Start Playing Guitar With “Getting Started on Acoustic Guitar”

Fender Presents Getting Started on Acoustic Guitar — A Guide for Beginners offers a good demonstration on the basics of playing acoustic guitar. While the DVD titled “Getting Started on Acoustic Guitar,” the material is not specific to acoustic guitar playing. In fact, most of Keith Wyatt’s demonstrations are shown with an electric guitar. This … Read more

Jamorama review

Hello and welcome to my Jamorama review. The world of guitar instruction has changed a little since I was first started playing electric guitar as a teenager in the early 90s. Home internet was around back then, but it was very new, and downloading hours of video or audio content was certainly not something that ordinary people … Read more

The Jazzmasters’ Favorite: Mickey Baker’s Complete Jazz Guitar

Mickey Baker’s Complete Course in Jazz Guitar has been around for over 50 years. It’s definitely an “old school” style of music book. But if you’re an intermediate player, can read standard notation, and want to get started playing jazz guitar, this book will get you started. Watch the video briefing for Mickey Baker’s Complete … Read more