Find the Best Double Guitar Case for Safe and Convenient Transport

If you’ve ever had to navigate the nerve-wracking hustle and bustle of an airport, or transport your beloved guitars between studio sessions, then you already know the unique blend of terror and anxiety that only musicians understand. One word, my fellow guitarists—safety. This essential nugget is birthed from years of straddling the twin worlds of engineering and lutherie, understanding the unity of sound and science.

The knotty problem of multiple guitar transport solutions is one most guitarists can resonate with. Think of transporting two guitars without having to play a dangerous game of tetris each time—a double guitar case is your knight in shining armor. You see, in my journey through engineering and lutherie, I’ve come to appreciate the utility, safety, and vast implications of a suitable double guitar case.That’s the story I’m here to unpack.

My goal is to guide you in finding the best double guitar case to keep your precious instruments unscathed and your journeys hassle-free. Delving into this topic with both the keen eye of a craftsman and the nuanced understanding of an engineer, I’ll be sharing my top-rated picks, talking about each’s technical merits, and listing what factors to weigh before making your purchase.

So, if you’ve ever dreamt of the perfect fusion of convenience and safety for your guitars, then this article is your maiden voyage into the world of enlightened guitar transport. Let’s get started!

Top-Rated Double Guitar Cases

Product Name Type Weight Material Padding Thickness Water Resistance Storage Pockets Locking Latch
Gator Pro-Go Ultimate Guitar Gig Bag Soft Case/Gig Bag 7.4 lbs Micro-fleece Interior Ultra Thick Yes (rain cover) Multiple Large Pockets No
MONO M80 Dual Electric Guitar Case Hybrid 6.75 lbs Waterproof Sharkskin Shell Customizable EVA padding Yes Large Accessory Compartment No
Fender Deluxe Double Electric Guitar Gig Bag Soft Case/Gig Bag 5.2 lbs Polyester 20mm High-Density Padding Water-resistant Multiple Pockets No
Reunion Blues RBX2E Double Electric Guitar Bag Soft Case/Gig Bag 8 lbs Quilted Chevron Exterior Padded Neck Rest and Panel Protection Water-resistant Large and Expandable Pockets No
SKB 3i-4214-OP iSeries Double Guitar Case Hard Case 24.6 lbs Polypropylene Copolymer Resin Plush lined EPS foam interior Yes (waterproof) No Yes (TSA locking latches)

Gator Pro-Go Ultimate Guitar Gig Bag

best for dual protection

Gator Pro-Go Ultimate Guitar Gig Bag

As a seasoned instrument craftsperson, I’m acutely aware that superior protection should never be compromised when transporting our precious guitars. It’s in this context that I deem the Gator Pro-Go Ultimate Guitar Gig Bag as the best for dual protection among top-rated double guitar cases.

The Gator Pro-Go offers an exceptional blend of resilience and comfort. As a double guitar gig bag, it astutely caters to musicians requiring multiple guitar travel options. The bag impressively mirrors the sturdy protection akin to my trademark in crafting resilient instruments. Its micro-fleece interior safeguards your guitars against scratches, while the thick padded sidewalls buffer against bumps and shock.

My admiration for the Pro-Go solidified when my bandmate seamlessly maneuvered the bag’s backpack straps during our recent tour. This thoughtful feature significantly enhances on-the-go convenience. However, it’s not without its share of cons – the main one being that its dual capacity implies increased weight. Some might also find its additional storage compartments a bit too generous, causing incidental bulk.


  • Exceptional dual protection for two guitars.
  • Comfortable, user-friendly backpack straps for easy transportation.


  • Its dual capacity inevitably means a heavier load.
  • Some might find the extra storage compartments adding unnecessary bulk.

When juxtaposed with other models like the MONO M80 and Fender Deluxe, the Gator Pro-Go stands out for its robustness. While the MONO M80 scores in sleek design and the Fender Deluxe in affordability, the Pro-Go’s superior protection, practical backpack straps and extra storage give it a competitive edge.

In conclusion, the Gator Pro-Go Ultimate Guitar Gig Bag offers a compelling package of robust protection and comfort, reinforcing its position in the roster of top-rated double guitar cases.

MONO M80 Dual Electric Guitar Case

best for urban musicians

MONO M80 Dual Electric Guitar Case

As a city dweller, often doing impromptu jamming sessions or scheduled gigs, the MONO M80 Dual Electric Guitar Case is undoubtedly my greatest ally. Its dual guitar case brilliance resonates with the urban musician in me – catering for the urgent need for space and mobility.

Equipped with a padded gig bag, it effortlessly accommodates multiple guitars, taking away the strain that often comes with the regular hustle and bustle. The moment it came in handy is still vivid in my mind. I was late for a gig – rushing with my two prized guitars in the crowded subway. Despite the chaos, my guitars were unscathed, perfectly nestled in the well-padded recesses of the MONO M80 Dual Electric Guitar Case.

Compared to the Gator Pro-Go, the M80 is lighter, without compromising on robustness. Its sleek design wins against the Fender Deluxe Double, making it the most practical choice for narrow city streets or crowded subways. Undeniably, convenience meets sophistication perfectly in the MONO M80.


  • Exceptional safety with a padded gig bag for multiple guitars.
  • Sleek design catering to urban needs.


  • Price is on the higher side compared to other cases.
  • Only available in one color.

Whether you’re hustling through the urban maze or seeking a secure space for your precious instruments, the MONO M80 stands head and shoulders above other double guitar cases. It’s a top-rated recommendation for the discerning city slicker guitarist.

Fender Deluxe Double Electric Guitar Gig Bag

best for Fender enthusiasts

Fender Deluxe Double Electric Guitar Gig Bag

For someone heavily invested in the research and design aspects of Fender and its products, I found the Fender Deluxe Double Electric Guitar Gig Bag to be a great addition to the ‘Top-Rated Double Guitar Cases‘ category. Specializing in a segment of soft guitar cases for two instruments, this product’s importance extends to both the upkeep of your precious guitars and the convenience during their transportation.

My first interaction with this double electric guitar bag was at a gig where I had to juggle between my two beloved Stratocasters. The design, the impressive padding, the reliance on quality materials, all spoke to me of a commitment to care for instruments that Fender enthusiasts like myself deeply appreciate.

The case protected my guitars from minor bumps and jostles, its well-designed, convenient compartments giving quick access to cables, picks, and other gig essentials. In comparison, while the Gator Pro-Go Ultimate Guitar Gig Bag also provides quality protection, where the Fender Deluxe really shines is in its devotion to the brand aesthetic and utility features, a significant plus for purists like me.

However, it does lag behind the MONO M80 Dual Electric Case in terms of waterproofing. The MONO case comes with an excellent waterproof feature, which I found lacking in the Fender bag.


  • Quality Protection
  • Convenient Design
  • Brand Aesthetic


  • Lacks waterproof feature
  • Could use more padding for enhanced safety

Overall, the Fender Deluxe Double Electric Guitar Gig Bag is for the true Fender enthusiast. It offers impressive convenience, respectable protection, and the trademark Fender aesthetic. This case will serve you well in your journey with your instruments, making every destination noteworthy.

Reunion Blues RBX2E Double Electric Guitar Bag

best for sleek design

Reunion Blues RBX2E Double Electric Guitar Bag

As an experienced musician and instrument designer, I appreciate thoughtful designs that blend elegance and practicality. The Reunion Blues RBX2E captures this perfectly—a sleek double electric guitar bag that truly ticks all the boxes for top-rated double guitar cases. Whether for an acoustic or electric guitar gig, this bag bravely bears the burden of a two-guitar carrying case with panache.

Upon unzipping, the very first thing you notice is the plush, well-designed interior that softly cradles your instruments. With features such as reinforced padding, storage compartments, and belt systems for added security, it ensures both guitars are secure and separately encased to prevent any potential damage.

The real charm lies in witnessing a fellow musician unpacking these pristine instruments from the bag. The exterior design’s sophistication—black, modern, and streamlined—attracts covetable glances while conveying a professional aura. It’s no stretch to say that the Reunion Blues bag was my fellow musician’s tacit partner during a gig, showcasing not just the instruments—his precious possessions—but also his impeccable taste.

However, every product can be improved. Although it provides comfortable options for carrying, long distances place heavy strain on the shoulders. A built-in wheel system might alleviate this issue. A larger exterior pocket for storing music sheets and small accessories could also raise its functionality.


  • Stylish, sleek design and solid protective features.
  • Well-design interior with storage compartments and belt system.


  • Lack of wheel feature for convenience during long-distance movements.
  • An inadequate exterior pocket for storing small accessories.

An interesting comparison to the Reunion Blues RBX2E is the MONO M80. While the MONO M80 matches its sleek design and overall durability, the RBX2E’s padding design delivers superior protection, making it the better choice.

So if you are a musician prioritizing style with substance, this might just be the perfect gig bag for you. It was a delightful sight to witness the seamless display of style and utility, as it effortlessly blended into the grandeur of the performance night. This is precisely why it deserves its place among other top-rated double guitar cases.

SKB 3i-4214-OP iSeries Double Guitar Case

best for weather-resistant traveling

SKB 3i-4214-OP iSeries Double Guitar Case

My hands-on experience with the SKB 3i-4214-OP iSeries Double Guitar Case can truly attest its reputation as a top-tier choice in the ‘Top-Rated Double Guitar Cases’ category. As someone who constantly travels with multiple instruments, this product’s role as my trusty double guitar flight case resonates with the jittery anticipation and hearty excitement of each journey.

During a touring period of extreme weather conditions, my anxiety loomed over the safety of my precious instruments. However, the SKB case, resiliently weather-resistant, proved to be a fortress against the harsh elements. It shielded my cherished guitars with the reliability that each meticulous creation of mine rightly deserved. This case truly speaks volumes about unwavering dependability and meticulous planning.

Comparatively, the MONO M80 Dual Electric Guitar Case and Gator Pro-Go Ultimate Gig Bag may be sleeker with nattier aesthetics, but when it boils down to pure, undeterred protection under challenging weather conditions, the SKB 3i-4214-OP comes out as the frontrunner.


  • Exceptional weather resistance and robustness
  • Adequate space and padded protection for two guitars


  • Less eye-catching aesthetics compared to competitor examples
  • Potentially higher price range than other double guitar cases

In the realm of double guitar cases, if it’s a warhorse instead of a show pony that you seek, the SKB 3i-4214-OP iSeries Double Guitar Case definitely triumphs. It’s a bullseye choice for those looking for a hardy, reliable double guitar case that will deliver under strain. Comfortably nesting two instruments, its relevance as a sturdy travel guitar case for multiple instruments is irreplaceable in the hectic schedules of us traveling musicians.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Double Guitar Case

Durability and Protection

Durability and Protection

In my years of crafting musical instruments, I’ve discovered that durability isn’t simply a feature of a double guitar case, it’s a dependable, unspoken guarantee. It’s a promise to the musician that their precious instruments will be shielded, no matter the circumstances. Choosing a resilient case such as stackable guitar cases or a modular guitar case system, ensures an enduring defense against the potentially harmful wear and tear of regular transport.

The protection a double guitar case offers is much more than just physical. Consider it as a sanctuary, cradling not just the fragile structure of your guitars, but the melodic stories they carry within. This is why I stand by durability. It intertwines robust security with the delicate sensitivity of your instrument, epitomizing an exemplary balance. This is my secret—a secret passed down from hands, like mine, who’ve held guitars and felt their pulse.

So when you’re contemplating your options like the SKB 3i-4214-OP iSeries or the Fender Deluxe Double Electric Guitar Gig Bag, remember this: a durable guitar case doesn’t just protect your instrument, it preserves your music and the essence of the artist that you are.

Brand and Quality

Brand and Quality

As your journey of finding the ideal double guitar case progresses, the names you come across may start to become familiar. Brands that cater to touring musicians, providing multiple guitar transport solutions, hold a significant place in this conversation. Brand reputation, much like the quality of a well-tuned string, resonates powerfully. Having delved into the meticulous annals of these manufacturers, I can vouch for the importance of a brand’s history – a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence.

Brand and quality, therefore, play crucial roles in the choice of your double guitar case. Respected brands consistently aim to produce cases of the highest quality, often leading to remarkable innovation and improvement on the market. A prime example being the SKB iSeries – their cases are renowned for their durability and sophisticated design.

However, it’s vital to note that a reputable brand alone should not be your deciding factor. Quality, particularly relevant to protecting your cherished instruments, remains a non-negotiable standard. This tandem consideration of brand and quality is one I apply personally as a testament to the importance of entrusting our precious instruments to the right guardians.

Moving on, we’ll explore how portability and comfort find their significant intersection in our search for the perfect double guitar case.

Portability and Comfort

Portability and Comfort

When on the go, you’ll want a double guitar case that blends both portability and comfort. Think back to those times you’ve lugged multiple guitars from venue to venue. It’s exhausting, isn’t it? That’s why I’ve always prioritized ergonomic design in all my creations.

A fitting choice would be a double bass guitar gig bag, specially accessorized for convenience. Look out for options that come with backpack straps; it will noticeably lighten the load and provide easier transport. Similar to the guitar gig bag with backpack straps, this design feature is a nod to the need for comfort and functionality paired in one.

You need a gig bag that lets you move with ease, yet you shouldn’t compromise on the safety of your equipment. Balancing this duality is crucial. It’s a concept I’ve learned from years of personal experience, and it’s driven my focus towards designing cases that transform the burden of gear into part of the performance rhythm.

So, as you evaluate your options, and explore cases such as the Gator Pro-Go Ultimate or the MONO M80 Dual Electric, consider this: Does the case offer you both portability and the comfort necessary for efficient transport? Remember, the right gig bag will make your travels less of a chore and more of a comfortable journey.

Price and Budget

Price and Budget

Moving from the focus on comfort and portability, let’s shift our attention to something every musician or luthier can relate to—the factor of price and budget. An affordable double guitar case, while crucial, should not result in a compromise on quality and protection. Over the years, my quest for frugality in guitar-crafting has taught me that an affordable price tag shouldn’t mean settling for less. It’s about balancing cost with value.

Treating a guitar case as an investment is a viewpoint shaped by my years of practicing luthiery. Seemingly hefty initial costs can result in long-term financial prudence when it comes to repair and maintenance of your precious instruments. Hence, considering your budget should go hand in hand with exploring the case’s long-term durability, quality of materials, and effectiveness in providing protection.

Looking back on our reviews of top-rated double guitar cases, it’s clear that a variety of cases, each with its unique features, span a wide price range. This diversity allows you to select a case that aligns with your budget without undermining other critical factors. As we transition into discussing how to properly use your double guitar case, let’s not forget the value that lies beneath an affordable double guitar case—the security and longevity it provides for your instruments.

Using Your Double Guitar Case

Using Your Double Guitar Case

As I unzip my double guitar case, a familiar anticipatory thrill hums in my veins. The process has become a composition in itself—a prelude to the symphony born from the instruments cradled within. Embarking on the setup of my double guitar case isn’t merely action, it’s a performance; a dance that tells the tale of my love affair with my humble strings, right from the gentle removal from their case, the careful placement upon the stand, to their final return to safety post-performance.

A double guitar case is more than a vessel—it’s a caring embrace. How do you ensure it remains a stronghold for your guitars’ safekeeping? My wisdom, derived from years of dedicated craft, is simple—respect your case as you would your instrument. The case may not croon melodious tunes, but it silently sings its own ballad of protection and care.

Every double guitar case setup starts at the heart of your guitar’s condition. My vigorous eye for detail comes into play here—inspecting for scratches, loose strings, and any seeming irregularities post-transit. Next comes cleaning, a task I imbue with near-reverence. I handle each guitar delicately, using lint-free cloths and specialized cleaners. Once spotless, I ensure they’re in tune, their melodies as mesmerizing as they were in their initial strumming within the sheltered quarters of my workshop. The double guitar case fulfills its purpose only when its occupants are in immaculate condition—a checks-and-balances system I place great trust in.

The relationship between your instrument and its case extends beyond mere transportation. Your double guitar case is a refuge, and demonstrating proper respect is essential in ensuring it remains a strong sanctuary. I have adopted a few guitar cases maintenance tips cultivated from years of insight, like keeping the case clean, storing it in temperature-controlled environments, steering clear of mold or damp that could taint its ability to offer protection. Remember, a well-maintained case equates to well-preserved instruments.

Once done with your session, carefully place your guitars back in their double case, cognizant of their placement. Your guitars are not just immobilized, they are contained, enveloped, shielded. They are cocooned in a space that has been purpose-built for their design, one that respects their curves, their vulnerability, and their grandeur. As I zip up my case, I always take a moment to glance back one last time, a silent nod of gratitude for the journey we continue to embark on together.

Ultimately, the act of using your double guitar case is a performance—a concert where your instruments are both the star and your case, the curtain. Respect the dance, honor the ritual, and, like every devoted craftsman, breathe life into your simple, everyday actions. When you acknowledge this harmony, even the mundane act of removing a guitar from a case becomes an art form—one that adds another layer of depth to your journey as a guitar player.


What should I look for in a double guitar case?

When shopping for a double guitar case, look for solid construction, ample padding, and sturdy locks. The case should accommodate both of your guitars comfortably without them touching or rubbing against each other. Consider cases with compartments for storing accessories like picks, capos, and extra strings.

How can a double guitar case ensure safe transport of my guitars?

A well-designed double guitar case will have ample padding to protect your instruments from impact and scratches. It should also tightly secure the guitars to prevent them from moving within the case during transit. Some cases also come with locks for added security.

How can a double guitar case provide convenience?

Double guitar cases are designed to hold two guitars securely, freeing up your hands during transport. Some come with detachable shoulder straps or wheels for easy maneuvering. They also typically have compartments for accessories, meaning all your concert essentials can be stored in one place.

What’s the best double guitar case in the market?

The best case largely depends on your specific needs and budget. However, some universally praised double guitar cases include the Gator G-TOUR series, Road Runner Highway series, and MONO M80 series, renowned for their high-quality build, protective padding, and functional design.

Where can I buy a reliable double guitar case?

Reliable double guitar cases can be purchased from music specialty shops, both brick-and-mortar and online. Some popular online platforms include Guitar Center, Sweetwater, and Amazon. Always research customer reviews and ratings before making a purchase.


As we reach the coda of our exploration, what new revelations about double guitar cases will resonate with your own musical odyssey? The trusted brands we’ve reviewed– from the reliability of Gator Pro-Go to the durability of SKB 3i-4214-OP iSeries, through the exceptional comfort of the Reunion Blues RBX2E, the state-of-the-art design of the MONO M80 Dual Electric Guitar Case, and the affordable luxury of the Fender Deluxe Double Electric Guitar Bag–offer cases that echo a rich symphony of diversity and quality.

In closing, these personal musings I’ve shared are but echoes of a lifelong symphony of experiences with stringed instruments. The dialogue between musician and luthier is embedded within the fabric of every case recommendation, summary insight, and proven tip—each one a note in the grand composition of a guitarist’s journey. Consideration for factors like durability, brand quality, portability, comfort, and budget should guide your decision, applying the insights acquired in this article.

Your double guitar case is more than a practical requirement. It’s integral to your artistic journey and a reflection of your unique musical identity. Armed with the knowledge we’ve parsed through, your next choice of a dual guitar case can harmonize both safety and convenience. There’s an ideal fit for every ax wielder, whether you seek premium indulgence, budget accommodation, robust protection, or lightweight portability.

Now it’s your move. Use this guide to navigate the market, gear your questions appropriately and make a compelling choice. If your search echoes this harmony of informed decision-making, your guitars will thank you, and your music will bear the mark of a thoughtful investment. Time to turn our exploration’s last note into the first chord of your double guitar case journey – strum ahead.

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