The Rise of the Super-Ukes!


You’d have to have been living in a coal mine not to have noticed the rise and rise of the humble ukulele in recent years. Around the world the once ‘for novelty acts only’ instrument is finally being taken seriously again and the list of guitarists who sing its praises is endless. Tempted to try … Read more

Acoustic Guitar or Electric Guitar

The first buying decision is relatively easy — acoustic or electric? My advice — figure out what style of music you most want to play. Forget about everything else. Your first guitar has to nurture your soul. Like many guitarists, you’ll eventually want at least one acoustic guitar and one electric guitar. But your first … Read more

Best Electric Guitar Amplifier

If you play electric guitar, there are two categories for guitar amplifiers: practice amps and performance amps. The biggest difference is size, wattage and cost. Practice amplifiers are around six to 10 watts, and include features found on performance amps. With guitar amplifiers, it’s the power that drives up the price, not features. Power is … Read more

How to Try Out a Guitar

So, you’ve done some guitar-browsing, you should have found a couple of guitars you’d be willing to buy. But before you buy your guitar, you’ll want to try it out. Click here to find the best beginner guitar How to Buy a Guitar at a Good Price Before Buying Your Guitar, Put it Through the … Read more