5 Simple Techniques Every Acoustic Guitarist Should Know

5 Simple Acoustic Guitar Techniques-min

These are some of the most essential, bread-and-butter, don’t-leave-home-without-them type acoustic guitar techniques. You’ve probably heard them on many recordings. Let’s start with what I call…Pluck & DampThis is a fingerstyle technique that I like a lot. The alternate plucking and damping creates a very nice percussive groove that is just perfect for mid-tempo songs. … Read more

A Guitar Exercise Book for Ambitious Players

The Complete Idiot’s Guide (CIG) to Guitar Exercises by Hemme Luttjeboer is a complete book of guitar exercises. It covers chord exercises based around the CAGED system, single note exercises employing scales and Arpeggios. The book also includes an introduction to fingerpicking with some right-hand exercises. While you’re likely to learn some basic theory while working … Read more

Hal Leonard Guitar Method: Playing Electric Blues

Get started playing electric blues guitar with Hal Leonard’s Blues Guitar Method book. The book is written by guitar-celebrity Greg Koch. Greg lives in my hometown of Milwaukee, and I’m fortunate to catch his local gigs — he’s a great player and excellent writer/teacher. This book covers the core rudiments of electric blues guitar. Lessons … Read more