A Deep Dive into Herman Li’s Signature Guitars

Imagine grappling with a fast-paced, riff-laden DragonForce song with a guitar that responds faithfully to each slick harmonic sweep. This is no ordinary instrument – this beast has been tailored to the musical prowess of Herman Li himself, a guitarist who redefined the boundaries of heavy metal with his blistering technique and astonishing speed. You’ve … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Headless 8 String Guitars: Models, Kits, and Playthroughs

Imagine walking into your favorite guitar shop, licking your musical chops at the rows of glossy fretboards and gleaming knobs. Your eyes drift down the line, skimming over the six-stringed exemplars, even the seven-string virtuosos, until they fixate on an alien being. A radically modern instrument that looks like it decided to evolve away from … Read more