Seagull S6 Review: Low On Cost, High On Performance

[wp-review] After reading this Seagull S6 review, I believe you will notice that this is definitely the most high-quality for the money. The Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar is a guitar I love to use and one that I keep on recommending to beginners. Its design features some of the most unique materials, and features. … Read more

Taylor GS Mini Mahogany Acoustic Guitar Review: The Mahogany Magic!

Check Price at Amazon From the campfire, all the way to the concert hall and to the couch, the Taylor GS Mini Mahogany GS Mini Acoustic Guitar assures everyone of real fun. The bluesy- sounding body made from mahogany is what makes this model to be distinct from the regular GS Mini. With the GS … Read more

Yamaha FG700S Review: Play It Black and White

[wp-review] As a guitarist, I have had experiences with many guitars but there is none that is better than the Yamaha FG700S as far as my experience has reached. This is really a guitar for beginners, read this Yamaha FG700S review you will know why. With a relatively low price tag, the instrument features a … Read more