Blues Rhythm Guitar: Master the Electric Blues

Hello and welcome to my “Blues Rhythm Guitar Master Class” review. Blues Rhythm Guitar Master Class by Keith Wyatt really delivers. It’s an excellent book that will have you well grounded in electric-guitar blues rhythm playing. It covers all of the classic styles: shuffles, boogies, jump, blues Rhumba, slow blues, turnarounds and more. The book … Read more

Understanding DADGAD for Fingerstyle Guitar: The Ultimate Tuning

DADGAD is becoming such a popular alternate tuning for acoustic guitarists that’s it’s called “the other standard tuning.” Mel Bay Presents Understanding DADGAD for Fingerstyle Guitar offers a clearly-explained introduction to playing fingerstyle DADGAD guitar. See the post, Guitar Players Who Have Tuned in DADGAD. The book starts out with the basics: how to get your guitar … Read more

Yes You Can Learn Guitar: Mel Bay’s Modern Guitar Method

Mel Bay’s Guitar Method is a long-standing and popular method for learning guitar. The entire Mel Bay guitar method series is seven volumes and aims to build the theoretical and technical foundation needed to play guitar in any style. All seven volumes (or grades) of this method are written in standard notation to encourage better … Read more