as you’ll be able to produce a wide range of tones that other guitars can’t do as they either have all humbucker pickups or all single coils which limits sound options. There’s a tone volume and a pickup selector switch for the pickups.


  • Solid design
  • Colorful pattern


  • Fretboard flower pattern is confusing for fret markers
  • Could use another volume control

Final Verdict

 This guitar by Ibanez offers you tremendous value for your money. It can produce many different sounds and it stays in tine well. if you have been looking for a great signature guitar from a musical artist you love the Ibanez JEM77 Steve Vai Signature is a real bargain at under $2000. I’ve played many Ibanez guitars, and this is one of the better ones on the market.

5. Godin XTSA Solid Body 3-Voice Electric Guitar

Godin XTSA Solid Body 3-Voice Electric Guitar

If you’re looking for a solid guitar that’s under $2000, you should take a look at the Godin XTSA Solid Body 3-Voice electric guitar by Godin. This guitar has plenty of advanced features that you’ll like.

This guitar has both an electric as well as an acoustic sound as there’s an onboard piezo pickup as well as two Godin humbuckers and a Godin single coil pickup. To further enhance the sound there’s also a 3 band EQ on the guitar as well as 13-pin synth output. This means that each string has its own pickup for even more tonal possibilities as the guitar will work with synthesisers. You get acoustic, electrical and a 13-pin output for various instruments and hookups to other gear besides an amp. You get a maple and popular body and a rosewood fingerboard with 22 frets. You get a volume control, synth control, tone control, and a pickup selector switch.


  • Solid guitar design
  • Nice sounds


  • Advanced features may confuse some players

Final Verdict

 If you want a full feature guitar that has way more than a standard guitar at this price look to this Godin. It has a wide array of great features that just can’t be beat for under $2000. I love the Schaller strap locks as they keep the strap from falling off as you play. The sound options on this guitar are quite amazing and you’re going to have a lot of fun with this instrument. There’s also a dual action truss rod to keep your guitar neck nice and stable.

6. Gibson USA Les Paul Tribute HP 2017 Electric Guitar

Gibson USA Les Paul Tribute HP 2017 Electric Guitar

A Gibson les Paul could be considered the top rock guitar if all time and its for good reason. These guitar sound amazing, but they come with a huge price tag. It’s possible to own a Gibson Les Paul guitar for under $2000, so if you have ever anted one, take a good look at the Gibson USA Les Paul Tribute HP 2017.

This guitar has two classic 1957 humbucking pickups for quality rock sounds.  The pickups are a real highlight of this guitar and sound amazing. The saddle of the guitar is titanium and help keep the tuning stability of the instrument. You also get a G Force auto tuning system which helps the guitar maintain a proper tuning. This system is on the back of the headstock and helps ensure your guitar is always in tune. The system even lets you have 36 pre-set tunings, so you can use alternate tunings as well. The rosewood fretboard is very comfortable to play, and you get 22 frets. There’s two tone controls, two volume, and a pickup selector switch.


  • Beautiful gold color
  • Easy to play


  • Tuning system is a bit gimmicky
  • Heavy guitar to play

Final Verdict

This guitar is a nice vintage looking Les Paul, but it has a lot of great features that other Les Paul’s don’t have. The sound this guitar makes is incredible and it’s amazing that it doesn’t cost more. You’ll be able to get tons of rock, blues, country, metal and other tones out of it with ease. This is a solid Gibson guitar and well worth the price since its under $2000 and most Gibson guitars cost a lot more than that.

7. Fender Johnny Marr Signature Jaguar Electric Guitar

Fender Johnny Marr Signature Jaguar Electric Guitar

Fender has many different signature guitars, but most of them are usually Stratocasters or Telecasters, but you can also get a nice-looking Jaguar which is the signature model of Johnny Marr the player behind The Smiths a UK group from the 1980s. This guitar has great features that you’re going to enjoy.

The guitar has Marr’s signature Bare Knuckle single coil pickups. The truss rod is vintage, so it helps stabilize the neck of the guitar. The fretboard is rosewood and you get 22 frets. The guitar features an alder wood body with a lacquer finish. There’s a tone, volume, and a pickup selector switch. You also get two upper-horn slide switches that give more you more tones out of the pickups. The bridge is a Jaguar and it has Mustang saddles, so the bridge has good stability thorough whammy bar tricks.


  • Looks great
  • Marr’s signature on headstock for added touch


  • Tremolo might go out of tune as it doesn’t lock

Final Verdict

The Jaguar is a different looking guitar, but it’s very comfortable to play. The neck is smooth, and the frets are all easy to access. I like the sounds you can get out of the pickups on this one. It doesn’t have quite the bite that humbuckers do, but it does sound good for rock and similar tones. If you have ever ant dot own a quality Fender Jaguar guitar, this is the one to own. You also get a nice guitar case with blue velvet interior when you buy which is an added bonus.

8. Yamaha Revstar RSP20CR Electric Guitar Rusty Rat

Yamaha Revstar RSP20CR Solidbody Electric Guitar Rusty Rat

Many people don’t think of Yamaha and high-priced guitars, but they have several at high price point which are stellar instruments and well worth your investment such as the Yamaha Revstar RSP20CR.

This guitar features a three-piece mahogany neck, so you get better stability and it has a maple top with mahogany body. The fretboard is rosewood with 22 frets. The finish is on the guitar is flat, and hand brushed for a vintage style look. Humbucking Alnico Pickups along with a Push/Pull Dry Switch for more tonal variety out of your guitar. You get one tone, one volume, and a pickup selector switch. To help this guitar maintain tuning stability there’s a TonePros AVT-II Bridge.


  • Stunning look
  • Easy to play


  • Needs another tone and volume knob
  • Lacks a tremolo

Final Verdict

 The Yamaha Revstar RSP20CR is a fine high-quality guitar which is a steal at under $2000. You get a lot of tonal variation out of the pickups and the guitar will feel comfortable in your hand. I wish it had a few more switches, but overall, it’s a solid guitar and worth the investment. I like the chrome hardware on this which stand out well against the flat finish this guitar has.

9. Fender American Elite Telecaster

Fender American Elite Telecaster

Fender creates some fantastic electric guitars and one of their sot famous brand sis the Telecaster which is played by famous players like Keith Richards as well as a ton of others. A Telecaster can be quite expensive, but there’s an affordable model under $2000 called the Fender American Elite Telecaster which has a lot to offer you.

This guitar features a maple neck and fretboard with 22 frets. The pickups are Noiseless single-coil Telecaster pickups, which reduce overall noise which is common with single coil pickups. There’s a tone, volume, and a pickup selector switch for your pickups so you can get a wide range of tones out of the instrument. The bridge is a standard telecaster bridge which helps keep the tuning of the instrument stable. There’s a nice cutaway so you can hit the higher frets on the guitar with ease.


  • Very comfortable neck
  • Great look


  • Not suitable for some guitar style
  • Could use better pickups

Final Verdict

I love the locking short-post tuning machines as these help the guitar keep its tune and are lot better than regular tuning pegs. I also like the fact that you get a molded case with the guitar t help protect it. Many guitar manufacturers force you to buy a case which increases your overall purchase price. If you’re looking for a high-quality Telecaster for a decent price, this is the one to buy.

10. Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster Maple Electric Guitar

Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster Maple Electric Guitar

Fender makes many different guitars and some of them are signature models from famous players like rock and fusion legend Eric Johnson. If you want his signature guitar you can get it for under $2000 and it has many great features.

This guitar is made with two pieces of light alder for the body and it also features 57 style cavities and contours from the original Fender guitars from that time, so it has a very classic Fender feel to it. The neck and fretboard are made from maple with 22 frets. The neck is also a V shape so it’s easier to play than other Fender necks. You get special Eric Johnson single-coil pickups which have a better sound than regular pickups. The guitar has two tone controls, one volume and a pickup selector switch which is standard Fender issue. The tremolo is a standard Fender style system.


  • Old style Fender feel and tone
  • Solid Chrome hardware


  • Might be too vintage sounding for some players
  • Has vintage style tuners which some don’t like

Final Verdict

If you wan to big vintage tone and want to sound like Eric Johnson, this Stratocaster has a lot to offer you. There’s not a whole lot of negative points on this fine signature guitar. It’s not a guitar for some styles like full on shred metal, but for most other styles it will suit the bill just fine. I found this guitar vey easy to play and it has a sweet sound. The instrument is a real steal at under $2000.

Things to Consider Before You Buy Your New Guitar

Before you buy an electric guitar under $2000, there’s a few thigs to consider in terms of maintenance and care. Here’s a few points I think can help you out.


The pickups on an electric guitar under $2000 are generally a world above the ones on lesser costing instruments and in general really don’t need to be changed. If you change them its usually just a sound preference that you’re striving for. Just remember that this will increase the cost of your instrument, so you have to keep that in mind. You should research various pickups and give a good listen to determine what you like. Some pickups will sound a lot better in certain instruments than others.


Most guitars even the ones that cost under $2000, come from the factor with a factory setup. This can be fine, but the guitar still may need some additional setup to get it playable or your individual preferences. The intonation from the factory may be off so you will want to address this yourself or get a guitar tech to set the instrument up for you. Your guitar may not need this, but its a good idea to check it to ensure the guitar plays in tune throughout the neck. The action of the guitar will also be a standard factor setting, so you need to raise or lower it to your own preferences like my guitars with higher action as I play more bleus style music, but thus makes it harder to shred, so get the action you like on the guitar. On some guitars, you can also raise and lower the bridge as well to set the action.

Neck adjustment usually doesn’t need to be done, but if you do only give it a one quarter turn at a time time and then let the guitar adjust. It’s usually best to have a guitar tech make these sorts of adjustments on an expensive instrument.  You should also check the frets as some guitar ay have some sharp frets from the factory, but tis is usually quite minor and can be fixed right away. Most expensive guitars don’t have this, but it can occur.


Before you buy, you need to consider the maintenance of the guitar. A guitar with a Floyd Rose for example, takes more time to get in tune and setup properly to play which can be a hassle for some players. After each string change, make sure you wipe done the guitar to remove debris, you can use a bit of water on damp and a clean cloth to do this or a bit of guitar polish. Just make sure you don’t use a lot of polish as you just need a few drops. You also need to face the fact that nicks and dings on the guitar will occur. You can minimize these be being careful with it and putting it in a case or stand when you’re not using it. When you’re on stage, keep the guitar out of a high traffic area and on the stand. If the fretboard gets dirty, clean it with a cloth to remove debris and a soft toothbrush is fine for rosewood fingerboards. A drop of linseed oil can help condition it, but don’t use more. See a guitar tech if you need help with guitar maintenance as you don’t want to make mistakes and ruin your expensive guitar.

I have an Electric Guitar Under $2000, Now What?

Once you have your guitar you have several things that you have to think about, which I’ll address here.

Insurance and Theft Prevention

For expensive guitars, I always recommend insurance. This will help protect your guitar from theft. Never leave the guitar in view of a window or on a wall hanger where someone can see it as this invites theft. You can get locks for your case and many manufacturers have locking guitar cases. This is a good idea to have to keep the guitar safe. There’s also guitar racks you can get where you can lock the case inside of the rack to keep your investments safe. You should never advertise to someone that you have an expensive guitar, just tell them you have an average guitar. Another idea is to put the guitars in a spare room and have an extra lock installed which just makes it harder to steal the guitars.

Buying Gear

If you’re buying a guitar under $2000, you probably have a good idea about the gear you like, so I won’t mention that here, but there’s a few things you should keep in mind before you buy new gear.

Read Reviews

Before you buy gear, make sure you read the reviews and listen to any video clips of the gear to determine if it’s something you might be interested in. you should never just buy based upon hype, but what you truly want. You can of course, just experiment with gear to get new sounds, but you want to ensure that you’re buying something you can use. It’s a good idea to buy gear that has already been scrutinized by other players as you’ll get a clear indication of the quality of that gear and if it would be well suited to your needs.

By What You Like Not What Others Do

Often, we are in a rush to buy gear b3cause someone else uses it, but this is a mistake. You should only buy gear that you have a genuine interested in, so you end up with something that you’ll love. Take the time to decide before you buy and read up on the gear to determine if its what you truly want.

Get Quality Gear

Unless you have a limited budge, spend the extra dollars to get good gear. Yu want guitar gear that’s going to last a long time with few hassles so buy the best you can afford, especially if you’re going to do this professionally. You will have fewer frustrations as a player if the guitar and other gear is easy to use and does what you want. There’s good gear at all price points, so buy the best you can to avoid hassle and frustrations later. Guitars that are expensive usually have high quality parts which last longer than guitars that cost less so you don’t have to change things as often. For example, expensive guitars will have pickups which far exceed the capabilities of their lower priced counterparts and this can be a big factor in buying a more expensive guitar as you get good pickups you don’t have to change. When you buy an expensive guitar, you’ll get a high quality and overall value, which in the long run can actually save you more money.


There’s many great guitars under $2000. When you buy a high-quality guitar, you’ll have few hassles with it once you get it home. You can make small adjustments to the instrument, so it plays exactly how you want it to play. Consider taking it to a guitar tech if you don’t want to make adjustments to the instrument yourself. You should also look at insurance to protect your expensive investment as this is always a good idea when you have an expensive guitar.

Buying a guitar under $2000 is a wise choice as you’ll have something you can enjoy for many years to come. Guitars at this price point are well worth the money and will be something you’ll love to play for years to come.

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